RX 5700 XT Mining Rig Build – 6 GPUs | 330 MH/s and ONLY 880 Watts!!

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hey everyone welcome back to another mining chamber video in today’s video we are going  to be building the 5700 xt mining rig we just recently got six of the sapphire nitro plus  model so we’re going to be putting it together in this video and then we’re also going to discuss  how much this mining would cost so all the hardware included in the mining rig and then  also how much money can it make for you and how much hash rate are you expected to get  and how much watts is it going to use from the wall and then we will also briefly cover topics  like the bios modding and then overclocking we did do a video on the 5700 xt where we covered  everything in detail so bios modding step by step overclocking and what you should do  if it keeps crashing and everything like that so we won’t be going too deep in that since you  can just watch that other video which we will leave in the descriptions below but if you do  have any questions please leave it in the comment sections below or you can feel free to join us  in our discord server and chat with us there so thank you guys and we hope you enjoyed the video before we build the mining rig let’s first calculate how much money it costs us to build  this mining rig and then we can evaluate when we will make our investment back and dive into the  profits of the mining rig later on all of these prices will be evaluated in us dollars first we  will start with the gpus we were able to get a really nice deal on the gpus we got them  refurbished from canada new egg for 475 canadian each plus the tax will add up to around 500  canadian when we transfer that to usd then it comes out to around 380 dollars  so for six gpus we were able to get them for a total of 2 280 us dollars as for the risers we are  using the ubit risers which we got the six pack for forty dollars the motherboard we are using is  a biostar tb250 btc pro we got that off of amazon for 55 dollars and we are using the intel celeron  g3 930 cpu and one stick of eight gigabyte ram which both costed for a total of sixty dollars  as for the storage we are just using 120 gigabyte ssd that we got for 15 but eventually we might end  up changing it and then switching it to a linux based mining system that runs off of a usb thumb  drive for our mining frame we are using a 6 gpu vetter frame which we graciously got from red  panda mining he sent us a couple of them a while back and we really appreciate him for doing it  so please subscribe to his channel if you haven’t yet he releases a video every day and he releases  great content that you can benefit from now for the psu it was the hardest part to get  since all the prices i’ve got pretty high but we are extremely lucky and grateful because one of  our discord members eric was kind enough to sell us a p2 1200 watts psu for only 110 us dollars  usually these tend to cost almost 300 new so that helped us to save a good amount of dollars on the  mining grid thank you again if you’re watching this video we also have a couple of splitters  that go with the power supply that we received from nerdgears.com and we do recommend you to  get them from there they offer them at a really good price for only two dollars per splitter and  since we are using nine of them we will round up the cost to twenty dollars for the splitters  as for the cooling and aesthetics we are using the deep cool fans rgb which will complement  the look of the build really nicely we were able to get the 5 pack for only 35  now after adding up all the hardware the total cost comes out to two thousand six hundred  fifteen dollars so if you are looking to build a similar mining rig just remember that the prices  may vary we were able to get a couple of nice deals which saved us a good amount of dollars  but if you would have to buy it brand new for every part then the bill will most  likely be around three thousand dollars to three thousand five hundred dollars now let’s run the time lapse of building the mining rig and then we will bring to  attention important information that we think you should know  if you’re building a 5700 xt mining rig with very similar parts so so okay guys so now we finish the build but there’s a couple of things we think it’s worth mentioning  to guide you when you build a similar mining rig so the first thing is if you are using the  same motherboard make sure to power the molex ports on the motherboard itself because it is  what provides power to the pcie slots and also always make sure to install  the latest drivers for your motherboard and also flash the bios if it is outdated you  can find more information about this on the motherboard support and drivers page  for powering the gpus what i usually like to do is plug in a splitter and two risers and a splitter  in both eight pins of the gpu if you have a two eight pin model if your power supply has enough  connections that you end up not needing a splitter for each gpu then that is great we will make  a video soon to get in depth about power supply connections and how to connect everything together and then the last thing we will install the gpus one by one so we can bios mod them first so as you  can see here in the build we didn’t install all of them we just installed one gpu we kept everything  else disconnected as of now and then we’ll just keep bios modding and saving the original bios  and then move on to the next card we will cover that more later on once we reach that section  so now we will plug in the usb stick that we will use to install windows 10 on our miner to make a  bootable usb for windows 10 you just need to use the media creation tool or just burn a windows 