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Welcome Back to the Hobbyist Miner Channel

It’s been quite a roller-coaster ride since my last shed update video, about two weeks ago. A much-needed family vacation took me away to the Bahamas for about seven days, and upon returning, I was greeted by unprecedented weather patterns in Pennsylvania. We’ve had torrential downpours followed by bright sunshine, which has proved to be a hindrance in my current project of trenching power and Ethernet to the shed. Nonetheless, progress is inching forward, and I am excited to show you what’s been happening inside the shed.

Recent Developments

The shed’s interior has seen some significant improvements, primarily due to Mr. Electrician, my trusted partner in this project. It now has more room than ever after the tractor and shelving units were removed, and I’m about to start bringing in some new hardware. Additionally, today’s video is sponsored by, a trusted online store for crypto mining hardware.

The Rustic Shed Turned Crypto Mining Farm

Back at the mining site, we are met with no progress on the power and Ethernet lines due to persistent weather problems. However, the interior of the shed has undergone a makeover, courtesy of Mr. Electrician. The shed, which measures 12 by 12, now offers ample space, a ginormous upgrade from the previous state where a tractor used to occupy the center.

Future Plans for the Shed


We have some ambitious plans in the pipeline, including the installation of plywood on the walls and building a workbench for accessing the rigs. I also plan on visiting other crypto miners to acquire used gable vents to optimize ventilation within the space. Here is a broad outline of the upcoming work:

Ventilation System

We intend to install 14 gable vents on one side of the shed to function as intake vents. On the other side, we will mount four exhaust fans, specifically, AC Infinity’s T14 fans. These fans are integral to the sustained operation of the shed as they drive out the heat generated by the mining rigs.

Power and Ethernet Infrastructure

The power will be brought in from one side and distributed via meter boxes. We envision a network of PDUs running from the meter boxes to deliver power to the mining rigs. We’ll also install Ethernet ports and network cables, with optimal lengths, to interconnect the entire setup.

Operating Racks

In the center of the shed, we plan to install an operations rack that will host the mining rigs. Ensuring that the rack doesn’t obstruct airflow is paramount, so we will leave gaps on either side of it. With the double doors offering sufficient room, we can afford to leave small gaps and still maintain the natural convection within the shed.

Hardware Setup

To take you through the specifics of the hardware I will be using, we have Ethernet cables ready to be buried from the house to the shed. Directly from the breaker, we have meter boxes from The Meter Box ready to manage the power logistics with L630P plug outlets. The Meter Box will keep track of power consumption in terms of amps and watts.

In Conclusion

Despite the weather setbacks, I am enthused for tomorrow, where more work on the shed is scheduled. The newer developments coupled with the future plans make for exciting times ahead. To keep in touch with the progress, stay tuned to the Hobbyist Miner Channel. We also have exciting giveaways from Meter Box and Octo Miner, so don’t forget to check those out!

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  1. I am busy buying a new house, so my mining garage journey starts all over again! I am planning to go double volume at the new house on top of the garage, which will be a nice 21ft x 18ft mining room.. gonna be sweet!! Happy building!

  2. Run either conduit or romex along the top beam to each L6-30. You dont want to centralize the PDUs unless you you plan to stack the hardware next to them, all on that side. Mount them to the rack and then ground the rack. Less cables. Looks neater

  3. Did you consider just putting the plywood on the inside and leaving the vinyl in place? A little more framing work when placing the vents but adds a little more weather proof?

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