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Mini Box Miners Remembered

The memories of the once popular Mini Box Miners still make enthusiasts nostalgic. Around two years ago, these machines were all the rage. The charm of owning your very own Mini Doge Miner was heightened when Dogecoin’s popularity soared, fuelled by none other than Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I fondly recall those times; patiently waiting, eager to lay my hands on the Mini Doge Miner. Like me, many others must remember the hype and excitement of securing one of these coveted machines. I’m curious how many still own or operate their mini box miners? Or perhaps some of you have decided to sell them off?

Currently, I’ve taken the liberty of organizing the ones I possess according to what they mine. This collection includes the newer generation, the Box 2 miners. They were anticipated to be the successors of their older counterparts, but fell short in terms of profitability.

A Glimpse at My Collection

Starting with my oldest one, the Vos coin Mini Doge Miner takes the cake. It was a sight to behold with its RGB lights and wireless as well as wired options. Following suit are two more Mini Doges with similar features. Back then, one didn’t know whether the miner would sport RGB or etched motifs, which was both exciting and frustrating.

As we move down the line, the gold shell S boxes also make an appearance. These miners proved to be a challenge as they mine Starcoin. I didn’t have an inkling about Starcoin until red panda mining introduced me to it. Although these are not currently in operation due to the lack of power availability, these might still fare well when it comes to profit returns.

Next up is the Gold Shell Handshake. Another old purchase that sadly hasn’t seen a lot of action due to the lack of enthusiasm around Handshake. The Mini Doge Pro followed closely behind this, offering a higher hash rate than the Mini Doge at an increased power consumption.

Stepping into Cadena Mining

The Cadena Box, namely the KD Pro, allowed me to venture into Cadena mining. Despite running this one for over a year, market changes and the introduction of the K3 led to its swift retirement. At present, it is superseded by the newer generation Box Miners, such as Mini Doge 2 and KD Box 2, none of which proved to be profitable at the moment due to the high wattage requirement.

The Unfortunate Oversight

In the forgotten corner, I discovered a sponsored product from Coin Mining Central. I completely overlooked the Gold Shell SC Box 2 when I first received it. This miner mines Cyclone, a coin of which I previously had none. Upon revisiting this low power-consuming machine, I found out it had been profitable all along!

Returning to Profitability?

Ironically, the newer models like Mini Doge 2 and Mini Doge Pro are barely profitable, if at all, due to their high power consumption and poor returns. This raises a dilemma – should I continue mining, hope for a return when the market improves, or should I sell them off?

One option could be to pack away the non-profitable miners for a brighter crypto day, and sell them when the market is back on track. However, with the SC Box 2 revealing a missed opportunity, I think I’ll give it a go and see if this paperweight can turn into a gold nugget.

In Conclusion

So whether you’re running a Mini Box Miner farm, considering selling off your collection, or keeping your fingers crossed for the bull run, we all have a unique experience in this sphere. Be sure to leave your comments and reminiscences below to enrich this shared journey.

Let’s keep the crypto flame burning, and remember to give today’s video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Until next time, happy mining!

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  1. I bought a bunch of cheap second hand goldshell box pro's to heat my lounge during this winter because they are supposed to be quiet. Might try and sell them during the next bull run.

  2. My son just had a thought:
    I wonder how many university science/computer labs are running crypto in the background??
    Maybe that's how the professor got that new Mercedes…lol

  3. I've been experimenting with solar to run these guys. I bought 2 used 400w panels and a 24v 100ah battery which run my SC box 19 hours of the day. But I plan to sell all my mining equipment in the next bull run and start fresh.

  4. I want to dabble into these boxes but couldn't bring myself to pay some of these prices. I am a small home miner. Maybe I will look again. Any insight on what I should look for would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great content!

  5. I remember being hyped to get my first mini doge for under $1000.(non rgb, or wifi,but with graphics) 😂
    I've got 9 total Goldshells, most are off, but I'm solo mining CKB with 2x CK boxes, mining SCP with my 2x HS boxes ( already got a stack of Siacoin, and sm. Stack of Handshake)
    Still running my KD boxes when temps permit since difficulty has been a little down.
    Got 2x LB Boxes running just till I hit my coin goal
    Then I got into ipollos…5 so far, really waning an X4-Q…
    Not selling any till next bull run, I paid too much for mine to just gve them away…

  6. I had 4 sold 3 last week, 2 mini doge 1 ckb, I kept 1 mini doge that I repaired the power port & I solo mine LTC on the weekends, I was able to get my hands on 2 L3++ asics for $350 and updated to hiveon which made the close to the mini's in hash & power but more reliable, I also got 4 S9's 1 is stock, 1 has hiveon and 2 run braiins, and braiins is the most stable for running just 306w @ 3.8Th for almost no heat, oh i did ROI my mini's

  7. I’ve been running mine but alternating them on and off. I have 5 mini Doge pros 1 KD Pro and 2 CKB box’s. I have an L3 + moded and it also takes its turn being on. Just been stacking over time and holding. I’ve thought about selling them and upgrading to a bigger machine but I have that concern of what may happen in the future. My K7 is still doing pretty good so that’s a plus. On the fence about an E9 Pro or 117T SJ19 and running the low power mode.

  8. THM awesome overview, the KD Box 2 was DOA because the KA3 was released a few months before Goldshell started to sell them, so they only lasted like a month with profitability and in low power mode you got another few weeks, however the ST box has always been profitable don’t know why you stop running them I got like 8 of them going.

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