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passive income with crypto

Introduction to the Gold Shell HS Box Mini Asic Miner

Gold Shell HS Box Mini Asic Miner for Scicoin and Handshake

In today’s crypto mining sphere, the Gold Shell HS Box Mini Asic Miner has been gaining considerable interest from miners. This product efficiently mines Scicoin and Handshake, two types of established cryptocurrencies. Sponsored by the team at Coin Mining Central, the miner caters well to the needs of both hobbyist and professional miners.

Coin Mining Central

Coin Mining Central specializes in supplying some of the most sought-after crypto mining and Asic miners in the industry. They offer products designed to suit the mining goals of varying users – from those looking to construct their first crypto-mining rig to others aiming to extend their Asic mining farm operations. Their convenient online platform can be accessed through a link provided in the video description.

Unboxing Gold Shell HS Box Mini Asic Miner

The Gold Shell HS Box Handshake Edition

The Gold Shell HS Box, the Handshake edition, is an easily manageable piece of hardware that requires minimal maintenance. Essentially, users plug the product in, configure the system, and wait as the process starts. There’s no need for constant tinkering or demanding supervision – it’s designed to optimize user convenience.

Advantages of Diversifying the Mining Portfolio

What makes the Gold Shell HS Box Handshake edition genuinely exciting is the fact that it allows diversification of the mining portfolio. As a crypto miner, the strategic diversification of the various mining coins can be beneficial in broadening the portfolio and yields.

Selection of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency mining offers a unique advantage – the option of choosing among a plethora of cryptocurrencies out there. This variety breaks the monotony and constraints of traditional mining, opening an avenue for speculative or promising mining ventures. Handshake and Scicoin are excellent examples. While they aren’t the most famous coins, they have a solid track record and worth. This miner provides an affordable entry into crypto mining.

Setting Up and Diversification

Powering it Up

To power the miner, a power supply from the HP server can be used. 750-watt power should suffice to run the Gold Shell HS Box. Connectivity can be established easily with the breakout board and the accompanying cable.

Mining Options

The miner also offers connectivity options, such as Ethernet or wireless, making the product easy to place anywhere in the home. With consumption of just about 233 watts, the miner can be operated in any room, without major power supply concerns.

Using F2 Pool for Mining

The selection of pool can be done from the options provided in software itself. For this demo, we’ve used F2 Pool to configure the miner. However, it’s advisable to research and choose a pool that aligns with your mining needs and interests.

Using Tools from F2 Pool for Mining

If you’re already set up on F2 Pool, adding the miner name and password on the pooling site is straightforward. The pool also assists in setting up your pool settings correctly. Once these steps are done, you can attend to your other interests while your miner seamlessly works for you.

Heat Dissipation

A bonus of the Gold Shell HS Box Mini Asic Miner is its effective heat dissipation. A quick test with an infrared thermal gun reveals that the heat expelled isn’t indispensable. The temperatures are relatively safe, which means it’s less likely to overheat and require additional cooling systems.


To conclude, the Gold Shell HS Box Mini Asic Miner is a promising miner that offers the opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies like Scicoin and Handshake, thereby diversifying the mining portfolio. The ease of use and convenient setup are significant perks, and the support from Coin Mining Central enables a smooth experience for miners at all levels.

Remember to diversify your cryptocurrency mining to optimize the benefits and revisit your F2 Pool account to assess your revenue and profitability regularly. With these miners, crypto mining becomes an accessible and profitable venture. Explore a range of mining hardware on Coin Mining Central and let the mining journey begin.

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  1. Hello gentleman, could you please help me choosing the right card, I write down my choices:

    These are the 3070 Tis with price tags (after tax) in my region:

    Asus Strix: $1030

    Asus Tuf: $900

    Zotac AmpHolo: $900

    Gigabyte Aorus: $885

    Zotac Trinity: $825


  2. I have 8 mini Goldshells… they are okay not even comparable to Gpu mining in profitablity… I mine handshake, LBRY, Star coin, most profitable for me has to be LBRY coin mining for the Goldshells.

  3. I have 6 of these things, ckb,sc and the rest mini doge. I will stack till they die or become unmineable, and play the waiting game. To those that say just buy the coin, why would I buy coins? I get paid for mining eth, I keep half of what I mine and cash out the other. I then take half of that fiat and put back for taxes, the other is for bills or buying more hardware. I play on house money, not mine!!!

  4. Nice video! Great timing, i just bought an HS box off ebay for $400, its on the way to me now, i can't wait!
    I love these small asics, i have a mini doge, and some Gridseed asics as well.
    I think I'm going to mine Siacoin, a little less wattage, and more hashrate

  5. Tbh you would be better of just buy the coins with the $800 this thing cost. If its about speculation its the cost of the machine + The electricity cost over one year. If it can't mine more coins in that time then i can buy then its pointless. In this case I could buy 50k for about 1/3 the cost of this unit over 1 year. That said keep doing this so i know not to buy them.

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