Revolutionizing the Future: The Progress of the Mining Farm

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Welcome to the Hen House: The Ultimate Haven for Crypto Miners

After weeks of anticipation and hard work, I’m excited to finally introduce you all to the hobbyist miner Channel and the masterpiece we’ve been working on – The Hen House. This state-of-the-art shack is set up specifically for Asics mining. Now that it’s up and running, let’s dive right into the details.

The Grand Tour of The Hen House

Alright miners, let me take you on a tour of our mine. First up, we have a 150 amp subpanel that is directly linked to the main house, providing ample power for all our operations.

Our Google router, powered by the panel outlet, provides a wireless network for the shed. We also have an extra burial ethernet cable running back to the house as a backup. Our entire network is managed efficiently using an old HP Procurve gigabit switch and our patch panel runs to all of our bays.

Hardware and Infrastructure

Bay Operations

We have named the racks in our mini data center ‘bays’. There are 12 bays in total, each labeled with numbers D1 through to D12, and our power cables match with these, marked alphabetically (A, B, C etc.).

Rack Space and Power Limitations

We built a rack six and a half feet each side with two feet of space in between. While we could have constructed a larger rack or even fitted more racks in the shed, we were mindful of conserving energy. Considering the power dynamics involved, I aimed to optimize resource usage.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Our power is routed across support beams and terminates at our PDUs. A big shoutout to Altair Tech for providing these metered PDUs with in-built breakers. We have five of these units in total, and once we balance our power over these units, we will neatly tuck away the excess cables in a spool.

The Cooling System

Ventilation is an essential aspect and we addressed this ideally partnering with AC Infinity to offer the T14 fans that wire up to the Pro 69 controllers. Not only are these fans extremely efficient, they’re also wireless, which allows for controlling them via a mobile device.

Security and Comfort

We’ve taken special care to have every potential mishap covered. We’ve installed a large extinguisher ball and additional fire extinguishers at different spots within the shed for maximum safety.

In terms of comforts, we’ve arranged for a PC setup complete with a 27-inch BenQ monitor for all your management and troubleshooting needs.

Data Efficiency and Power Management

While setting up the Asics, I focused on testing each unit independently and collecting accurate data including the hash rate and wattage at the wall which helped to determine the most efficient power settings, ensuring effective power management.

Intricate Power Management

The Avalon Miner, along with other variants, offers six different hash modes, four of which are proved advantageous in low power mode. These have been incredibly efficient during the current bearish crypto market which demands a powerful yet efficient setup.

Setting up the Crypto Farm

With everything up and running, we can now start the process of setting up the actual mining farm. The farm has slots reserved for an L7 and S19j XP machines, among others. The setup includes 100 Tera hash units, the powerful Canon Avalon 1346, a KD Max Cadena Miner, an E9 Pro, and much more.

Towards a Future in Mining

Wrapping up the tour, it feels satisfying to see the shed come together so nicely. We’ve invested time and energy into making it perfect, ensuring it meets all the necessary requirements for effective Asics mining.

As the journey continues, we will constantly be tweaking and fine-tuning our systems. We would also be figuring out our fans’ operational speeds and testing these extensively.

Being a part of the bitcoin miners’ community is both exciting and incredibly rewarding. We’re ready to push the boundaries of possibility, and there’s no better time to start than now.

Please support us by subscribing to our channel and following our journey. See you all in our next mining endeavor. Happy Mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I think btc mining is going to be tough in the next couple of months. I know that it is the “safest” miner, but at the same time you have so many different problems in the future.

    S21 is roling out with high efficiency, the halving coming up which will decimate miners, sure the hashrate will drop, but usually they don’t drop bigger than 50%. So overall, btc miner currently is not really interesting imo. But I guess it doesn’t matter if you have cheap electric

  2. This looks neat! I am a cable-management nut and I love how tidy the wiring is! Exactly what I am doing with my mining garage once I move into the new house soon…

  3. what you're doing with the shed is what im working on getting up.. except just a little bit bigger though cause i need space for other things too .. 🙂 awesome man
    only thing i would suggest.. is .. you shouldve gone with 200amp panel.. those amps add up quick

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