Exploring the Intricacies: A Bitcoin Mining Farm Tour

bitcoin mining farm tour

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Today we are going to delve into the world of crypto mining and explore my personal journey of utilising a grow tent for my mining setup. This experience has been full of ups, downs, regrets and also some invaluable lessons. The grow tent has had its share of successes and challenges and I am excited to share my story with you.

The Current Status of My Grow Tent

As of now, I must admit, my grow tent is working phenomenally, especially for my operation being based in Pennsylvania. Together with the onset of winter, the ambient temperature in the basement has been a steady 66 degrees. This ideal temperature for crypto mining was achieved without the aid of an air conditioning unit, with the only variable being the exhaust vents.

On opening up the tent, the topmost temperature we’ve recorded so far is 88 degrees, an impressive climb from the 66 degrees at the bottom end of the tent. My current setup includes 12 GPUs, which are all working flawlessly.

The Lessons Learned: My Personal Regrets

Despite the success so far, the journey has not been without its fair share of regrets and critical lessons. One of the most challenging issues that the grow tent solved was the need to isolate the heat generated by my mining rigs. The heat almost made my house unbearably hot, and this solution has been a Godsend. However, there have been specific regrets along the way.

Choosing The Right Grow Tent Size

My first regret lies in the size of the grow tent that I selected. Initially, I opted for a tent that was slightly larger than my metal rack. However, after some experience, I now wish I would have gone larger. Most grow tents are about six feet in height, which provides more options for your crypto mining setup.

The Wire Rack System: Airflow Vs Density

The second regret involves the direction I took with the wire rack. The wire rack setup with hanging GPUs is excellent for airflow, especially when I had an additional rig. However, this setup restricts the number of GPUs I can include in the tent compared to a stacked setup.

A stacked setup using mining rig frames allows for higher density of GPUs, but this also means a higher density of heat. Red Fox Crypto, for example, managed to fit more GPUs into his grow tent by using a stacked setup, but at the expense of generating more heat.

Hanging Rack Setups and Longevity

I feel like hanging racks which I used in my setup provide more longevity in grow tents, especially if manufacturers like RebTech continued making their products which were essentially all-encompassing motherboards.

Dealing With Grow Tent Intake and Exhaust

One of my most significant regrets was trying to create an all-encompassing system that would pull air from outside into the tent and exhaust it outside, thus isolating my house. My experiments yielded high internal temperatures which even resulted in a staggering 116 degrees at one point.

However, what worked better was using ambient air from inside my house which is at comfortable room temperatures and exhausting it externally. The house in question naturally will have comfortable temperatures of about 72 degrees, meaning you can exhaust it externally and handle the heat more efficiently.

Choosing the Right Exhaust Size

One of the essential lessons I learned involved the size of the exhaust. I started my grow tent with a six-inch exhaust fan, which was far from efficient. It was unable to handle more than six out of 12 GPUs, and it was back to the drawing board.

I shifted to an eight-inch fan, which dramatically improved the efficiency of the mining setup. The eight-inch fan gave out 800 CFM as compared to the 400 CFM of the six-inch fan, doubling the output. Therefore, a piece of advice to anyone getting into grow tent crypto mining is to directly opt for an eight-inch fan.


Despite the challenges and regrets, getting into crypto mining using a grow tent has been an enlightening experience. If you are interested in getting into this, I have listed in the description below the materials you will need for your grow tent setup. Part of the list includes all the ductwork for an eight-inch setup to take care of the exhaust, along with other necessities.

I hope my experiences and lessons will help you in your crypto mining adventure. Remember to subscribe for more content and leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video. Until next time, take care.

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  1. If you have a small apartment and an open chamber gas water heater that a lot of European apartments do then using ambient air to feed your grow tent will kill you. It can and does suck back carbon monoxide from the gas heating system that will make you not wake up one fine day. You either need to make it a closed system with incoming air supplied or not do this at all if you can’t do that. And get a carbon monoxide detector anyway.

  2. Yeah at the very least some kinda custom.tent and ventilation would be very nice. Esp with some of the older cards they run hot as shit even with fresh paste and full fan speed

  3. Hi! How many Watts are there in your tent that you exaust the heat from? I mean that 12 RTX 3090s are another story to deal with than 12 1660 supers 🙂
    I am building a small tent now for dealing with 1500W, I only have one 350 CFM exaust fan. I will discover if that is good enough or not in a few days 🙈🙈🙈

  4. How to deal with humidity? The air in my country is pretty humid and I'm running 2x 8" ducts from outside into my grow tent. I think this will damage my cards in the long run.

  5. i bought an AC at The home depot for like $320 and it pumps. its only using like 800 watts. but thats like saying 3ish gpu's. its worth the cost. i then used some 8ft simple HVAC tubes and ran them into the bottom. its cold. supports 12+ cards at the time.

  6. in the winter I would assume you would want to exhaust some of that into your basement right? Free heat… like legit free. Not the free everyone is talking about with $10k waiting to be paid on a solar unit but they say "free electricity" haha Great stuff!

  7. hey hobbyist miner I have a pretty dumb question, but the grow tent you linked says it has a 4" and 6" duct opening. How would I use an 8" fan and ducting then? would I just make it fit into the 6"?

  8. Hello! people use your brains = Freezers filled with Oil No fan Noise less heat IF hot turn Freezer on low win win winter time warm house
    That poor family next door freezing in winter Bro
    china they make these commercial oil miners freezers /fridge boxes work out the cost ? 1st and vs less heat

  9. As a small miner, I think 6'' was enough for me. But as far as for the bigger miners, then yes, 8 to 10'' would be the best. And Im in apartment so that's just super hard to find spaces. I love mining though!

  10. I have 40 cards on racks at 5000 watts in my tent (48"/48"/60") with 2 8" ACinfinty exhaust fans pulling air out out of the tent. I have one 8" passive intake from an outside window. The temps inside the tent near the ceiling are around 80-85 degrees. The biggest issue I ran into was heat on the gddr6x cards. I solved this by increasing the air circulation in my tent using four 12" metal floor fans placed on the lowest rack blowing cold air up through the cards. If you have two temp probes in your tent and they are not reading the same temperature when placed at opposite ends of the tent near your outtakes then your not moving around enough air within the tent. The Noise was the next biggest issue at 60 dBs. I was able to reduce this noise by 15 dBs using the ACinfinity silencer and some cheap roll out studio sound proofing foam around the exhaust fan area.

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