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Welcome Back to the Hobbyist Miner Channel

Today we delve into the exciting world of CPU mining that’s recently seen quite the surge in popularity. Right around the corner, we have proof of useful work, more specifically, the Flux Proof of Use Work project. I’ve slowly begun to amass parts for a new rig build, with the aim to repurpose older hardware for CPU mining and prepare for proof of useful work.

Old Hardware for a New Purpose

You won’t find any shiny, pricey, brand-new equipment here. What I’ve done is to invest in older machinery that can be cleverly repurposed for CPU mining. I believe there’s plenty of potential in these well-used devices and find the notion of giving them a second life particularly appealing.

Today’s video is sponsored by It was a thrill to visit the Crypto Kaverns mining farm and facility back in October. They have rows and rows of hosted GPU mining rigs and customer ASICs lined up in a truly impressive facility situated in Upstate New York, alongside a river and hydroelectric dam.

The Dell 7810 Workstation Tower

The main draw for this project

At the heart of this endeavor is a Dell 7810 workstation computer, long used for CAD, rendering, and the like. The reason this appealed to me was its two CPU slots, something brought to my attention by the Mining King.

The Reuse Plan

I plan to reuse some of the existing hardware, including the motherboard, force distribution board, and force power supply, but we will be replacing the processors and adding new memory. With the right modifications, this workstation tower can be transformed into a formidable mining rig.

The Journey Forward

Over the course of this project, we’ll be overcoming the challenges of converting old machinery into modern-day mining devices inside a 12 GPU mining frame. We’ll need to import other components, such as power supplies for the GPUs, as we prepare for the future of proof of useful work.

Feasibility and Profitability

The endeavor is a pet project of sorts and less about achieving immediate profitability. Instead, the thrill lies in the process of building and modifying, redefining the potential of what’s seen as outdated or discarded. This series will delve into the often complex process of rig building. However, the goal is never strictly profit – it’s about learning, the art of repurposing, and the thrill of creating something new from the old.

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Wrapping up

While this might look like a substantial undertaking, I find joy in the challenge and the learning experience. Your input, suggestions and experience with CPU mining or the implementation of older hardware are more than welcome. Stay tuned for updates on this fascinating journey into the revival and repurposing of old hardware. Until next time, take care.

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  1. my dear youtuber… next time try not to lie… pls…you try to sell anothers olds part… this is scam.. pls next time … be fair… in my country fisherman and hunters …lie

  2. My CPU’s don’t show up on hiveos either, at least not like the graphics card do, you just need to set up a flight sheet using cpu mining and then they show up, I have never seen the CPU’s show up as the GPUS do.

  3. Do you know if any of your contacts has better or especially longer risers in the near future?
    I´ve been looking around and 50cm seems to be the best it gets for now which isn´t a ton. Maybe something to hit GPU Risers and those kind of guys up for.

  4. How you’ll power the GPUs with a separate psu if you connect the gpus directly to motherboard without a riser? If you use riser cables for x16 connection you will power the gpus through two different sources

  5. I think a better and less problematic solution would be to use a Supermicro ATX or E-ATX size motherboard. Dell has a lot of strange custom modifications – like these 3 fans or strange power supplies.

  6. I have 2 3900X systems with x470 Gaming Plus Max, 1 rig has 2 3060 and the other has 2 3070. I currently have 2 850W PSUs and 16GB 3600 cl16 of RAM each and 2 NH-U12S with 2 Arctic P12 fans each. My board only allows 64GB of RAM. I'm unsure if I need more wattage, if my cooling is enough and which speed 64GB kits to upgrade to because I may want 3733 or 3600 c14 but may just get 3600 c16 or 3200 c14. Also my buddy is trying to offload 4 3060 and if I acquire them I have no idea which board would have 4 gen 3 x8 slots because I would just make 2 more 3900x or 5900x rigs again but would want to save. I researched multiple x8 slots before but it always recommended high costing x99 or x299 boards. Could a fellow PoUW homie give me some insight or criticism? The reason I have the parts I have is because it was decent for CPU and GPU mining for 2 years, PoUW sounds super enticing and want to upgrade my 2 systems for AI.

  7. my understanding of this setup, its bad dude. it needs to be all on one psu the voltage differences isn't a good thing. You could get away with this back in the day powering the riser and the gpu on one psu and the system on the other, only data would pass through the usb cable, but the ribbon is a different story.

  8. I only have one cpu miner presently. a Ryzen 9 5900X, but will be adding more. BTW. Tried Nicehash on windows. used more than twice the power with the same settings as HiveOS… and earned less too.

  9. it was an interesting experiment, but I think going old xeon is a mistake. you can use the x570s or B650, X670 motherboards and get 3 PCIe 4.0 X4 slots. X570 has 2 ea. PCIe 4.0 x4. 4.0 X4 has same bandwidth as PCIe 3.0 X8. A Ryzen 9 7900 (No X) 65 watt chip is the most powerful per watt for cpu mining followed by the Ryzen 9 3900X. The rest of zen 3 and 4 are all more powerful per watt than the old xeons and their platforms far easier to work with. Just look at the benches. NVME drives will also lower wattage and greatly increase disk throughput. the buses, the ram are all faster too. the only drawback. You're limited to 128 GB of ram but for 2 GPU's that's plenty, for 3, its still way over the minimum. Alternatively, there's Threadripper or Epyc

  10. If you have a couple of the old Veddha or Kingwing open air frames laying around, you could probably build something to better suit the layout of hardware. definitely more customizable than the AAA frame.

  11. THM everything looks good, HiveOS shows both your CPUs, remember each CPU has 28 Threads x2 thats 56 Threads, for you to see them you need to setup a CPU flight sheet and just start mining a CPU coins. Truly awesome 👏 build.

  12. I am doing something similar for POUW. I dont have ecc memory yet, but my MB will support it up to 256gb quad channel. I can have 3 GPU's at pcie3.0 16x16x8. with sata hard drive or 2 GPU's Pcie x16x16 with an nvme hard drive. I cant decide which route to go and i know we probably wont know whitch is better till we can do some benchmarking.

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