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Tax Season and Crypto Mining

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Crypto Mining Shed: A Solution for Home Miners

Many home crypto miners face the dilemma of outgrowing their mining setups, struggling with heat and noise, and ultimately affecting their home environment. One solution that has worked well for some is building a crypto mining shed. In this article, we will discuss the how, why, and potential challenges of building a crypto mining shed with Seb, one of the miners down this path.

Why Build a Mining Shed?

A mining shed typically offers benefits that other home mining setups don’t, such as noise and heat reduction. Having a dedicated space also means that crypto mining operations won’t negatively impact the rest of your home environment. This can save your home from possible damage, such as sweating vents and ruined drywall.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When building a crypto mining shed, some common mistakes include not planning for enough space, electric, and airflow. It’s essential to consider these factors before starting your project and plan for possible expansion down the road. To avoid these mistakes, consider the following tips:

1. Go bigger on space: Double the size of your desired shed if possible to accommodate future growth. This may come with a higher price tag but can save you from having to expand later.

2. Plan for more electric: Maxing out your electric supply can cause problems in the long run. Plan for extra electric capacity to avoid this issue.

3. Optimize airflow: Ensure your shed has enough exhaust fans and airflow to keep your mining operation cool and efficient.

Server Cases for Better Space Optimization

Server cases are an excellent way to optimize space in your crypto mining shed. These cases help with air intake and exhaust, and by having server cases instead of open air rigs, you’re relying less on the shed’s airflow. However, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of open air rigs and server cases to find the best option for your operation.

Lessons Learned from Previous Mining Setups

Some miners, like Seb, have experimented with various different mining setups but ultimately found that a dedicated mining shed provides the best working environment. Moving from small grow tents to mining rooms to a mining shed allowed Seb to learn from his mistakes and identify the essential factors in an optimal mining setup.

The key takeaways for setting up a crypto mining shed are to plan for enough space, electric, and airflow, keeping potential growth in mind. By learning from the mistakes of others and considering these factors, you can build your own successful crypto mining shed.

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  1. I appreciate your candor, obviously hindsite is 2020 and easy to say now, but I felt like when I was building my shed at least, I wanted to future proof it and not outgrow it for a while, so I went for the largest shed I was allowed, and upgraded my house to a 400 amp service and put 200 of it in my shed, now I understand that it cost way more then the shed so you kind of take the good with the bad.

  2. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy have been earning $ 65,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 7days..With the help of >>MASKOFFAID<<

  3. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy have been earning $ 65,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 7days..With the help of >>MASKOFFAID<<

  4. Wow i know how you feel i just got into mining 5 months ago with 5 s19js now i just finished my mining shed with over 11 s19j plus room is 3×2 hot air on other side i bet you would love it.

  5. The shed is pretty cool and a good idea. I’m still using my basement and since it’s winter it’s ok. We will have to see come summer time if I want to build a shed to put my rigs in or leave them in my basement. Adding ASICS heats things up quickly

  6. Nice Update and Reflection. Were always learning from our experiences. Everyone's home is different and making it conducive for mining in specific to each home. Airflow is a BIG Key – 800 CFM is WAY too low imo. I run with about 2000+ CFM fan and have a 6500 CFM Exhaust Fan ready when the Hot weather comes. Basement is more challenging since it's a lowest floor.

  7. @TheHobbyistMiner – Your main issue with your room in the basement was that your exhaust and intake were on the same side of the exterior wall. Never use the same side for intake and exhaust. And exhaust is high and intake low. You had your exhaust all over the place. Your shed is perfect. ✌️

  8. Finished my 100 amp mining shed last fall, have 51 gpus + 3 asics right now running. Temps are not an issue right now but we will see when the Texas summer comes

  9. yeah airflow needed is just insane for inside farm and suck your HVAC outside

    growtent still usefull for me in canada i just send my exhaust in my furnace so heat goes out into all my house … i just add/remove rigs or open/close windows to adjust the inside temp … rest goes to the garage like in the summer

  10. I'd highly suggest a mining shed to anyone! You will not regret it. It's the best choose I made, especially once you have alot of hardware. @thehobbiestminer @redpandamining

  11. The reason why the mining room failed (and the reason why mining grow-tents fail for ppl) is because ppl massively underestimate the amount of airflow needed to keep constant cool air flushed through it. 800cfm wasn’t nearly enough. They’re rated for free flowing air. They were chocked out with small bent tubing and even “Y” couplers so at best they were pushing half their rated cfm. The mining shed looks good with a Wall of intake vents. Almost more vents than wall lol. That is needed when air cooling

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