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A Comprehensive Guide to Building a 7 GPU Nvidia Ethereum Mining Rig

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, building your mining rig is a rewarding and challenging venture. Today, we’re going to build a 7 GPU Nvidia Ethereum mining rig and guide you through each step along the way. If you’ve been looking to get into mining or expand your current setup, this comprehensive guide is perfect for you.

Different Cards Used

We’ll be using a variety of cards in our setup. First, we have the EVGA 3060, predominantly known for its version one variant. We also have three MSI 1660 Ti’s, housed by the gaming X setup. These are great for mining and highly recommended. To top it off, we have a Nvidia 3060 by Gigabyte and a GeFore RTX 3060 Ti for Nvidia.

Power Supplies

Our chosen 650-watt power supply is the Super Flower. What sets this one apart is its full modularity. It’s currently on sale on Newegg and has universal ports. Furthermore, we’ll be using a 750 watt HP power supply with a breakout board.

The Asrock h110 Pro BTC Motherboard

For our motherboard, we’ll go with the Asrock h110 Pro BTC. It’s a great choice for powering the entire setup. It has enough slots to accommodate all our GPUs and offers room for future expansion.


From, we have our solid-state drive. These also provide us with the GPU risers and splitters required for our build. We also have our PCI cables (six of them to be precise) in a 6+2 configuration.

Risers and Frames

To elevate our setup, we’re using six AAA Wave orange GPU risers. Not only are they great for physically spacing your cards, but they also aid in cooling. Plus, they’re rather slick looking which is an added bonus.

AAA Wave Frame

The mainstay of our setup is the AAA Wave frame. It has five fans in the back and four on each side. The arrangement is designed to enhance airflow across the GPUs while sucking out excess heat from the sides.

Getting To The Installation


Starting with our biggest card, the Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti, we’ll be moving down the line with the rest of the GPUs. It’s always a good idea to secure our GPU with one screw first to ensure everything lines up properly. As we progress, everything should fall nicely into place.

Motherboard Installation

The Motherboard installation is straightforward. The same goes for our Super Flower and HP power supplies. Remember to double-check your server power supply’s position because they don’t traditionally sit well in this type of frame.

Wiring The Rig

Next, comes the tricky part: wiring up all of the PCI cables. Although this can be a bit tedious, taking the time to do it right will pay off in the end with a smooth-running rig.

Kinks In The Build

Building a mining rig always comes with a few snags. For example, you might run into spacing issues between the cards and having to deal with a ton of cabling. It’s important to remember that experiencing and overcoming these small issues is all part of the mining experience.

Powering Up The Rig

Once the rig is wired up, it’s time to turn it on and see if the fans start spinning. If you’ve done everything correctly, your rig should boot up without any issues. At this point, it’s essential to check the temperature to ensure that the rig isn’t overheating.

Final Thoughts

Building a 7 GPU mining rig might seem like an intimidating process, but it’s actually quite manageable with the right preparation and patience. It’s an exciting project and a powerful tool for miners looking to expand their setup.

Remember always research and purchase your parts wisely, work methodically while building, and most importantly, have fun with it. Happy mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Id like to start but have no clue what to buy or how to put it together. Plus I’m just confused on the whole mining process. If anyone lives in Ohio and would like to help me out I will pay you for your time. I have the cash to get started. Just need some expertise.

  2. Just started.
    would you happen to have a complete list of equipment you used for this build?
    I didn't see it through the video.
    I already have the following:
    Sunflower power supply
    HP power supply
    1660 cards
    What about the new cables you mentioned for the risers.
    Need information on the Hp power supply breakout board.
    any other cables, etc??
    I waiting on the frame.

  3. Sata hasn’t been upgraded to meet ssd speeds. It’s why our motherboards still download at 20-60mbs even though everything else is lightning quick. They are redesigning the SATA system.

  4. I have 9 vega64s in that frame, I can see why theyd say it can hold 10 cause it really can. I wouldnt put 10 because then its really tight, but 9 is a good maximum. Also, you can put the fans on the outside of the frame, to free up some more space inside of the frame

  5. Ijust have one question, anyone who can help is welcome
    I have a Msi B85-G43, 1x 3060ti and 2x 1660ti. My pc is only recognising 2 cards. Either on both pci express or pci express + riser. Is there any software issue? I am trying to mine on Windows. Thanks in advance

  6. If the EVGA 3060 V1 is not hitting the proper Hashrate, try getting a dummy plug for it. They are finicky but you should be able to achieve alot more off that card since it is a V1 card.

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