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Welcome back to the hobbyist miner channel! If you are a cryptocurrency miner, then you’ve likely battled with high energy rates and the hassle of managing your own mining rigs. Luckily, there’s a solution that could significantly maximize your profits: Tera hosting!

Introducing Tera Hosting

Tera hosting offers a first-class, hassle-free solution for crypto mining, with specialized hosting services tailor-made for GPUs, A6s, and AI machine learning machines. With Tera hosting, you can say goodbye to skyrocketing electricity bills and noisy, heat-producing hardware. Not only do we offer low electric rates but also manage your equipment in a community blockchain-oriented data center ensuring their safety and security. You simply set it, forget it, and watch your profits grow!

Unboxing the 6700 XT Rig

Recently, I unwrapped the 6700 XT Rig, sent to me by Hulk crypto mining. Instead of boxing them up individually, the graphics cards were sent in this GPU mining rig, snugly and safely tucked within an older Polo Miner case.

The R8 Server Case from GPU Risers

Getting these high-performance graphics cards prompted a revamp. I decided to house these in the R8 server case from GPU risers. Similar to the X8 octominer case, this R8 case has its own unique styling, making it an excellent alternative for our 6700 XTs. The beauty of the R8 case is how it keeps all components, from the motherboard to the cabling, neatly arranged while also allowing for easy access whenever needed.

The Quick and Easy Setup of GPUs

Setting up the graphics cards was pretty straightforward; once they were slot in place, plugging in the PCI cables and brackets was all smooth sailing. The R8 case proved to be efficient and user-friendly, giving a hassle-free experience.

Powering Up The Rig

With everything installed and the server case in place, powering up the rig was the next step. Thankfully, GPU risers included an octopus cable, allowing for easy and secure power connection. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, getting all eight graphic cards up and running on Hive was achieved in no time.

Mining On Flux

Given the recent issues with SRB minor with AMD on DX, I decided to mine on flux. Being compatible with AMD cards and the launch of the proof of useful work expected on December 15th, flux seems to be a practical alternative. Running eight RX 6700 XTs at a steady hash rate of 27-28, the rig showed impressive performance and stability.

The Benefit of the R8 Case

One major benefit of the R8 case or the Octo minor cases is the detailed power consumption reporting. These rigs offer accurate power consumption, eliminating any guesswork. Looking at the data from my rig, the accuracy is within two watts, making them an excellent choice for efficient and profitable crypto mining.


Tera hosting, along with 6700 XT rigs housed in a GPU riser’s R8 case, can be a game-changer for crypto miners. Not only does it vastly improve the efficiency and ease of mining, but it also significantly cuts costs, leading to higher profitability.

If you wish to step up your mining game, do consider switching to Tera hosting while also taking advantage of the highly efficient GPU risers’ R8 case. Stay tuned for our next video where we will continue our journey through the world of crypto mining. Don’t forget to click the bell icon to stay notified about our latest updates. We’ll see you next time, miners!

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  1. 0:00: 📦 Unboxing and rebuilding a 6700 XT mining rig for DX.
    5:27: 💻 The YouTuber unboxes and showcases the XFX Radeon 6700 XTS graphics cards, but discovers that the PCI slots on the cards are broken.
    9:38: 🖥️ The video showcases a new mining rig with impressive design and features.
    13:43: 💻 The video showcases the installation of XFX Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics cards in a server case.
    17:21: 🔧 The graphics cards are working as expected, and the video discusses mining with AMD cards using Flux and LOL Miner.
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  2. man i do like you and your content however its a waste to use 6600 in a mining server case. they hardly use any power and they are working cool temps anyway 😀

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