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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Power Supply for the L3 Plus Crypto Miner

As a crypto miner, you understand the need for high-quality equipment. More importantly, you aim for efficiency, especially when it comes to the power supply for your mining rig. This article seeks to analyze four different power supplies to identify which solution best fits the L3 Plus. It also introduces you to the Veteran Miner, a power cable provider that guarantees top-notch quality for your mining setup.

The Veteran Miner: Assuring Highest Quality

Developing proper cable management for your mining rig is part of optimizing your mining setup. This is where the Veteran Miner comes into play. The Veteran Miner guarantees the highest quality cables, made in the USA. They feature a 16-gauge tin copper construction, ensuring longevity and protection against oxidation and corrosion.

Design and Craft

These cables feature a selection of different colors to suit your unique needs. A layer of glued heat shrink holds the ends on sleeving and wires together ensuring durability and strength. These wires adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s specifications due to the use of calibrated machinery involved in their creation. Importantly, the design of the wires is non-looping, assuring a clean setup and preventing wire bending. With the Veteran Miner, you get cables that assume forward-thinking, continuously exploring the discovery of new products.

Comparing Four Different Power Supplies

Through non-scientific testing, this article aims to unveil the most efficient power supply for your L3 Plus crypto miner.

Our Four Power Supply Contenders

We will be testing four different power supplies including the Inner Silicon G5118—a 1400-watt power supply; the Gold Shell G1100—a 1800 watt power supply; the Bitmain APW3 Plus, an APW3++ which is a 1600-watt power supply; and finally, an HP 1200 watt power supply.

Configuration and Testing of Each Power Supply

Each power supply will be run with the L3 Plus in identical scenarios connected to 240 volts. We will measure the power draw at three intervals: the 5-minute, 10-minute, and 15-minute mark before taking an average. This will determine our ultimate winner and help us identify the power supply providing optimal, efficient use for the L3 Plus.

The Results of Our Power Supply Testing

After testing, the Bitmain APW3 Plus emerged as our champ. With an average power draw of 718 watts, it outperformed the Gold Shell by just one watt and the Inner Silicon by 11 watts. Surprisingly, the HP 1200 watt power supply—initially viewed as the likely winner, lagged behind with an average of 755 watts.

A Look at the Noise Factor

While these tests focused on power efficiency, it’s equally essential to consider the noise produced by each power supply. From the tested power supplies, the Bitmain APW3 Plus was noted as the quietest, making it an even more desirable option for miners.

Picking the Right Power Supply: Bitmain APW3 Plus

Finding the optimum power supply for your L3 Plus crypto miner rig suggests considering the Bitmain APW3 Plus. Not only does it guarantee the best power efficiency, but it is also the least noisy—a bonus for miners who favor a quiet working environment.

Final Thoughts

Testing your power supplies is a fun and enlightening experience—it introduces you to power efficiency realities and helps you in making an informed decision. Whether you’re an experienced miner looking to optimize your setup or a newbie starting on your mining journey, understanding the power supply component is crucial. Stick with quality, strive for efficiency, and ultimately, happy mining.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I’ve read a couple things where people are using a single apw3++ for 2 l3’s @ 384 660w ( I think that’s @ 9.32v with hiveon ) they are only plugging in a single PCI to the plug closest to the control board. I haven’t tried it. They claim it’s better margin per hash. 🤷 I personally can’t confirm.

  2. Men well, Driver Power Supply, has yet to be Used, that I know of for Bitman Power, and I think it would Be more efficient, and Should Cost less ! MW, is what I put on my 3 Printer, and its what Runs my 600 Wt Grow Lights, Cheap Grow Lights, Use Made in China Drivers, Power Supply. Great Power Supplies are not Made in China !

  3. THM truly awesome video, I really enjoy testing videos lol plus knowing I got allot of the APW3++ and 7++ is awesome, they are also very reliable as well got a few still running strong over 5+ years now, and if the PSU fan ever starting to sound loud it very easy to replace.

  4. Great experiment! Thank you for taking the time to test out the different power supplies. I wonder if this has to do with load efficiency on the wattage size of the power supply? Do you think a 1600 or 1800 watt server PSU would be on par with the Goldshell and Bitmain power supplies?

  5. I’m just wondering what the difference would be if you would’ve used a HP server power supply PD 30 or a PL 30 that supposed to be 94% efficient, just curious

  6. Great video but last I checked the veteran miner cables were crazy expensive like 25 dollars for 1 cable. I could never justify that cost so I found other sources for quality cables like cable mod etc.

  7. Interesting video! I figured Bitmains would be the best! Cool Goldshells is right behind them barely! Dangg those red cables would look sick in my farm!

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