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Preparing for the Ethereum Merge: A Comprehensive Guide

The upcoming Ethereum merge has the crypto mining world in buzz and it is only prudent to take the necessary steps ahead of time to be fully prepared. In today’s video sponsored by the team behind Hive OS, we discuss some of the ways you can ensure you are primed and ready for this momentous event.

Leveraging Hive OS

Hive OS – a leading GPU mining platform – has recently partnered with the Hobbyist Miner channel to announce their next move in the GPU mining space. As a new move, Hive OS has launched a brand new Ravencoin mining pool offering incentives including zero percent pool and transaction fees till the end of 2022. With a minimum payout threshold of 10 Ravencoin and a PPS Plus mining pool reward system, it’s a great time to start mining with Hive OS.

Actions to Take Before the Ethereum Merge

With the Ethereum merge less than two weeks away, here are the four important items to make sure to check off your list:

1. Set Up Your Flight Sheets For Mining Rigs

Setting up your flight sheets for your mining rigs can be both rewarding and a lot of work. Each flight sheet should be set for each of the coins that you plan to be mining. It ensures you can swap your Hive OS flight sheets on the fly based on profitability after the Ethereum merge.

2. Fine-tune Your Overclock Settings

The second item is fine-tuning your cards and the overclock settings for each of the algorithms. Having saved overclock settings ready, switching between algorithms and coins becomes effortless.

3. Focus on Heat Management

The third and most overlooked factor is heat management. While mining, the heat produced varies with each algorithm. Therefore, you need to ensure that the current setup can handle the heat production post Ethereum merge irrespective of the algorithm being used.

4. Pay Attention to Power Management

The fourth and final area where the focus is required is the Power management. Ensuring that you’re ready for the Ethereum merge includes managing and monitoring your power consumption against the different algorithms. Safety should always be paramount, thus following the 80-20 rule, where you only use 80 percent of the circuit’s total capacity, would be the safest bet.

In Conclusion

The Ethereum merge is set to change the crypto mining landscape significantly, and being prepared will give you the best chance of navigating these changes successfully. Ensure you have all your flight sheets in order, overclock settings optimized, and have made the necessary arrangements for heat and power management. Stay prepared, stay profitable!

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  2. I just got a T16 the other day and will do some testing on it to see if it actually gets the advertised 2500 CFM. Super excited to see how well it performs! I also have to be super strategic about what rigs are going on what coin due to power management since I only have 120V/15A circuits.

  3. Couldn't you run 2 – 4" fans rather that 1 – 8"? I'm in the process of building a mining closet in my garage and just getting to the duct work now. It only comes to about 120 cubic feet. I only planned on 2 – 4" because the outside walls are metal siding and a 4" would super easy to cut in and miss the ridges. Of course, I'm now seeing that the 4" has about 200 CFM. Even if doubled , that would only be 400 CFM compared to 800 on the 8". I don't want to replace all the air in 1 minute, that's a long time with all that heat. There's probably more involved than simple math I'm guessing ,but is it wrong to assume if I had 100 cubic feet with a 800 CFM fan, I'd replace all that air 8x per minute? Maybe I could run 2-3 4" inlets but use the 8" as the exhaust.

  4. You're not going to be mining ANY of the top 25 coins bud. It's great to be optimistic but you'll be in negative profitability within hours of the merge on every single top coin. The ONLY and I mean ONLY way forward is to spec mine little known coins that 10,000 GPUs aren't attacking already.

  5. There will be plenty of time to set up flight sheets and fine tune overclocks after the merge. Miners wont be missing to much profits cuz there wont be any…lol.
    The most Eth mining uptime right now is most important.

  6. Rigs designed and tested to handle RVN. Flight sheets for RVN and FLUX. HiveOS has most reliable OCs, but might move to NiceHashOS for profit switch. Gotta make sure power setup will handle automated profit switch coins. Gotta get those NH OCs right. Gonna be some melted wires on eth rigs.

  7. Listen… I don’t know if this message will matter… but I have been watching you Hobbyist since you started on YouTube… I must say… the way you speak now, the background music selection, the pace and tone… have ALL seriously improved. I use to be annoyed by your pace a volume if I’m really being true to you as a fan… thank you for improving man.. it shows

  8. I put in fan that 8.33 m3/s on thermostat set to come on at 30c off at 26c, everything is in a 20"x10" container which is also in a shed so no direct sun light. I've plans to use the heat for garage next to the container and a drying container 10"x10"

  9. Hoping I can handle Flux with the heat, tested my 2080ti and they didn't like it haha. Will need to figure something out. Then ergo on some other cards. Will probably use the time when it's not profitable and clean up and organize

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