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The Gold Shell KD Box 2: A Comprehensive Review of the Cadena Miner

The cryptocurrency mining scene has seen a rapid influx of new products lately, and one of the most notable additions to the market is the Gold Shell KD Box 2. This Cadena Miner, which I recently purchased from Coin Mining Central, boasts two different modes, with varying power consumption and output levels. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a look at the features and capabilities of the Gold Shell KD Box 2 to help you make an informed decision about whether this product is the right choice for your mining setup.

Product Overview and Specifications

The Gold Shell KD Box 2 is a Cadena Miner, which means it is specifically designed to mine Cadena (CKB) using the mining algorithm Eaglesong. This compact and lightweight miner sports a contemporary design, complete with an IP report button, system lights, power lights, and two six-pin connectors for power input. It is also equipped with an Ethernet port for connecting to your miner’s network.

For the more tech-savvy miner, here are the specifications of the Gold Shell KD Box 2:

– Hashrate: 5 TH/s (Tera-hash per second) and 3.5 TH/s modes
– Power Consumption: 400 watts (5 TH/s mode) and 260 watts (3.5 TH/s mode)
– Voltage: 12V
– Interface: Ethernet
– Cooling: One fan
– Operating Temperature: 5°C to 35°C
– Dimensions: 175 x 150 x 86mm
– Weight: 1.3 kg

Daily Profitability

One of the key factors that every cryptocurrency miner needs to consider is the daily profitability of their chosen mining equipment. For the Gold Shell KD Box 2, the daily profitability largely depends on the mining mode you select. Using the popular mining profitability calculator ASIC Miner Value, I calculated my potential daily returns from the Gold Shell KD Box 2 at my current electricity costs.

5 TH/s Mode: With a power consumption of 400 watts, I would make a daily profit of $1.03, considering I cash out my earnings every single day.

3.5 TH/s Mode: This lower-power mode consumes 260 watts, which would yield a lower daily profit.

As mining profitability is dependent on a variety of factors, such as cryptocurrency prices, network difficulty, and electricity costs, it’s essential for each miner to perform their profitability calculations based on their unique circumstances.

Initial Setup and Configuration

Setting up the Gold Shell KD Box 2 is a relatively straightforward process:

1. Begin by connecting the miner’s power supply to the two 6-pin connectors on the miner.
2. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the miner, and the other end to your router or switch.
3. Power on the miner by switching on the power supply unit.
4. Wait a few moments for the miner to boot up, then press the IP report button to find your miner’s IP address.
5. Enter the miner’s IP address into your web browser to access the Gold Shell dashboard.
6. Log in to the dashboard with the default username and password (‘admin’ and ‘admin’).
7. Update the mining pool and payout address to your preferences.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

As with any mining equipment, the Gold Shell KD Box 2 may require some troubleshooting and maintenance during its lifespan. If you encounter issues with your miner, be sure to consult the Gold Shell support resources available online or reach out to their customer service team.

Where to Buy and Discount Code

If you’re interested in purchasing the Gold Shell KD Box 2, I highly recommend buying it from Coin Mining Central. They offer reliable and responsive customer service, and I have had a great experience with them. And the best part? I have a discount code for you! To save $120 off your purchase, simply follow the link in the first pinned comment down below and enter the code at the checkout.

Final Thoughts

The Gold Shell KD Box 2 is an impressive Cadena Miner that offers versatility and efficiency for both new and experienced cryptocurrency miners. With its two mining modes, easy setup process, and compact design, it’s definitely worth considering for those looking to mine Cadena (CKB). While the daily profitability may not seem as high when compared to other mining equipment, the Gold Shell KD Box 2 proves to be valuable for those seeking a relatively lower-cost and user-friendly mining solution. So, if you’re in the market for a new Cadena Miner, don’t hesitate to check out the Gold Shell KD Box 2 and don’t forget to use the discount code to save on your purchase!

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