Inside Look: Tour of a Crypto Mining Farm

crypto mining farm tour

Welcome to the Great Hashrate Migration

Crypto miners, it is time to pull up our socks and embrace a new movement that has taken the mining community by storm. Yes, I am talking about the Great Hashrate Migration. We are moving our full-fledged, 80 GPU Mining Farm off of Ethereum and this could be more than just a small adjustment for us. Rather than a revolution, it seems more of an event or a movement which is a collaborative decision made by key individuals in the crypto mining and content creation scene.

The Great Hashrate Migration: What it is?

Let’s not jump to conclusions and assume this move to be a protest against Ethereum Proof of Stake or Ethereum 2.0. Our intention is not to ignite a revolution, rather we are here to indulge in the brilliance of science and fun. Every miner has a different perspective about this movement. While some consider it as their personal protest, others aim to test the potential of different networks and their capacity to support additional miners.

Rediscovering the Joy of Mining

In my point of view, the primary aim is fun and of course, science. This enthusiasm reminds me of the time when the unlocking of the LHR occurred which brought down the Nice Hash Website and took Hive OS by storm. We, as community members, have the power to make significant changes in the world of mining. This is the fun part. We can actually change things. We can bring back the thrill factor and make crypto mining enjoyable again.

My Game Plan for the Migration

We’re going to walk through my mining rigs today and show you how I am moving them one by one. I’ll provide a quick before/after analysis of our mining and hash rate on Ethereum and then the subsequent algorithm I have decided to switch to. Remember, we are just doing this as a trial for 24 hours, not a permanent switch and we’ll be returning to what is most profitable post this period.

The Migration Begins

We’ll kick-start the process with our Jazz minor, which is the jasminer x41u and it has had an incredible performance – an average hash rate of over 574 mega hash. Currently, we’re on Ethereum and it’s estimating around 16-28 cents per day. After swapping out the Ethereum wallet, we have now moved from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic for this rig.

Giving Ethereum Classic, Flux and Ergo a Fair Chance

For our other rigs in the farm, we are going to make the shift from mining Ethereum to diversifying across Ethereum Classic, Flux, and Ergo. In doing this, we are giving other networks a fair chance and auditing their capacity to withstand the influx of miners from Ethereum.

Exploring the Potential of Flux and Ergo

We’re eager to anticipate what results both Flux and Ergo bring us, especially knowing that they may not be as consistent as Ethereum, but have still proven to be profitable. Some changes in overclock settings might be needed but it is expected to provide interesting insights as we continue our journey with the Great Hashrate Migration.

Wrapping Up

The Great Hashrate Migration has certainly brought a fun side back to crypto mining. We’ve managed to transfer our entire GPU mining farm, which is 80 GPU-strong, onto Ethereum Classic, Flux and Ergo from Ethereum. This movement, while lasting only for 24 hours, has instilled a sense of excitement within the mining community.

Let me shout out to the entire crypto mining community, take a bow for the amazing spirit you have been showing throughout this process. Keep the spirit alive, enjoy the process and rejoice in this fresh perspective towards mining. I am excited to learn about your mining journey, what coins you have swapped to and how much hash rate you have transferred. Happy mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. 6:12 core overclock for eth///
    3070ti core 1100, mem 2500, 185Wt, 80.5Mh
    3070 core 1100 mem 2400 (2500) 115wt, 61.5Mh
    core overclock mostly is useless for eth only power drain.
    some new 3060ti (if PL not set) need core overclock to rise up power.
    you can save a lots of power…..

  2. …kinda feels like the move from POW to POS is a "safe" rug-pull… It is changing ETH on a fundamental level.. no longer de-centralized…. not concerning, you say? I am concerned. I will mine it as long as it is profitable… but no holding it… 🙁

  3. I just keeep mining eth at the last day, will how this upcoming fork reduce profits, if it hits hard mybe move ower other coins. And how much did you guys affect whole network over that 24h swap i didnt hear anything 😉

  4. I think between the migration and the lhr unlock it has been a pretty awesome week or two. But then again I have people ask me all the time about mining when they figure out that I do it. I always take it as an opportunity to tell them mining isn’t over when they ask me about the merge and PoS. Having this conversation with people I’ve converted a couple people over to mining who were once nonbelievers. Yeah things are crazy right now in terms of lack of profitability but it’s still a lot of fun to me.

  5. >< Extraordinary post extremely definite and precise video that you posted, mate, I love your substance. It's interesting the way in which certain individuals out there actually haven't acknowledged that cryptographic forms of money keep on changing the world universally. Hard these days for anybody is against it. What I feel according to a trader's point of view that we truly need more specialists in the field to teach novice's/financial backers on how the local area functions, the cost of BTC has been fluctuating recently which implies the market is as of now open and you are not Be ready to tell whether it will be too negative or bullish, this vulnerability drives most merchants away and powers financial backers to hang on. I would agree that it is totally off-base to simply pause for a minute and sit tight for a couple of misfortunes is maybe some unacceptable mentality for a financial backer on the grounds that, as a financial backer, you will track down ways of continuing getting and besting up an ever increasing number of coins ought to be our main concern, to create a gain. Everything relies upon the example you are exchanging and the wellspring of your procedures too. I began with 0.2 BTC and have aggregated over 4.5 BTC in only 3 weeks, with the right exchanging methodology given to me by an accomplished broker, Mr. Edward Rowe. His techniques are first rate and beneficial and he can without much of a stretch be reached by means of Telegram: @EdwardRowe

  6. Also side note, your voltage is up there with your 2060 gpus. There’s a video showing how to bring them down voltage wise using afterburner. Mine are running around 32.3-33 @ 78 watts. Granted the voltage and hash rate fluctuate just as any do.

  7. After I one rig crashed on ergo I went to test on team red miner eth since I added the rest of my gpus I bought last week. The miner is changed and my 6600s don't even get to full hash rate before crashing. Lol miner eth+ton has been rock solid. Just fyi. Wish I had time to sit around and figure it out.blok

  8. I started at 0600 pacific time. Let’s see how this goes! I’m on RVN btw. Losing money but I don’t really care. This is more of a community thing than for me to make money.

  9. Shamefully I only manage machines for people, but at the moment I only have 40% of the gpus on ETH anyway, mostly amd cards and some 2060. The rest is full time on flux, has been for months. About 3.7ksol/s

  10. Got into HiveOS finally. My status: 1GH/s ETH – 30GH/s TON GPUs converted to 700Sol/s FLUX, benefits -800W, -10dB, -7 degressF. Nice. Daily net about 1/3. Oh well …

  11. Switched to ERGO today. I was doing about $45 – $55 on ETH with 1.85 Gh/s now doing an estimated $38 on ERGO. Positive you ask? All my GDDR6x cards are well below 90 c on the Memory temp.

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