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A Glimpse Into the Life of a Miner

If you’ve been following the journey of a hobbyist miner, you’ll find quite a repertoire of experiences, filled with continuous learning, trial, and error processes. A quintessential example is a particular unit which has caused a series of unprecedented issues, most notably creating indoor heatwaves that pushed the house’s temperature to nearly 90 degrees. This unexpected phenomenon even required the intervention of three AC repair guys to understand and resolve this issue.

Understanding The Heat Problem

This harrowing situation was due to a setup consisting of two powerful exhaust fans, renowned for their substantial 1600 CFM capacity, located in a window. These were responsible for sending stagnant, hot air out of the house during a scorching period that lasted two weeks with temperatures around 90 degrees in Pennsylvania.

The Cause and The Solution

Ironically, the issue escalated when hot air came in through two passive hoses on the opposite side of the room, which got sucked into the house and expelled on the other side. This situation created a vicious cycle that created excessive humidity in my basement and, worst of all, disrupted the AC system’s normal function throughout the house.

These arduous weeks of suffering 85 degrees indoor temperatures and series of visits by the AC repairmen, the only effective solution was to shut down all my mining rigs, remove the exhaust fan, after which the house temperature significantly dropped within 10 hours, and the AC was back to functioning as normal. Today, the basement is a comfortable 72 degrees and is cool enough for my regular work, plus it helps to regulate the heat coming from my mining rigs.

Basement Upgrade and Electrical Installations

Apart from dealing with heat problems, there’s been significant progress in improving the basement. For instance, countless Ethernet cables are affixed in every corner, which will eliminate the need for any switches in this room.

Electrical boxes have been installed in various parts of the basement; some are intended for the TV, while others will power up an upcoming refrigerator. This extensive wiring system allows for a seamless connection between the mining room and the rest of the house.

In the near future, the basement will feature a wall-mounted network rack powered by dedicated outlets right above it. Adding to this will be the installation of two powerful exhaust fans that will help ventilate the mining area.

The Continuous Journey of Progress

Although slower than desired, the progress made on this personal project is notable. The coming week will likely see the completion of all basement Ethernet cabling from the initial three to a necessary total of 40. This process involves deploying RJ45 keystones and a patch panel, plus adding a thousand feet of Cat6 to bolster the existing Cat6 setup.

Furthermore, I intend to attend to the HVAC issues and route electrical wires with the help of a professional electrician in the coming week. The grand plan includes a foam insulation board in the mining room and my office to be fitted on Friday.

The Miner’s Ongoing Venture

Despite encountering challenges, the adventure remains exciting, given the enormous learning opportunities and capacity to improve further. The major refurbishment achieved with regards to electrical installations, Ethernet connections, and ventilation shows tremendous progress in my mining operations.

The mining equipment has also seen better days, particularly after creating a recent video featuring the latest 1060s set up, with more room for expansion. However, I am also working on resolving issues with my 2080, but overall, the journey continues to be more thrilling by the day. Till the next update, I appreciate your company and interest in this project. Remember to subscribe and hit the thumbs up for more updates.

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  1. Sucks you called out so many AC men. As an experienced *cough cough* legal home grower. I see this alot from new legal personal growers. Dealing with heat from their personal legal grows. Sure they are evacuating the air from their tent outside. But that air has to be replaced and if there isn't another window in the basement or room to draw air from equally. Its basically pulling from rest of the home. And then that air has to be replaced. Which comes from under the doors outside, the window sills. Even the thru registers and light fixtures that connect thru attic. That why your AC can never cool your home. Because as you noticed. You're pulling all the hot air out of your mining basement. That air has to be replaced, so it comes from your main home, that air has to be replaced, it comes from outside. Even tho you had hoses going outside to pull air in (may need 4 inch booster fans). YOu were pulling out more air then hoses could allow inside. So to balance the basement. Air has to be pulled from teh main house. You are going to run into the same problem. Once the area is complete. Just at a slower pace. If the mining room isn't totally sealed. Because if its pulling out more air then can enter from the hoses. It will pull that air from under the door. So the air can be balanced in the mining room. But that air comes from the office, then in the basement. And so on. Back from your main house again. Depending on how much air can be pulled from the hoses. That can be a little or a lot. Or you mount a fan that blows air inside the basement. There can be an issues of positive pressure. But air flow can be adjusted to where the basement is balanced and not pulling or pushing air into the main home. That will cause your equipment to work harder then it needs too. And taking money out of your pocket.

  2. Hi, I'm really new at this, my son and I started with our first mining rig and hopefully starting our second rig. I noticed in your basement you're setting up 110 and 240 volts plugs this is where I'm lost, are you able to run multiple rigs on 240 volt and if so how can that be done, please help we're really new to this
    And I love your channel, I watch all of your videos
    Thank you

  3. Be careful running cat6 that close to power lines and over any lights or transformers. The noise level that will go into the cable will make them un-usable.

  4. It's so nice of you to install all of that in the basement for me. Let me know when I can move in. I have a whole new house of renovations for you to take!

    It's looking great, I wish I was making this kind of progress on my renovations.

  5. Hey, great garage there, this is a great examples that i can following from what you built.

    by the way , i had mentioned you in the comment “don’t buy this gpu for 1060 6GB gddr5x”.

    i think i have the solution for this gddr5x type of memory, i don’t know if this similar, i mean i have gddr5x on 1080 ti card , i had spent a day to try overclocking those card and didn’t get the normal hashrate just like the others 1080 or 1080ti, then
    I swap the nvidia driver version 460++ to 470.05 (i’m using windows 7 before and changed it to win10 to install 470.05 driver).
    The hashrate run normal exact numbers like the others 1080 and 1080ti card.

    Why not if you try it to change the nvidia driver and just not focused on overclocking, in won’t hurt your card and improve the hashrate(maybe) 🙂

    And also after change the driver version, try coreclock under 0 mhz

    Hope you read this, and try this solution and solved this gddr5x problem on those 1060 6GB card 😀

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