10  image on the stick and then like that you can just install windows and do all the setup that you need  so the first thing you need to do once you have it installed is go through the optimization steps  that we covered in one of our videos which was the top five  must-do tips for windows 10 mining we will leave the link for that video in our descriptions below  after finishing the optimizations we will install the required applications to start modding our  gpus we won’t be going in depth about this here since we did cover it fully in our last video  where we went over the 5700 xt profitability bios modding and overclocking so in this video we will just mention important things to keep in mind when bios modding more  than one gpu the first thing you want to make sure you do is to save the original bios of each gpu  accompanied by a unique identifier to that specific gpu it can be either the  last four digits of the serial number or if you choose to label your gpus with a sticker  where you can stick it on the back plate of the gpu whatever method you choose will work as long  as you can match the original bias that you save to the gpu in our example we will be using the  serial number of the gpus that can be found in the bottom of the sapphire nitro plus model without  bios modding we were getting around 52 mega hash and using 145 watts off the wall per card so now  after bios modding we should be getting around 55 mega hash and around 130 watts off the wall  now after setting up all the bios mods what we need to do next is plug in every  gpu and then run the overclocks and see if it’s stable on all of them so before that  let’s first cable manage the rig and then we can get started with the overclocking we had to troubleshoot the mining rig for a little while to figure out what overclocked settings are  stable and now we finally got almost all the gpus table at around 725 to 800 millivolts and 1780 to  1800 memory frequency and then 1300 core clock and only one of the gpus refuses to abide any  overclocks it shows that it is set at millivolts like the other gpus but it keeps consuming  more than 725 it keeps consuming around 1150 millivolts so i will need to troubleshoot  that one further but as of now we know that it is taking more watts than it should be  now let’s see the numbers we will get in phoenix minor so we are averaging around 55 megahertz per  gpu we have a total of around 330 megahertz and we are using 130 235 watts average per gpu but that  one gpu that is having troubles overclocking and it’s giving us 53 mega hash and it is consuming  about 100 watts extra than the other cars so the total system off the wall is currently reporting  at 950 watts total but after we get the gpu fixed up we will be able to get the entire system watts  to around 860 to 880 watts so now let’s take these values to what to mine.com and see how are the  returns looking for this mining rig okay everyone so now we are on the what to mind.com calculator  and we’re looking here at the ethereum coin it is one of the most popular coins to mine with the  5700 xt the first one being ethereum classic but ethereum classic has been having troubles lately  so we will just stick for ethereum for now so we went ahead and put in the 330  mega hash that we can make from this mining rig and then the 880 watts that it takes to run it  and as well as the electricity of 0.1 which is 10 cents per kilowatt hour so we can go ahead  and hit calculate and then we will be able to see how much money we can make with this  mining rig so as we can see here we are able to make 14 dollars and 54 cents every day that’s  profits after the electricity cost of 10 cents per kilowatt hour and then we can also see here that  in one month we will be able to make 436 dollars profit or 499 dollars in total without electricity  cost so in general looking at these numbers you can see that it has a really good return  even though the electricity cost is at 10 cents it still can make your money back in less than a year  so in one year you’re predicted to make six thousand dollars if ethereum sticks to this  price and if ethereum price does go higher then your return will be a lot quicker but as of now  definitely really good numbers it’s impressive how much this mining rig can make back it is more on  the pricey end this mining rig is not the cheaper ones it’s not a budget mining rig but it is one of  the good options out there that i do recommend for people to build if you are looking into building  a mining rig if you have any questions regarding this mining rig or anything we missed please let  us know in the comment sections and we are also planning to switch this mining rig to a linux  based mining operating system because we noticed that in windows 10 it was having too much trouble  it was unstable and it took a while to get it set so whenever we end up switching to one or deciding  for which one we should switch we will let you guys know and then hopefully we can go through  it together and be able to guide you guys on how to switch your mining rig to a different operating  system thank you guys for watching this video if you enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs  up and if you have any questions let us know in the comment sections below so by the time you  guys are watching this video we might have hit 2000 subscribers or we’re very close to it so  we want to thank you guys for getting us here and reaching us to 2 000 subscribers it’s really crazy  and we appreciate all the support so hopefully in our next video we want to announce a giveaway  for our 2000 subscribers milestone so thank you guys again and we hope you have a wonderful day you

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