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Selling Your GPUs vs. Mining Through the Red Market


Deciding whether to sell your mining GPUs or to mine through the red market is a tough question to answer. In this article, we will discuss two avenues – selling off your GPUs and mining hardware, or staying the course and mining through it. We will explore various factors, mindsets, and considerations to help you decide which path to take, especially during the current red market.

Reasons to Sell Your GPUs

With the current state of cryptocurrency mining and fluctuations in the market, many people are concerned about their investments. Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant drops, raising questions about the future of mining.

Some miners have reached out, expressing worry about the high cost of electricity and their rigs producing a negative return on investment. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may need to consider selling your GPUs and mining hardware.

However, before making that decision, ask yourself if you need the profitability from your mining operations to pay for essential expenses like housing, food, or bills. If so, now might be a time for you to step away from mining and sell your equipment. Remember, it’s essential only to invest in mining what you can afford to lose.

Reasons to Keep Mining

On the flip side, for many people, mining is a hobby or a side job. If you have a stable income outside of crypto mining, you may be in a better position to weather the red market and continue mining.

When the market enters a red or bear market, it’s essential to focus on your yield. As difficulty drops due to other miners exiting the market, those who can afford to continue mining will likely see increased returns on a variety of algorithms. So, if you can financially afford it, put your head down and keep mining.

Your mining strategy may need some adjustments during a red market, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon it entirely. For example, you might pivot away from less-profitable coins like Ravencoin and instead focus on mining Ethereum Classic, which currently has more potential for growth.

Choosing the Right Algorithm and Building a Supportive Community

An essential aspect of navigating a red market and deciding whether to sell or continue mining is examining the algorithms you’re mining and potentially shifting your focus. Investing in a coin with more potential for growth during difficult times could prove beneficial in the long run.

Connecting with fellow miners and joining communities like the Hobbyist Miner Discord can provide valuable insights and support. While members won’t give direct answers, they can share their opinions and experiences, which can help inform your decision-making process.


The decision to sell your mining GPUs or mine through the red market is ultimately a personal one. Many factors could influence your choice, such as your financial situation, mining strategy, and personal goals. By carefully considering your circumstances and engaging with fellow miners, you can hopefully make the best decision for your unique situation.

If you’re struggling with this decision, remember to take a step back and evaluate what your current situation and long-term goals entail. Ultimately, whether you decide to sell your GPUs or continue mining through challenging market conditions, the essential aspect is understanding and accepting the risks involved in cryptocurrency mining.

In the end, if you can weather the storm and mine on, you might find that continuing to mine through the red market leads to greater rewards in the long run. However, if the financial strain becomes too great, selling off your equipment might be the best course of action. Whatever your decision, always consider your unique circumstances, connect with a supportive community, and remember to mine with caution.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Now would be a great time to mine even if the pay outs are lower. Bitcoin is gonna bounce back so building that collection while everything is settling is worth it, I mean I have 1 card going and that’s a free coffee everyday if I wanted so I see no downside

  2. I think, the best way to go would be, to invest in hardware, that pays itself off in a time of which you got a good overview… Like for instance: A ROI of 2 years, anything below that would be even better…

    Invest in hardware, at an ROI of 2 years or less at current market price and electricity cost and hope and pray the situation stays at your current calculation or turn out for the better…

    Like if paid off, then there's no reason to worry, as long, as you're break-even or turn a profit.. if drop under the break-even point, then turn off your farm and save energy until you can turn a profit again….

    My personal opinion or strategy would be: Try to reach the ROI point as fast as possible, so it just pays your fixed costs.. everything beyond that would be even better..

  3. My man speaks without actually saying anything. Whats the point of mining for a loss when you just could have bought the coin with your loss? Why treat a 30% drop as a bear market without even having experienced one yourself?

  4. But isn't it smarter, while you are mining in negative, to shut off the Rigs and buy eth or so with the money of the electrical bill? (So you get more eth than u would with mining)

  5. 2.3 ghz here living in shithole country with 0.075 cent kwh and already paid off all my gpus. No I won't sell my gpu, I get rich because of them and I will take care each of them until they die. MINE ON 🙂

  6. I have been trading for about 6 months now and just about every trade backfires and slaps me in my face. Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points . I try to do top down analysis but it doesn't work for me . I say to myself, clearly I'm in the 90% that lose money, so I open a demo account, do my analysis, then take the opposite of what I would normally take and get the same result. I'm starting to feel hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?

  7. It's so cool you said you shifted from rvn to etc I am new to mint ng and I picked up 2rx580 and a 470 recently I tested on a few different coins and not even comparing stats but just from listening to the gpus and feeling the heat in the room from working rvn as opposed to the gpus working at a normal pace on etc and my room is much cooler I also switched my Ryzen 5800x from rtm to avn haha isn't that funny still in a sort of way mining rvn but with different component. 🤓🤣

  8. I am going all in on mining now. Going to buy my first rig in the next couple of days now. Its a budget rig but still. I am going in to mine to have coins when the marked swings.
    I am in the same position as you The Hobbyist miner, i have a steady job and dont need to make profit now, i need coins when the marked turns.

  9. Sometimes no action is the best thing we can do. HODL and go relax. Checking prices every 10 minutes doesn't increase prices but it surely can increase your heart rate! Great stuff

  10. Wait, how is people spending more on Electricity than what they are mining??? This hasn't happened where I live, and I imagine this has to be like extreme ASIC mining, or people exlusively running 3080TI/3090s while living in the Communist state of California??

  11. I just sold my 8gb 580 for $400 today and picked up a 6600xt for $460. I'm keeping at it. Thanks for the vid bro!
    Edit: Btw I'm lucky I don't have to pay for electric 🤑🤑

  12. I run a 5 x 1070 gpu rig in California where my electrical costs are $0.28/kwh. With my OC settings, the rig burns 500 watts and is earning about 133 sol/s (0.26 sol/watt). I'm losing about $30/month in profit at the current price. I'm investing in a solar system next.

  13. There is an obvious 3rd option that wasnt discussed which is to turn off your rigs and mothball them until things pickup. If the running electricity cost is the big thing stopping u then just shut them down for a while. Probs better advise for people with newer cards as theres less guarantee that 10 series, 480s etc. Will still be profitable in a year+ but selling the cards isnt the only option

  14. F it and keep on mining😁😁have my decent job, can pay the bills, its my expensive hobby😋 now trying to change my gpu`s for more efficient ones

  15. I took out a 401k loan in April 2021 and have ROI'd. 10%-15% per month far exceeds the 10%-20% per year. It always has been a riskand always will be a risk just like ANY business! If you don't want risk, put money into a CD but even that has risk because of inflation eating up your fiat value.

  16. When Eth goes proof of stake do the pools payout the remainder eth even if its before the payout amount? If I dont have 0.1 eth before the change will Hiveon still pay what I've mined so far? I only have 2 gpu's as of now so it takes a couple months to mine 0.1 eth, I dont want to get stuck with the power cost and not have any profit.

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