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what is a lifespan of a GPU mining rig again this is a really common question
that people ask us the presumption is well it's on 24 hours a day it's just
being used all the time so it's probably gonna break quite quickly that's not the
case it's actually contrary to popular belief that one of the biggest problems
with this type of electronic equipment or any electronic equipment for that
matter the worst thing that you can do to electronic equipment – get it wet or
break it of course is something called thermal degradation which basically
means getting hot and getting called getting hot getting cold plays havoc
with electronic equipment now under normal circumstances what that means is
turning on turning it off turning it on and turning it off so with our equipment
running 24 hours a day a constant speed ultimately what you're left with is a
device which stays at a very similar temperature very similar operating
conditions and actually it's a little bit like driving your car on the
motorway versus start/stop traffic it's much better for the vehicle or in this
case much better for the equipment so statistically speaking the graphic cards
have a certain percentage fail rate from the millions they get made we've managed
to take off a huge percentage of that to the fact where the amount of cards which
we replace under warranty is absolutely negligible and ultimately we
have cards running for many years now without a hiccup or a beat and we intend
that to be the way for this technology to move in the future so technically
they don't break very quickly another thing that people are concerned about
then is the the technical lifecycle so how long is it before a new better
faster machine comes out again normally this would be a fair concern because
generally technology moves on quite quickly however in the GPU world the
majority of the space is dominated by Nvidia which is the company that we use
to supply the cards they're the best graphics card manufacturer in the world
and ultimately because we use the very very top end cards it's not in their
interest to self cannibalize their own market by bringing out a new card and a
new card and a new card so the technical generations between models of graphics
cards is typically every two and a half to three years
and ultimately the performance difference between one generation abd the
next it's really quite small perhaps around 15% so what that means is is for
yes in three years time there's going to be a slightly more powerful machine it's
not like a machine to come out there two or three times faster so ultimately in a
five year window what you might be left with is a generation cycle and your
machine your older equipment might still be running just fine with maybe a
fifteen percent performance difference but for the use in the crypto industry
ultimately the crypto market has distorted removed much more than fifteen
percent each year so it's not so much of a concern as people think ultimately
this is one of the reasons why we use very very high end graphics cards
because ultimately at the top there's much more Headroom so the technology
doesn't move quite as quickly as other sectors unlike of course Bitcoin mining
on an ASIC specialized device where every few months is a new machine a new
machine a new machine a new machine again where many of these misconceptions
have come from so one of the beauties of the equipment is that it will last a
much much longer period of time and you've got much more flexibility about
what you do with it in that technical lifecycle

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