Revolution in Digital Currency: The Evolution of Bitcoin Mining Farm

bitcoin mining farm

Welcome to another Hobbyist Miner Video!

Hey guys, Hobbyist Miner here! Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback after our last video. Based on your suggestions, we’ve got some great stuff ordered which we’re going to discuss in today’s video. As a newcomer to the crypto mining scene, I appreciate all the tips and advice. Many of you have so much to share and I have so much to learn. Let’s dive in!

The Importance of Learning from Others

One of my daily activities has been watching videos from the experts in crypto mining. Two channels, in particular, have been very resourceful: Vos Coin and Red Panda Mining. A big shout-out to them! Those guys are incredibly knowledgeable and way ahead in the crypto mining journey. I’ve learned a lot from their videos and hope this learning will reflect in our shared journey.

Detailed Overview of the Equipment

I’ll start with a quick revision about some pieces of equipment we discussed earlier. We’ve got our riser power cable and the USB cable. Now let’s discuss the recent additions.

Power Supplies

We got our 1200 watt HP power supply which surprisingly cost us only $40. Given that these are most likely refurbished it’s quite a deal. This power supply will be responsible for powering up all of our six GPUs. We also got a 750 watt bronze semi-modular power supply; this will power the board along with the risers. Hence, we have a dedicated power supply for the GPUs which gives us a significant advantage.

Power cables

We also ordered a bunch of power cables. These are aimed to run directly from the breakout board to our GPU. The breakout board was pretty cool and available for $60. Admittedly, it is pricey, but it comes with significant benefits such as a power button and a voltage readout. This was a deciding factor for me because we don’t have a motherboard hooked up to it, and we need something to turn this off and on. Plus, it allows a total of twelve 6-pin power cables which I consider a major advantage.

Additional Tools

We got a GTX 970 card off of Offers Up for a good deal. It’s amazing what you can find on Offers up and Facebook Marketplace. We’ll experiment with this card to check what we can achieve and possibly try to mine some Raven coin or something similar. It’s all about ensuring everything works perfectly aligned to Hive OS.

What’s Next?

We were researching online and are considering a Y-splitter cable for our 8-pin power cables. The value behind this potential addition is powering more than one GPU off a single connection. However, it’s important to consider the power consumption and determine if we have the required wattage. We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether to convert our 8-pin into Y-splitter cable or stick to just powering one GPU- your feedback would be precious.

Wrapping it Up

That’s it for today, guys! Our hope for the next video is to start building this system, get it running with this one card, and decide our next step depending on how it goes. Thank you for joining us again, and as I mentioned before, if you enjoy these videos, please hit that subscribe button and give us a thumbs up. We appreciate your support and look forward to walking this mining journey together.

Till Next Time, Take Care!

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