Modern Bitcoin Mining Farm: Operations and Sustainability

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Welcome back to the hobbyist miner channel! In today’s video, we’ll be discussing some of the daily routine items that miners should follow to keep their mining shed in top condition. We’ll also discuss replacing filters and installing hardboard to cover gable vents during the winter months.

Daily Routine for Miners

Here are a few quick and easy tasks that every miner should incorporate into their daily routine:

1. Check power usage

It’s important to ensure that your shed is not consuming too much power. Check the power usage on each of your rigs, making sure everything is running safely and efficiently. This will help avoid potential issues and ensure you’re staying within the limits of your circuit breaker.

2. Watch for water leaks

Inspect your shed daily for any signs of water leaks. Even a small, slow leak can cause significant damage over time. If you discover any moisture or leaking, address the issue immediately.

3. Check for bugs and cobwebs

Insects, cobwebs, and dust can all wreak havoc on your mining equipment. Make sure to check for any signs of these nuisances, cleaning them up as necessary to avoid long-term damage.

4. Inspect PCI cables and breakout boards

Brown, bubbling PCI cables can be indicators of cheap components, which could pose a significant fire risk. Check your cables and breakout boards daily, looking for any signs of discoloration or damage. Replace any faulty components immediately.

5. Monitor ASIC fan speed

Keep an eye on your ASIC’s fan speed, ensuring it’s running at the correct speed based on the ambient temperature. This will help maintain optimal cooling and prolong the life of your mining equipment.

6. Rotate shed fans

To keep all of your fans working efficiently, it’s a good idea to rotate them daily. This can help prevent any single fan from overworking and wearing out prematurely.

Filters and Gable Vents

Replacing filters in your mining shed is essential for maintaining proper airflow and keeping your equipment running smoothly. Filters should be replaced every few months, or more frequently if they become overly dirty or clogged.

During the colder months, it may be necessary to cover some of your gable vents with a hardboard to minimize cold air intake. This can help prevent your equipment from becoming too cold and running inefficiently. Cutting the hardboard to fit the size of your gable vents and replacing filters with the hardboard can help you achieve this.


By following these daily routine tips and taking care of your mining shed, you’ll ensure that your equipment is running safely and efficiently. Remember to check power usage, look for water leaks, inspect PCI cables and breakout boards, monitor ASIC fan speed, and rotate fans. Additionally, keep your filters clean and consider using hardboard to cover gable vents in the winter to maintain optimal mining conditions. Stick to these tips, and you’ll create a safe and productive mining environment.

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  1. Life hack… While working on those vents… keep the door open or turn off the exhaust fans temporarily. to stop vacuum through vents… . to make it easy to remove the cardboard panels or filters and your not sucking in debris while messing with the filters.

  2. Nice! How are the temperatures in the summer ? I've already reduced the fan speed. I have an enclosed storage rack where I mounted my rigs. I pull air from the outside through my rig and exhaust it through a vent into my house.

  3. Looks great to me! I have same vents but don't use the filters. My shed gets a lot dirtier. I clean it out every other weekend. Also I was also planning on maybe closing up my bottom intake vents for snow. The extra vents is great for coolness, but snow scares me. Maybe it is not as big of a worry for you because you have those filters? Filters would stop the snow?

  4. Please be careful showing keys on vids. People like Deviant Ollam and other security consultants have shown how a bad actor (bad person) can take even distorted or low quality stills from vids to make copies of the key. He even has a GitHub project on key and pin decoding. The TSA put an image of their keys in a blog post, and now the key bitting is known and people make their own copies.

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