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An Exciting Upgrade to the Mining Room

What is going on, miners! Welcome back to the hobbyist miner’s channel. I’m buzzing with excitement because I’ve got some new tech to show you. I geek out every time I get new stuff like this, and this time I’m setting up a test bench to show you guys how it all works before I implement it.

For those unfamiliar, my mining room, which we’re still working on, has six AC Infinity six-inch inline fans. They work fantastically, each offering around 400 CFMs (cubic feet per minute) of airflow. But like all mining equipment, there are always areas for improvement – or at least tweaking.

The AC Infinity Upgrade

One challenge with the traditional AC Infinity fans is the basic push-button controller that comes with the model I’ve been using. It’s nothing crazy, just a controller that increases fan speeds from zero to ten. While it does the job perfectly fine, I wanted to take things to the next level.

So, I reached out to AC Infinity. They sent me some of their awesome smart controllers to test out – and I’ve got to say, they’ve impressed me. These controllers come with two Molex ports and a port for a temperature and humidity probe. It’s a game-changer! You install the controller and then attach long Molex cables which link back to the fans.

Testing the AC Infinity Upgrade

To test these controllers properly, I set up a little bench with an eight-inch AC Infinity inline fan (rated around 800 CFM) and another six-inch one. Even though the difference in diameter is only two inches, the eight-inch fan offers double the airflow of the six-inch one. The power of it is insane!

After wiring up the fans to the smart controllers, I decided to see how the system handled heat and humidity measurements, two critical variables in crypto mining. For this, I connected the temperature and humidity sensor probe.

The controller screen displays these measurements. But the real selling point of these smart controllers is the smartphone app that you can use to configure and monitor the system.

The AC Infinity Smartphone App

The AC Infinity smartphone app offers an impressive range of features. I set the minimum fan speed to be one for when the system is off, and ten for when it is on. You can automate the system to behave differently during the day and night, and even set alarms or push notifications to alert you if the temperature or humidity goes above or below set thresholds.

The app even produces graphs and logs for your temperature and humidity readings which you can export as CSV files. Seriously, how cool is that?

Installing the Upgrade

I went ahead and installed one of the smart controllers in my mining room. Currently, the room has six inline fans from AC Infinity. Two are intakes and four are exhausts. Two of the exhaust fans will be swapped out soon for eight-inch models. Until then, I assigned the upgraded smart controller to manage an intake and an exhaust fan.

The temperature sensor probe is hung at the highest point of the room, as recommended by AC Infinity. The smart controller keeps the attached fans at a speed of one until the temperature hits 95 degrees, at which point the fans run at full speed. This automation will help to keep the mining room’s temperature and humidity in check, ensuring optimal conditions for the mining hardware.

I genuinely cannot wait to finish up the mining room and get these smart controllers in full-time use. Knowing that any temperature or humidity problems in the mining room will trigger an alarm or notification on my phone gives me immense peace of mind.

If you’re as impressed as I am, check out the AC Infinity Controller 67. You can buy it individually or as part of a bundle with an AC Infinity inline fan. Either way, you’ll benefit from a 15% discount if you use my link.

Don’t forget to subscribe for more updates on my mining room! Take care, miners. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Hi. Am building my First big "mine" whit 150 rtx3080. And the room is not that big. 8m x 4m. But in the Winter its from – 20 to – 40 so what fan do you recomend and How many?

  2. What do you suggest to be able to give enough air for asic miners. If I have 4 I was trying to place inside an infinity tent. Was trying to either have this blower be broken hung air into the tent or the miner and then another on the exhaust side blowing out.

  3. Thanks for the video. I'm at the point where I really need to get air moving with my setup. I have a different exhaust on order but your setup is definitely interesting. Thanks!

  4. The app is a gimmick, it isn’t really “smart” meaning you cannot access it via WiFi remotely. It only makes your phone a remote controller when it connects to the fan controller via Bluetooth. Is this correct? I just got one and I am truthfully disappointed. I’m sure the fan part will work well though…..

  5. just grabbed myself a Cloudline T6 setup for my mining/network/server closet project in my new home. Used your discount code and saved some money! Thanks. The Controller 67 is on backorder though, might snag one later on.

  6. I use a thermostat hooked variable voltage controller to a 210 cfm 12v (turned down to 7-8 volts) 120mm38mm fan with a custom window shroud pulling in outdoor air and blowing it into a 4 inch x 8 foot insulated duct over to my cooling fans on the mining rig keeping temps at 33-38 i have the thermostat set to 68F and the heater inlet in my room is blocked the room stays a pretty constant 67-69 without the thermostat the room would end up getting very cold.

  7. I have been using the T10 over the summer and it has been GREAT. It just sucks out all the heat from my mining tent. Love the vids. keep up the great work!

  8. @The Hobbyist Miner Dude I got the AC Infinity 8” with the same smart controller about 3 months ago for my grow tent setup. I had no idea they had a mobile app for this. Stupid me I didn’t check. Nevertheless i thoroughly enjoy the automatic temp settings you can do. Also having that humidity sensor as part of it is great peace of mind. I’m almost to 2 ghs in my tent so probably going to get another 8” hooked up to that controller. I’m so glad I went with AC Infinity gear, solid product . Keep up the great content man!

  9. We love our 12 inch AC Infinity fan. We have been running ours since June. Looking to add one more before the summer heat next year hits our mining room. These are rated for 67,000 hours of run time. Great fan would highly recommend! Love the content!

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