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Getting on Track with Casper

I admit it; I missed the Casper train. And not only that, but I didn’t even get back to the station in time to watch it leave. I completely missed the boat on Casper, and by the time I woke up to its potential, I was too late. But now, after months of watching other people talk about Casper, I’m finally taking the plunge. And not just that—I’m going to diversify by dual mining Ergo and Casper simultaneously.

Getting to Know Casper

Casper has shot up in popularity and value over the last six months, especially in the past 30 days. This rapid growth reminds me of Nioxa’s rise when it went from mere fractions of a penny to making serious moves over the course of just a few weeks. Seeing early adopters reap the rewards of their foresight was eye-opening, and now I’m ready to see what I can gain from mining Casper.

Embracing Diversification

If you’ve been following my videos for a while, you’ll know that I strongly advocate for diversifying your crypto portfolio. When you put all your eggs in one basket, you expose yourself to unnecessary risk. But when you spread your investment across different currencies, you can minimize the risk and potentially maximize your returns.

But today, I’m not just going to talk about diversification—I’m going to show you how to mine two different currencies at once. Yes, that’s right—we’re going to mine Ergo and Casper simultaneously. Let’s dive into how to do this.

Setting up for Dual Mining

First, you need to have a Casper wallet. If you don’t already have one, go to and set one up. They offer a variety of options, including a web wallet, a mobile wallet, a desktop wallet, and even a command line wallet. For this video, I’ll be using the web wallet, but depending on your comfort level with different platforms, you might choose a different option.

Once you’ve got your wallet set up, it’s time to turn to Hive OS, the operating system designed specifically for mining. Hive OS allows you to manage your mining rigs from a single dashboard, making the process simple and efficient.

Creating a Flight Sheet

The first step in Hive OS is to create a flight sheet—a configuration file that determines which coin to mine, which pool to use, and other important settings. When we create our flight sheet, we’re going to start with Ergo. This might seem counterintuitive if you want to prioritize Casper, but trust me—it will all make sense in the end.

We’ll first select Ergo as our coin. Next, we’ll choose a wallet. In my case, I’m using my Ergo wallet within ZelCore. If you haven’t checked out ZelCore yet, I highly recommend it—it’s a great multi-asset wallet that simplifies managing cryptocurrencies.

Choosing a Pool

For the pool, we’re going with HeroMiners. It supports both Ergo and Casper mining and has a user-friendly interface. After selecting HeroMiners as our pool, we’ll choose our preferred server (I’m going with the East Coast option for this demo), and then select the miner. In this case, we’ll use BZ Miner.

At this point, a second coin option becomes available on our flight sheet. Here’s where we add Casper. We’ll select our Casper wallet, and, because HeroMiners is not listed in the pool options for Casper, we’ll choose ‘configure in miner’.

Setting Intensity

This next step is important, so pay attention. We’re going to set the intensity for our mining operation. If we want to focus more on mining Casper and only a little bit of Ergo, we adjust the values accordingly. For now, I’m going to leave this blank and let it auto-tune.

Applying Configurations and Launching

Once you’ve set everything up on the flight sheet, it’s time to apply the changes and create the flight sheet. You can then apply this flight sheet to your rig and start mining.

Remember, we’re not finished yet. Since we’re using a beta version of BZ Miner, we need to force the miner to use this version. This can be done with a run command in Hive OS that downloads and applies the beta version.

Checking Your Progress

After 15 minutes of mining, it’s time to check on our progress. We can see our hash rates for both Ergo and Casper in Hive OS.

Over on HeroMiners, it shows our estimated daily earnings from mining both coins. As of now, with imperfect overclock settings and only three GPUs, the revenue is not significant. But it’s okay—we’re in this for learning as well as earning.

What’s Next?

So, that’s my journey into mining Casper so far. Yes, I was late to the game, but I’m finally onboard and learning loads. Could I have optimized my overclock settings? Sure. But these are early days, and there’s plenty of room for playing and tweaking.

Remember, the cryptocurrency market is as diverse as it is expansive. Don’t be afraid to diversify your portfolio—after all, fortune favours the bold. So whether you’re mining Casper or another cryptocurrency, always keep a keen eye on the market and be ready for the unexpected. It’s all part of the exciting world of cryptocurrency mining. Stay tuned for the next chapter of our crypto journey!

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  1. I have 14 cmp 50HX mining Kaspa on Hiveos. The hashrate on each gpu is 330 mh which seems reall high so im 1.67 ghs total. Which seems way too much correct me if im wrong.. Normally I do 50 to 60 mh is the average per gpu. I adjusted the over clocking ..but can't seem get the mh lower..not sure what to do? All I know it's been very unstable ..mining dynex nexa but kaspa has been most stable
    .can you recommend overclock settings mining kaspa..I'm using woolypooly pool..I'm new to mining

  2. Speaking of late to the party…
    I am just now looking into dual mining.
    I recently decided to go b@lls deep into BTC payouts, and was all in with KAS on Nicehash.
    BUT now I am playing with ERG on 2miners with BTC payouts + KAS on Nicehash, and ran across your vid.
    Even though it's a few months old, you helped a lot with the setup miner config details, that I missed out on other vids.
    Nice one, thanks for the info my man! 🖖

  3. started mining KAS in April to my local node and kept going with 5 3060ti till my elec doubled in June and i had to shut down… bagged 400,000k … started mining kas again when it got really cold so i'm using the rig to heat an out building… kinda weird feeling to not be solo mining hitting blocks… BZ was fundamental in early KAS mining – he's a great guy… it's also really weird to be kind of upset that the kas rig isn't really up to the job to heat the outbuilding with overnight temps in the low 20sF… might have to get some 3070s for more heat because of the new mining softs being so efficient…

  4. With nVidia GPU's you can tripple mine on HiveOS.

    Setup lolminer to mine Kaspa and Zil using dual mining. Then setup Nanominer to mine Ergo using the same GPU's.

    I am using this method on my 3070's

  5. I have everything ready just waiting that USPS will finally deliver the correct CPU’s for my first 2 MSI S 170 A gaming M 7 motherboards which are second hand Intel i 6700 K. If they arrive tonight i will start the Dual Mining Ergo / Kaspa tomorrow……thank you for the inspiration & the upload

  6. Great content. Running two 3060Ti on ERG since merge fix and two 2070 on KAS for about a month. Now running four 2060S on KAS before FPGA takes over. Will likely add four 2070 before diff moons. On WoolyPooly and Lol now, but started on bz. Have other cards on Hero (NEOX, ERG) so might move KAS to Hero.

  7. What can I do with crappy LHR cards on this. I used the command and it will not load 12.2, and I am only getting 60mh or so on Kaspa?

    What are your thoughts?

    Sorry, I have 3070ti LHR msi
    3070ti LHR pny
    3060 LHR evga.


  8. I like the way folks do math in this community. Folks mining KASPA when ETH was worth 10 times as much doesn't make sense. SoT has 1 million KASPA coins which is worth ~$7600… so like that's nothing. Yield is down but so is difficulty and efficiency is 10 times what it was on this algo just a month ago. It is still currently the only coin that comes close to getting a small profit when the stars align… no one missed anything unless you were mining KASPA or other coins instead of ETH to the bitter end. Folks should have been doing that for sure… ETH was the $hi^t

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