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Building a Crypto Mining Shed: Initial Setup and Challenges

In today’s increasingly digital world, cryptocurrency mining has become a popular and profitable hobby for many tech enthusiasts. But with the noise and heat generated by mining equipment, finding a suitable space to house the operation can be a challenge. This article will discuss the initial setup and challenges faced in building a crypto mining shed, an external structure designed to house mining equipment, and hopefully, last for at least a year to a year and a half.

Choosing a Crypto Mining Shed

One quick, dirty, and simple solution is getting a garden shed from Home Depot for around $800. However, it’s essential to check with your local township and obtain the necessary permits before starting the construction process. In this example, the shed in question is a six-foot by eight-foot structure. It’s also a good idea to consider building a deck frame on top of gravel in order to mount the shed securely.

Constructing the Crypto Mining Shed Foundation

The foundation for the shed involves digging out an area of eight feet six inches by ten feet at the back of the garage. A perimiter can be created using 4×4 pressure-treated ground cover timber, which is then filled with gravel and compacted. In addition, a deck frame can be built in the middle of the gravel foundation.

Once the foundation is complete, it’s time to consider the airflow within the shed. This shed will use intake vents on one side and shutter fans on the other, ensuring proper circulation of air through the space. The intake vents will be using a pool air filter material to keep out moisture and dirt.

Selecting the Right Shed Material

However, during the construction process, an unexpected challenge came up: the shed in question had walls made of a material similar to cardboard, rather than the advertised “hard plastic.” This material would not hold up well under high winds, so it was returned to Home Depot.

Considering Other Shed Options

In light of this setback, it’s necessary to consider other shed options, such as those made by local Amish shed makers. A six by eight wooden utility workshop shed should be more durable and suitable for housing mining equipment, although it might cost a bit more. The goal is to find a shed that will be able to keep up with the mining operation’s growth, rather than needing to be replaced within a year.

Planning for Airflow and Electrical Needs

When designing the space, take into consideration the airflow and electrical needs of the mining operation. The plan is to use six 12×18 gable vents for intake, combined with four 1600 CFM shutter fans to exhaust the warm air out of the shed. This setup should help to maintain a suitable environment for the mining equipment.

The Future of the Crypto Mining Shed

Although the construction of the crypto mining shed has been temporarily paused due to the initial shed material setback, the project will continue after finding an appropriate replacement. As with any new endeavor, it’s essential to be flexible and adapt to challenges as they arise. As the crypto mining craze continues to spread, finding a solution for housing mining equipment will become increasingly essential for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In conclusion, building a crypto mining shed can be a challenging, but ultimately rewarding, experience. While the initial shed material setback was discouraging, it also allowed for reevaluation and a chance to invest in a better long-term solution. When completed, this shed will provide a dedicated space for mining equipment, ensuring that the operation can continue to grow and prosper in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Very interesting project <3
    You have a very lovely property by the way <3
    I would love to do something like that but as a foreigner, i can not buy land in the country i'm currently living in 😢
    Hope you will finally get a proper plastic/wood shed like you initially wanted :$
    Have a great weekend and keep the camera rolling <3

  2. For the ventilation fan, I installed four AC Infinity Airlift S14 (on the upper right wall). Bought a iPower 18" shutter exhaust fan 2k cfm but return it cause lower quality (compared to AC Infinity), noisier than AC Infinity and only has 3 fan control settings (AC Infinity has 8 fan control settings). Bought an AC Infinity Airlift S16 but return it cause it is too powerful for my application. Fan setting 1 on S16 is as powerful as fan setting 8 on S14. I get more useful fan setting range with S14. In the winter when the outside is 32F, I only need to use fan setting 1 on all four S14. So far only use fan setting 7 on all four S14 when temp is 80F outside. I have not encounter outside temp 90F or 100F yet. Might need to install more fans or/and air filters.

  3. I installed three 20"x20"x1" return air filter grille and two 16"x20"x1" return air filter grille (on the lower left wall). Both return air filters grilles are common/popular size and those air filter sizes are easy to find. For maximum air flows (in the summer), I use Filtrete 20x20x1 Basic Flat (cheap $2.50 each). I would not recommended this filters as it let in too many dust. One step up (slightly better quality air filter) is Filtrete 20x20x1 Basic Pleated ($3.66 each). I also use washable K&N 20x20x1 HVAC Furnace Air Filter, Merv 11 ($40) and K&N 16x20x1 Air Filter ($30) during cooler season like fall, winter and spring. The K&N washable filter are also good during pollen season cause it Merv 11. These air filter are easy to change. To install the air filter grillers, I cut the hole on the wall using circular saw and finish it with jab saw. You can also use jigsaw. If you have thin wall, add 2×4 wood in the inside to reinforce the wall and screws to hold on.

