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Announcing the Hobbyist Miner Apparel Collection in Collaboration with Crypti.co

What is going on miners, and welcome back to the Hobbyist Miner channel

Today, we have a rather exciting announcement for all our followers. The Hobbyist Miner brand is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the innovative team at Crypti.co. We have joined hands to launch an exclusive merchandise line – the Hobbyist Miner Apparel Collection.

For over a year now, several of you have been asking us to come out with an apparel line, and we heard you! We have spent countless hours designing unique pieces that will resonate with the community. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the details of the brand-new collection.

Diving into the Collection

Our collection boasts a wide variety of merchandise, featuring t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, flags, banners, phone covers, and more. Let’s highlight a few star items that you would not want to miss out on.

The Hobbyist Miner Flag and Banner

Standing right at the top of our novelty list is the Hobbyist Miner flag and banner. With its grandeur and exceptional design, it’s definitely a must-have for all crypto enthusiasts. Whether you want to hang it in your mining room or shed, it is an amazing artifact that adds a touch of pride to any space.

Eat Sleep Crypto Repeat T-Shirt

Next, let’s talk about our fun and unique t-shirt design that took us a while to perfect. You guessed it right – it’s the “Eat Sleep Crypto Repeat” t-shirt. As hectic as crypto mining can be, it’s nonetheless an addiction for most miners, as reflected in this catchy slogan.

Explore the Rest on Crypti.co

That’s not it! We have lots more exciting merchandise for you to explore on the Crypti.co platform. We have a handful of different shirts featuring a variety of unique slogans, all aimed at describing the passion and challenges of crypto mining.

The t-shirts boast a high-quality, thick cotton material, avoiding the super-thin variant that wears out fast. In addition, we have a vibrant color selection to choose from, ensuring you find something that matches your taste.

New Hobbyist Miner Logos

Our collection also introduces a few variations of the Hobbyist Miner logo. Fans will thoroughly enjoy the logo variations, from the classic logo over the heart design to the new “thumbs up” design with a creative twist.

Gearing up with Hoodies

If you’re looking for some cosy apparel, our hoodies have got you covered! We have released a range of different hoodie designs with our classic and new logos. The standout is undoubtedly the white hoodie, featuring the traditional Hobbyist Miner logo.

Accessories and More

For our gadget-loving miners, we also have iPhone covers, engraved with the hobbyist logo. Moreover, we have the huge flag (as previously mentioned), a mug with a unique red interior, and numerous stickers.


So miners, what are you waiting for? Head over to Crypti.co and explore the Hobbyist Miner Collection. And if there’s something specific you’d like to see, something fun or cool you believe belongs in this apparel line, do let us know!

Thank you for supporting the Hobbyist Miner brand and the greater crypto mining community. Be sure to use the code “TheHobbyistMiner” at checkout for a discount. Over the past year and a half, our journey has grown leaps and bounds, reaching nearly 6000 members in our discord community. We encourage all of you to continue being a part of this incredible journey. Happy mining!

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