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The Art of Mining Ergo in 2022

Welcome, miners! Today’s article focuses on the nuances of mining Ergo in 2022, throwing light on my personal GPU mining rig, my overclock settings, current profitability, and the reason I prefer mining Ergo despite the encountered challenges. With the rapid evolution of technology and virtual currencies, mining Ergo has created a buzz lately.

Exploring the Ergo Mining Rig

My Ergo mining rig is only equipped with eight Radeon RX 570s, nestled within an Octominer X8 Ultra Plus. The RX 570s are a few years old, with a memory of 4 gigabytes each. When it comes to cooling, the X8 Ultra Plus is genuinely praiseworthy. With 240 CFM server-style fans upfront, the Octominers do a fantastic job of cooling the RX 570s, making it perfect for mining Ergo – an algorithm that isn’t notably heat-intensive.

Overclock Settings and Profitability

The overclock settings are unique and perform at varying degrees of intensity. The El Padilla on the Ergo algorithm undoubtedly shines bright, with GPUs #1 and #7 being extraordinarily efficient. However, the memory level of overclock settings demand special attention when dealing with Ergo. It is here that the mining community steps in, providing a humongous overclock settings spreadsheet, complete with AMD or NVIDIA, the GPU series, manufacturer, model, memory types, and more. This highly resourceful tool can help you find ideal hash rate settings for your RX 570s.

Deciphering Profitability

The cryptocurrency market, along with other major markets, are going through a rough phase, making the concept of profitability a bit of a mirage. Despite this, Ergo can still fetch some revenue, albeit nominal, thanks to its powerful mechanisms and well-rounded infrastructure. My major focus while mining is on the yield per day. Rather than profiting today, I’m more into accumulating Ergo for future profits, making every day of mining count towards a larger goal.

Mining Ergo: A Feat of Speculation

Amid the chaos and uncertainty of the future, mining Ergo remains a speculative venture with immense potential. With Ethereum on the verge of transitioning to proof of stake, yielding substantial Ergo wallets could make a significant difference, endorsing the unpredictable nature of mining. As I write today, Ergo stands at two dollars and 64 cents. Looking back at the all-time high for Ergo, which was 18 dollars and 72 cents, the future can very well emulate this scale albeit speculative, making Ergo mining highly engaging and potential-filled.

Challenges and Resolutions

The most significant setback to mining Ergo is perhaps the Yoroi wallet. Originally a Chrome extension, it encountered issues following a Chrome update making it inaccessible. However, all’s not lost! You can switch to other efficient wallets like the Ergo mobile wallet, created by the Ergo team. You can easily transfer your assets from the old Yoroi wallet to the new mobile wallet, freeing yourself from the constraints of extension-based wallets.

Wrap Up

Ergo mining might not drive immediate profits, but it opens the door to prospective gains in the long run. Ergo miners have a promising future if Ethereum transitions to proof of stake, potentially giving Ergo the necessary push in the mining arena. Hence, having a fully-stocked Ergo wallet today could be the deciding factor of your mining journey tomorrow. As a miner, each day is a new gamble, teetering between black and red. Despite the odds, one thing remains certain – Ergo mining offers a lot more than what meets the eye!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I’m feeling the exact same as u when it comes to Eth everyone’s going to mine ERG when 2.0 rolls out I’ve been mining for over a year now with 750mhs I will continue to mine and see where it goes.. I really hate The Yoroi wallet as well lol and it’s made by ERGs team.. but I will continue to mine ergo and see how it goes I like the fact this coin has a very low supply..

  2. ERGO is rising up slowly…mining since April 2022….low memory temps and low watt usage….overall payout is awesome 5 ergo per day :)..time for a change for miners

  3. Thank you for this video!! I think that Ergo has a true potential to be mined after ETH POS, low energy consumption, and only can be mined by GPUs. Greetings from Brazil! Let's mine till the last block!

  4. Awesome video! I started mining Ergo this month and have been wanting to learn more about it.
    The spreadsheet you shared that was made by the community is awesome and I didn’t know about it.

  5. In the future the key will be cashing out to pay for power and supply's….ETH great for ease of cashing out now….but in the future ERG will have cross chain interconnectivity with Cardano through the ErgoDex and then you can swap your ERG for ADA to cash out at just about every Centralized Exchange….as far as wallets go I currently use the Nami wallet and there is also the Eternal(?..used to be called CCVault)….I preferred the Nami wallet and it has great interface with the DEX ….there are also great projects coming to ERGO like NETA(which is a way for people to use there BTC on DEX's)…many projects coming to ERG…
    As Charles Hoskinson has said in the past he feels that ERGO is the spiritual successor to Bitcoin….it's basically Bitcoin with smart contracts.

  6. When ETH goes POS, most likely ERGO price goes down for months or even a year which I call transition or price discovery period. I am comfortable with my 400 ERGO right now, but will be back mining ERGO after ETH merge. I do not see it hit ATH in the next two years, but I could be wrong. Use you phrase and restore your wallet in Ergo Mobile.

  7. I've never had an issue with the Mobile Ergo Wallet, it's great. I liquidate ERG via Kucoin. I use my gaming rig to mine Ergo, it has a Sapphire Nitro plus 6900XT.
    I get 127 MHs @145 Watts. Here are my GPU Settings
    – Core Clock 1165 MHz ( it will clock about 10 MHz lower for some reason )
    – Memory Clock 2150 ( once again it will be 10MHz lower )
    – Tight Timings
    – Voltage 0.825 mv ( goes down to 0.800 mv )
    – Power Limit -10
    – Total System power consumption at the wall 237 Watts. 5800X-6900XT- 32 GB 3800MHz C15.

  8. Love your videos, so I want to say thanks first. I have been mining flux since I watched a video you had last year some time. I think I am going to build an Ergo rig now because of this. I also want to buy some but we will see about that.

    I do wish we could buy that Octo rig but it looks like they only sell in buik. Thought I would mention it.

    I would like to ask you – I have an opportunity to buy some of those sapphire rx570s 8gb. Will the 8GB cards do better than the 4GB cards?

  9. Your video and my own research led me back to Ergo. I am OFF Ethereum, for the forseeable future and mining ERGO. All subject to change based on market conditions, but I think Ergo holds great promise.

  10. New subscriber here, I started mining Ergo since October last year.

    The main reason was to revive one of my rigs with ten 3gb 1060s, I also use HiveOs, the only difference is that I get better performance with Trex.

    As for the wallet, I also use the same one as you, Y0r01 was a disaster, and the others did not convince me, thanks for your videos, greetings!

  11. happy seeing more and more mainstream miners choosing ergo, makes me think i choose it right after my 4gbs could not mine eth and all where doing good on erg +67mhash on all 570 , already have a nice bag

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