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Discover the Power of the RX 580s with

Today we will explore the potential of the RX 580 GPUs in combination with the exceptional customer service and expertise provided by As we dive into building an 8 GPU RX 580 mining rig, we will see how these GPUs can still deliver impressive performance on the Caspa network.

Retiring the RX 580s?

Several months ago, our RX 580s were retired due to the high electricity costs, bear market, and low profitability. However, thanks to recent advancements in mining algorithms and support from fellow crypto enthusiasts like Iggy Crypto, we have found a new solution to utilize these powerful GPUs effectively in mining Caspa.

Building the RX 580 Mining Rig

First, let’s go over the hardware components we will be using in this build. These include:
– XFX RX 580 GPUs
– An RX 590 GPU
– Sapphire Nitro and Pulse 580 GPUs
– ASRock and MSI 580 GPUs
– AAA-wave GPU risers
– Various power cables, splitters, and adapters
– 12 GPU AAA-wave mining frame
– Ares Game 750W ATX power supply
– 1200W server power supply with breakout board
– ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ motherboard
– 8GB of memory
– GPU risers 64GB solid-state drive
– Hive OS operating system

Once all the components are correctly assembled, and Hive OS is installed on the solid-state drive, we are ready to boot up and start mining.

Mining Caspa with the RX 580s

After applying the necessary overclock settings, we can see a significant increase in performance for our RX 580 GPUs. Mining Caspa with these GPUs provides a stable 1.2 GigaHash, and the idle watt consumption is reduced to around 495W. This dramatic reduction in power usage means that mining with the RX 580s is now more profitable than ever before.

A New Home for the RX 580 GPUs

The RX 580s are perfect for running home gaming rigs, but they can now also be utilized effectively for mining Caspa, thanks to the innovative overclock settings provided by Iggy Crypto. These new developments mean that there is no need to sell or retire these GPUs – they can continue to generate profit in the crypto mining world.

Conclusion: A Bright Future for the RX 580s

In summary, the RX 580 GPUs have been given a new lease on life with the Caspa mining network. With proper overclock settings, these GPUs are now profitable and efficient, allowing crypto miners to utilize their full potential in the mining world. Be sure to give your RX 580s a new purpose by mining Caspa, and head on over to for all your crypto hardware needs.

Are you just as eager as we are to get your RX 580s up and running for mining Caspa? Let us know in the comments below! And if you have any questions about the build process or overclock settings, feel free to reach out for assistance. Happy mining!

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  1. Hi there,

    Can you please answer the following questions?

    -Is it still profitable to build a mining rig with an MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB in 2023?

    -Are those cards available in the market in 2023?

    -What are the current prices for those cards?

    Thanks, and will be waiting for your kind reply.


  2. Hey man I’m super new to this, I wanna build something to mine because my power is included in my condo fees. I need to gpu mine can’t use antminers for regular plug-in correct? Also what’s my best bet which video cards and mining what?

  3. I have several rigs of 12 rx470 570 4gb. 890w total from the wall, 143mhs/card. I use it as a basement heater 🙂 Tho they are still very inefficient compared to rtx 3xxx cards since the big updates. So primary product :heat, secondary: KAS.
    I regret not selling them when they were 200$ each.

  4. Sold off all my 570/580's for 6600's couldnt justify running them too inefficient in the current times been finding some very cheap 6600's on marketplace and ebay just gotta keep your eyes peeled

  5. yes but you still run too much power for such small hashrate. My each RTX 3090 gives around 1100 mh/s at 255Watts its even possible to do more efficient then that. So yea i would have get rid of them how old are they it must be like 4-5 years old at least.

  6. 150 MH/s for 70 Watts doesnt seem too tempting at all… lets face it, till further notice AMD 500 series is out of the league, they are pretty damn good cards for video, though…

  7. If you were going to build a flux rig which card would you go with? I have wanted an octominer (12) for a while and I think I’m going all in. I was leaning 3070’s, but I keep seeing people rave about the 2080’s.

  8. Hi hobbyist , after 4 months of ethereum merge still looking for the answers as a miner, WHAT IS THE REAL REASON ETHEREUM MERGED? any videos about it ? may be a documentation ? All i can find is the bulshit of carbon emmisions but what is the real reason. We all know they really dont care about the world. Why ethereum back stabbed miners?

  9. I have been trying to sell some of my mining GPUs. But tech channels have pretty much lied about miners, to the point hardly anyone is buying used GPU locally.
    My 5600xt are the cheapest most powerful GPU you can buy locally on craigs list. I took care of them and they work and look perfect.
    Weeks now and not one email.

  10. OMG, now something to do with my 580s. I just about fell out of my chair. After ETH, they were boxed up to sell but I just couldnt get rid of them. Now, in 30 minutes, I will be building out a rig. Have no idea of the wallet. Probably use the same as you. THANKS FOR SHARING your find. It killed me not to do something with them at the .08 winter rate. HAPPY DANCE!!!

  11. Nice video….Got a question for you. If my calculations are correct, even at .07/kwh you'd be losing about $.40 / day at the current price of Kaspa. So, if you HODL you'd actually have to pay $.80/day or roughly $24.34/month out of pocket just to power a single rig. Bear with me here as I'm not lucky enough to get .07/kwh. Even with solar I'm at an average of .096/kwh so spinning up your rig would cost me (also if I HODL) $36.50/month. I have 41 580s, so all of them would cost me $187.07/monthly. So long story to get to my question here, are you suggesting the future gain of appreciation of Kaspa is a good enough gamble to fire back up or?

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