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Hello and welcome to my channel – I am Mike, your one-stop destination for trading strategies. Today, I will be taking a massive request to analyze the step-by-step process of executing a THETA/USDT trading arbitrage strategy on Binance which can yield a profit of about 15 percent.

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Getting Started

Firstly, navigate to the trade tab on Binance and select the ‘Spot’ section. Now, search and select the trading pair ‘MATIC/USDT’. Choose the market order type and specify the amount of USDT you wish to spend. For instance, let’s say a thousand dollars. Your order will be filled instantly.

Now, go to the wallet tab, select ‘Fiat and Spot’ – your newly purchased MATIC should be reflecting in your spot account by now.

Switching to APTAVICS

Next, switch to APTAVICS – a website that illuminates trading pairs’ spread across various exchanges. Log in or register if you don’t have an account. Go to ‘The Exchange Tab’ – Ensure MATIC is more expensive here than on Binance.


The first actual step towards realizing this strategy is to deposit your MATIC in APTAVICS. Here’s how it works: Return to the wallet tab, select MATIC, then click deposit. Input the number of coins you bought on Binance, click ‘Get Address’, copy the address and switch back to Binance.

Withdrawal from Binance

Go to Binance, select MATIC, and click ‘Withdraw’. Paste the copied address in the prompted field. The system will automatically detect the network as Polygon. Finalize the transaction and wait for approximately 5-8 minutes for it to process. Now, you can see the funds you withdrew from Binance reflecting in your APTAVICS wallet balance.


On APTAVICS, proceed to exchange your MATIC for USDT – the exchange commission is pegged at 0.10% of your trading volume. With that complete, return to the Wallet tab, select ‘USDT Withdrawal’.

Network Specifications

When withdrawing USDT, we recommend the ‘TRC20 Network’. It is crucial because it has a minimal arbitrage commission and processes transactions in lightning speed.

Withdrawal from APTAVICS to Binance

Having selected the amount of USDT to withdraw, you need to provide Binance as the destination address. Back in Binance, under the ‘Fiat and Spot’ section, select ‘USDT Deposit’ and ensure you select ‘TRC20’ as your network. The harmonization of network selection between APTAVICS and Binance makes the process seamless.


Stay tuned in to our withdrawal and transaction history to track progress. In just a short period, the funds have successfully been credited to our account in Binance. Furthermore, what’s exciting about this entire process is realizing a staggering profit of USD 150 – that’s a gain of 15 percent!

Don’t forget, to find dope trading strategies daily; subscribe to our VIP Telegram channel. Good luck and here’s to more profitable trades!

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