  4. I would assume we are approaching a point where everyone will know what's going on when someone is outside speaking to electronic devices and not think much about it

  5. Excited to see you get this thing built! Newest struggle I'm dealing with is water getting sucked into my door on the shed. Had to unplug a fan and going to install a storm door now to hopefully keep water from getting close to the front door..

  6. Very cool video Hobbyist ! I really appreciate all the detail and sharing the full experience. My suggestion is, while you are waiting on the restart, to get a French drain pipe incorporated into the gravel base to take water away from the house and shed, out and downhill. Please keep us in the loop!

  7. i sort out my heating issue in my shed ! The hoobiest miner you might want to try this. I have great big wooden shed and i am on 2.2 gh/s on 28 x RTX 30 series cards in 3 octominer cases. i made a box behind the octominers and the exhaust from octominers got o that box, and i have 2 powerfull 10 inch exhaust fan sucking that air out without it going to shed. inside that box the air is 40C out side in the shed the air is 21 C so i have 2 different air pockets in the shed. it has been working insanely well. cards are running at 55C core, 88 memory even the 3090's mind you they are all briliant founders edition cards. that fans will be loud mate.

  8. I have a 12×16 Amish built shed w/ upgraded floors for $6K coming in about 2-3 weeks, looking forward to see your build. why do i not see people using something like an AC Infinity t16 shutter fan with 3000 cfm and use multiple smaller fans instead?

  9. My 16×12 shed cost $10,000. It's double layer floor and high pitch roof. It's a small house. Don't put expensive equipment in a home depot shed. Hope you live in a safe area because the gables vents alone are not secure.

  10. The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are making profits without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow.

  11. Hey @the hobbyist miner, if you exhaust the hot air towards your ac unit, will it cause you increased cooling costs in the house as the ac will be sucking in hotter air?


    You NEED to research your insurance policy. Most insurances will cover the shed, but coverage doesn't guarantee that if your garage or shed burns down, your insurance is enough to replace them. For financial specifics, you'll need to dive into your policy to discover those details. 

    For instance, the standard homeowner's policy commits up to 10% of the face value of the policy. So, if your policy limit is $220,000 for your house, the most you can get if your storage building burns down is $22,000.

    I know this because my Mining shed was destroyed in a hurricane, and I was only reimbursed 10% of the total claim value on the shed AND the contents.

    DO YOUR RESEARCH ON YOUR INSURANCE POLICY!! Get supplemental insurance if needed! Itemize if possible.

  13. Love the follow up. My only concern for your is noise management. neibord are right next to it and it will probably be audible from the street easily

  14. I bought the exact same fan on amazon. Amazon labeled them wrong. They are 940 cfm actuality.
    Look up the same fan being sold as a single. Scrolll down and in the details its 940 cfm.
    Its sad everyone is being misled by this damn chinese company

  15. I contracted amish for a few works. In my area their structures last forever. The price you pay for their quality of work is well worth the investment.

  16. Great video.. I've been thinking of doing a mining shed as well just to get all the noise out of my house. The one concern I have is heat management. will those intakes do the trick if it gets to 90 -100 degrees?

  17. Its a he shed she shed until proof of concept. 😂 Its gonna be a rough two weeks for everyone waiting for this project to come to fruition. I for one look forward to it.

  18. Is that level? Looks like it's going to puddle water near the house?
    You put it too close to the house you will get a lot of moisture in between and it will damage the wood between the house and shed.
    Why did you make the outer foundation? It's going to hold water with no where for it to drain?
    The 2 x 4's are going to hold the shed? Usually you use 4 x 4… Not pressure treated wood?
    Think those fans are going to pull in the rain?

  19. Wow, a cardboard shed. Ouch. Glad they took it back. OTOH that base looks fantastic. I don't think I could ever build anything that professional looking. Nice work. I'm looking forward to seeing your shed in place.

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