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Introducing NiceHash: A New Era of Mining

Today’s world of cryptocurrency mining is highly competitive, with miners constantly struggling to overcome high operating costs such as their monthly electric bills and low mining profits. This is where NiceHash, a leading hash power Marketplace comes into play.

NiceHash aims at revolutionizing the mining industry. Boasting millions of GPU and ASIC miners, NiceHash provides an innovative platform where miners can boost their profitability with ease. Instead of mining directly, miners can now sell their hash power, thereby optimizing their profits, courtesy of NiceHash.

NiceHash’s New Solo Mining Concept: Catch The Block

In an attempt to further elevate profitability for miners, NiceHash has launched a brand new solo mining concept, known as Catch the Block. The concept is straightforward and involves four steps to set the solo mining:

– Create an account at nicehash.com.
– Visit the Solo Mining Dashboard.
– Choose your package of choice.
– Purchase the package to kick off the solo mining journey.

Thanks to this innovative approach, even amid high operation costs, miners can ensure productive mining.

The Dangers of Spec Mining

New in the cryptocurrency world is ‘Spec Mining’. Spec Mining requires keen attention and comes with fair share of risks. Let’s talk about what spec mining is and the potential dangers involved with a well-known crypto enthusiast, Seb Hessler.

What is Spec Mining?

Speculative Mining (Spec Mining) is a method of mining a new or less-popular cryptocurrency with the expectation that the mined coins will raise in value in the future. It’s a form of wager where one mines coins with the ambition that their price will rise drastically, ensuring a hefty profit margin.

Spec Mining: The Risks and How to Mitigate Them

  1. Uncertainty of Success:

    One of the primary risks linked with spec mining is the volatility and uncertainty about the project’s success. Many times, smaller projects may not take off as projected, leading to wasted efforts and resources.

  2. Misleading and Fraudulent Software:

    In an industry as dynamic as crypto, fraudulent activities are not uncommon. Mining new coins might require downloading new software, which could potentially be malware that steals your crypto keys or could act as a keylogger, compromising your data security.

  3. Security Threats:

    Another potential risk is related to the security of the system or network you’re using for mining. Viruses, Trojans, and other harmful software can infect your system, leading to loss of data or compromised security.

Protecting Yourself: Safe Spec Mining Practices

To counter these risks, there are several security measures that one can follow. Two common methods are:

  1. Using Separate SSDs: One way to protect yourself is by using separate SSDs for each coin being mined. This ensures that if one coin’s software turns out to be harmful, it does not affect the entire system.
  2. Using Virtual Machines (VMs): Another sophisticated approach to ensure safety is by using VMs for each project. You set up a VM, carry out your project, and then power it down, keeping it isolated from the rest of your system. This technique also allows you to maintain a backup of your system on physical external storage for additional security.

Securing your system during spec mining is non-negotiable. By employing these strategies, one can potentially mitigate the risks associated with this new way of mining and ensure profitable outcomes while ensuring safety.


Speculative mining, although promising, comes with its fair share of risks. Careful consideration and strict safety measures can help mitigate these risks and secure your mining process. With NiceHash’s tools and innovative mining concepts, one can stay afloat in this dynamic market and ensure a steady stream of returns. Don’t forget to explore more crypto information and mining tips with Seb Hessler on his mining guide channel. Happy mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. A great way to install and run new coins on a separate machine is to watch HM's server video! Isolates issues also. I notice most miner software you have to disable antivirus on installations, just a reminder for all if you didn't catch it, great idea! indeed

  2. May be helpful to define "what is spec mining?" Some consider Flux, Ergo or Ravencoin to be spec mining while others may consider it's lesser market cap coins like Kaspa or Neoxa

  3. These past few days watching my portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn't really profit much, any idea how on how to earn better on the short run?

  4. @The Hobbyist Miner: I have a very similar setup for the new coins — I also create dedicated VMs on my home lab Windows Server, to keep new things contained. Still need to put it on a separate VLAN — thanks for mentioning this!

  5. Avian are doing something, they recently got some update and it's really good one.. the wallet are no lag anymore they are way way faster.. they are moving slowly but surely.. remember they are not premine no ico either.. but they are progressing.. now they got listed on dex-trade which is top 100 exchange in the world.. I can see the coin can get more exposure and will gain more value in the future, good luck Avian Community!

  6. Just want to clarify that Ravencoin Lite was rebranded to Avian, it did not disappear (well just for a day). One of the team members decided to go rouge and shut down the explorer, website and deleted the Discord server. We have learned our lesson here and no one person is responsible for all infrastructure. To that note, within a day we had everything back up and running. Avian is a community driven project with all developers who are volunteering their time and effort to make the project survive. Lots of development work underway with a lot more to come.

  7. AVN did not went under ! It's development progress and it's survived more then 1 year from its launch !
    and soon enough they will enable assets creation as weel as being listed on some reputable exchanges !
    Surely but slowly it's groowing into a solid project worth looking at !

  8. No need for ServerOS to run HyperV and you can copy the VHDs w/o using the software. Both options are better than nothing, but you're better off encrypting the VHDs and SSDs otherwise, you can just connect them and get at the raw files and have time to break into the OS.

  9. One of the fatal flaws I made spec mining is knowing the algo in the first place and how its handled. Eg kapow runs heavier and hotter. I underestimated how hot it ran on my rigs and overheated a couple of cards from it. Plus power supply limits as defi django touched on in your interview, if you're running them at the 80/20 rule on eth and swap to say flux you will be over your threshold.

  10. Seriously? Nicehas?? Never thought you would make an add for them;( So tired of these flux, octominer and herominers adds . and now nice hash? There is only 1 youtouber who does not allow himself to be paid by these companies, and that is Brandoin coin and : ) Love you channel and everything you do:) But don't become the "big YouTuber" who only thinks about money…

  11. So I went and started mining on nicehash o get some extra BTC for the solo mining packages and found that it uses more power then when I mine the same coin on a different pool as well as a different mining software, was about 20W more mining with NiceHash.

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