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I bought my first NFT today: a mining NFT

In a new venture into digital assets, I made my first Non-fungible Token (NFT) purchase — not just any NFT, but a mining NFT. Today’s video is sponsored by coin, a team-driven platform making tax loss harvesting for crypto miners a breeze as the deadline for harvesting Capital losses in crypto approaches.

In a seamless process, coin enables you to pull your wallet transactions and generate a tax loss harvesting report, helping you project capital losses that can be deducted in the next tax season. I have partnered with coin to offer this service free of charge to the community.

A Disclaimer: Do Your Homework

Before we explore further, it’s important to state that this video is not a substitute for personal research or financial advice. NFTs are relatively new and can be risky. Many NFT projects fail, are abandoned or could turn out to be scams, so invest carefully in what you confidently believe in.

An Introduction to my NFT adventure

While I have primarily avoided NFTs in the past, I have recently found an NFT niche I can get behind — mining NFTs. Traditionally, NFTs are associated with digital art, but they can be so much more. This mining NFT presents a unique opportunity for miners who do not wish to make the steep upfront investment in hardware or deal with high electricity costs.

Instead of thinking of NFTs as digital artwork or another abstract concept, think of this mining NFT as a blockchain-based contract and an investment opportunity.

Mining NFTs: An innovative investment opportunity

What are mining NFTs?

Mining NFTs enable you to share in the hash rate, or computing power, used in cryptocurrency mining without owning any hardware. Upon purchase, your NFT provides access to a certain amount of hash rate for a specific period, enabling you to earn as the miners associated with the NFT generate cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

As an example, I bought an NFT from fraction mine for 380 Matic, which equates to approximately $300. This NFT gives me access to 6 – 12 terahashes of computing power that their ASIC miners positioned in Texas are using to mine Bitcoin.

As a holder of the NFT, I will earn Bitcoin, with the amount being proportional to the hash rate my NFT represents. The operators of the mining farm, in return, deduct the electricity costs associated with my share of the mining and pay out the profits.

What’s in the future?

The mining NFT concept is a gamble, but one that could have significant potential. Over time, as Bitcoin mining difficulty increases, NFT holders are guaranteed an increase in hash rate to keep up. This ensures the NFT retains its value over time and makes it an attractive long-term investment.

Mining NFTs: A glimpse into the future?

Mining NFTs are a novel concept and still relatively untested territory. However, they represent an exciting possibility for the future of cryptocurrency mining. This innovative approach allows would-be miners to enter the industry without the traditional barriers of entry, such as high capital costs or expensive electricity.

While mining NFTs are just one aspect of the rapidly expanding utilization of blockchain technology, they reflect the flexibility and adaptability of this powerful technology. I look forward to rolling out further updates on my mining NFT adventure.

Final Thoughts

Whether this venture into mining NFTs and platforms such as fraction mining becomes a staple in the crypto mining world remains to be seen. Nonetheless, exploring this fresh frontier and staying open to emerging trends is essential for any crypto enthusiast.

This video isn’t financial advice — it’s an account of my journey into mining NFTs. Remember to conduct your own research, and invest wisely.

Whether it’s mining NFTs or other crypto avenues, I’d love to hear about your experiences and thoughts. Is this a glimpse into the future of mining? Let’s navigate this exciting landscape together.

Here’s to the future of crypto mining. Adventure responsibly!

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  1. I came across fractionmining roughly 4 to 5 months ago and was totally skeptical about it, reminded me of other cloud mining platforms like hashgraph, miner one, rock miner, and a few others. all which eventually became scams after a few years of operation. this is the the same just packaged differently. anyway I was curious whats the current state of fractionmining and I find it odd that after searching on youtube the most recent video is 4 months ago. yeah that raises red flags for me.

  2. Great video Hobbyist. I picked up a couple of these NFTs as well. I like being able to diversify in lots of different mining projects. I am looking at the KDA NFT mining projects as well. Good stuff bro!

  3. THM I got this NFT information from Your Friend Andy .. YFA a few weeks ago, I think he also made a video on it but check out zzz money club real cool ppl over their.. truly great idea once it all works out.

  4. Mining NFT. That is a straight up security. Hope they registered with the SEC. There are sooo many reg flags for this. No listed address on site. The "This is Huge" guy is the founder. FAQ brings you to their discord instead of answering questions. They aren't operational yet. I am shocked you are putting this out on your channel to be honest. Really not inline with your content.

  5. I thank you for soaking your feet first in new tech and yes, only time will tell but if you want me to tell you, you did right , i'm not gonna, yet lol

  6. Applied blockchain. Good idea.

    It's a thing. Capitalize on earths farts.

    H2s gas. That's a man killer. Highly flammable. Butane propane and benzene too. Lovely air oil field workers are exposed to.

  7. I've gotten Kadena Mining Club NFTs. (3.6Th/NFT) Currently minted out, but you can purchase on the secondary market. I have Full Spend Mining NFts, not yet minting (3.66Th/NFT) there Is Kor blockchain nft (currently minting) and Blocks NFT (random Th not yet minting) Kadena Hashing Is currently minting as well.

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