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Introduction to L3 Plus Plus Miner

In recent times, cryptocurrency mining has evolved into a highly competitive business, and miners need to ensure that their equipment is running both optimally and efficiently. One of the latest additions to the mining scene is the Antminer L3 Plus Plus, a powerful and highly efficient miner focused on mining Litecoin and Dogecoin. This miner is designed to deliver incredibly performances in terms of hash rate while maintaining an impressive level of energy efficiency. In this article, we will explore the Antminer L3 Plus Plus and its integration with Hive OS, the advantages of the overclock profile, and the difference between software and wall power consumption.

Adding Antminer L3 Plus Plus to Hive OS

Hive OS is a popular operating system and monitoring dashboard for mining farms. It allows users to easily monitor and manage multiple miners through a single interface. Recently, the Antminer L3 Plus Plus has been added to the Hive OS firmware, allowing users to take advantage of Hive OS’s advanced features and management capabilities.

After adding the miner to Hive OS, users can easily view all the essential details about their Antminer L3 Plus Plus, such as its hash rate, mining status, and fan speeds. The miner is listed in the Hive OS dashboard as the “Bitmain Antminer L3 Plus Plus Dirty 504 Megahash.” As indicated, the miner has a hash rate of around 504 Megahash, and it is configured to mine Litecoin and Dogecoin using the Scrypt algorithm.

Hash Boards and Fans Management

Hive OS allows users to easily manage and monitor the hash boards and fans of their Antminer L3 Plus Plus. The dashboard displays the status and performance of each hash board and fan. This level of detailed information is beneficial for users to ensure that their mining operation is functioning optimally and efficiently.

In addition to displaying the hash board and fan information, Hive OS also allows users to set an overclock profile for their Antminer L3 Plus Plus. This setting can help users to achieve better performance while maintaining a balance of power consumption.

Overclock Profile of Antminer L3 Plus Plus

Hive OS provides an overclocking feature that enables users to fine-tune their Antminer L3 Plus Plus for optimal performance. By accessing the “Overclock” tab, users can configure their miner to an overclocked profile, effectively setting their miner’s power consumption and hash rate goals.

For example, an overclock profile for the Antminer L3 Plus Plus can be configured to consume 660 watts while maintaining a hash rate of 504 Megahash. By tweaking these settings, users can strike a balance between performance and energy consumption, helping them make the most of their mining equipment and maximizing profitability.

Power Consumption: Comparing Software to Wall

While the Antminer L3 Plus Plus and Hive OS provide a wealth of information and configuration options for users, it’s essential to verify whether these software-based metrics align with the miner’s actual performance. One area where discrepancies may occur is in power consumption. To ensure that the miner is operating efficiently, users can compare the software-reported power consumption to the actual power consumption measured at the wall.

To provide an example, the Antminer L3 Plus Plus running on the mentioned overclock profile may report a power consumption of 696 watts within the Hive OS software. However, if a user were to measure the miner’s actual power consumption at the wall, they may find that it’s consuming 715 watts of power. This difference of around 19 watts illustrates that there can be discrepancies between software-reported metrics and real-world performance.

Importance of Accurate Power Consumption Measurement

Miners need to be aware of the exact power consumption of their equipment to ensure that they’re making the correct calculations around cost and profitability. Being aware of the difference between software-reported power consumption and actual power consumption can save miners from unexpected electricity costs, which can have a significant impact on mining operations’ profitability.


As cryptocurrency mining becomes increasingly competitive, miners need to employ advanced tools and strategies to optimize their mining equipment. The Antminer L3 Plus Plus is an excellent and powerful mining device for Litecoin and Dogecoin. In combination with Hive OS, users can easily monitor and manage their L3 Plus Plus’s performance and configure overclocking profiles to balance hash rate and power consumption. However, it is vital for miners to compare software-reported metrics to real-world measurements, especially in power consumption, to make informed decisions about their mining operations and ensure maximum profitability.

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  2. So cool to see this old miner keeps on ticking, one of the very best and reliable minor bitmain has made, it reminds me of the S9 .. as for the wattage I get a range from 702-720w on 120v with the 504 profile, and 691-712w on 240v .. I think itโ€™s all silicon lottery not really because itโ€™s 120 versus 240..

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