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Fully Automating Airflow and Temperature in a Crypto Mining Room

Today we bring you exciting news from the world of cryptocurrency mining. Home miners can now fully automate and monitor the temperature and airflow in their mining rooms using the AC Infinity Controller 76. This innovative solution makes life as a home miner easier and more efficient. In this article, we will give you an in-depth walkthrough of how the automation works and share some useful tips on setting it up for your mining room.

AC Infinity Controller 76: An Introduction

The AC Infinity Controller 76 is an excellent tool available for home miners. The controller works seamlessly with the AC Infinity inline fans, monitoring temperature and humidity in your mining room. The app that accompanies the controller allows miners to set thresholds for temperature and humidity and automatically adjust fan speeds to maintain optimal operating conditions for their mining rigs. This automation saves a significant amount of time and ensures that your mining room remains cool and efficient throughout the year.

Setting Up Airflow and Temperature Monitoring

Before we dive into the details of how the AC Infinity Controller 76 works, let’s first discuss the setup process. In the crypto mining room, we have installed a total of eight inline fans – four intakes and four exhausts. These fans have been split into two separate channels – one for the left side of the room and one for the right side of the room.

Each channel has a dedicated AC Infinity Controller 76 that controls the inline fans on that side. The controllers are strategically placed on the left and right sides of the room, with one controller for intake and one controller for exhaust. The temperature and humidity probes that come with the AC Infinity fans are installed throughout the mining room, providing accurate readings of the conditions in the room.

In addition, the ventilation on the door to the mining room has been covered to better control airflow in the room.

Customizing Temperature and Humidity Thresholds

The AC Infinity Controller 76 app allows miners to set custom thresholds for temperature and humidity. These thresholds trigger certain actions, such as adjusting the fan speeds when conditions in the room change.

In our mining room, we have set the high-temperature threshold to 95°F and the low-temperature threshold to 55°F, with the intake fans set to a speed of 8 CFM when the room temperature is within this range. If the room temperature reaches the high threshold, the intake fans ramp up to a higher speed of 10 CFM. Similarly, exhaust fans are set to a speed of 4 CFM when inside the temperature range and ramp up to 10 CFM if the temperature crosses the high threshold.

The app also allows for customization based on humidity, with the option to set specific actions for both temperature and humidity, or only one of them.

Working with Automated Temperature Control: An Example

To provide a better understanding of how the automated temperature control works, here’s a simple example:

Let’s assume the current temperature in the mining room is 76°F. If we set the high-temperature threshold to 68°F and wait, we can hear the exhaust fans in the room speed up, as their CFM increases to 10. Once the temperature reaches 68°F, the fans slow down to their idle speed of 4 CFM.

By adjusting the high-temperature threshold, we can manipulate the exhaust fans to maintain the desired temperature in our mining room.

Additional Features: Notifications and Alarms

The AC Infinity Controller 76 app also provides push notifications when temperature or humidity levels fall outside the set thresholds. This notification feature serves as a useful warning system, alerting miners to any issues in their room.

For our setup, alarms have been set to trigger when the temperature reaches either 101°F or as low as 50°F. These alarm levels allow us to take action if there are any issues with our mining setup, such as hardware failure or extreme outdoor temperature changes.


The AC Infinity Controller 76 has proved to be an invaluable tool in fully automating the airflow and temperature control of our crypto mining room. The customizable nature of the app, along with its seamless integration with AC Infinity inline fans, ensures that home miners can effectively manage their mining rooms with ease and efficiency.

Setting up the automation might seem complex, but once you’ve successfully installed the system and configured the app, the results are truly remarkable. The automating system not only saves time but also helps maintain the optimal operating conditions for your mining rigs throughout the year. If you’re a home miner and looking to enhance your mining room setup, the AC Infinity Controller 76 is definitely worth considering.

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  1. Thanks so much for the video, great info. I'm also new to this stuff and am learning. I have a few questions if you don't mind.

    Do both the intake and exhausts come from outside? Or attic? Or somewhere else?

    And in the summer when you switch all to exhaust, are they exhausting directly to the outside? Doesn't that cause a negative pressure situation? Or have you resolved this somehow?

    Also in the summer if the intake will be the door to the basement, is the basement air the same as outside air or is it air conditioned inside your home? Sorry we don't have alot of basement here so I'm not sure.

  2. Very nice – thanks for the video ! This is very helpful. My biggest question is what to do during summer when air intake is already 90 degrees ?

  3. It would be quieter with 12" system and it'll last longer. These are used mainly in grow rooms and are typically the best fans on the market by far for the price .

  4. Be careful pulling that much negative pressure from your basement if you have gas water heater, furnace, or other gas appliance. You could start pulling the exhaust gases into the house instead of them going out the flue pipes!

  5. I'm using AC infinities similar to you but very disappointed that its only bluetooth as once you leave the area the notifications stop and you cannot monitor the temps. I'm the hunt for a controller that is wifi connected to solve this issue.

  6. Such an awesome device! However, I'd like to see a more precise step-up fan interval similar to how the fan curve is on a GPU. Once again, awesome tool to have, but it would be annoying to hear it kick on and off all day because its straddling the set temperature.

  7. Hey Hobbyist miner, I could see, that you didn't cover the glass wool on the roof. Due to the continuous air motion, I would rather cover it up. The release of dust from glass wool may cause sensitive respiratory problems, which may even lead to respiratory dysfunction. I am just concerned, no financial or medical advice.

  8. Enjoy your channel. Do you have any videos showing the actual intake and outtake from your house itself? Are you exhausting and bringing in intake through roof, soffit, etc? I’d like to see your setup. I need to figure out something for my windowless garage before summer hits. Thanks

  9. Dude it's still wintertime and -20 here and I am already worried about summer time, all my rigs are in the basement I might need to ventilate outside somehow in summer.

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