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Introduction to The Jazz Miner X4Q

Welcome back to the hobbyist Miner Channel, where we share all the expertise you need to navigate through the dynamic world of crypto mining. Today, we are going to start a discussion on a product that has been causing quite a stir in the mining community. It’s the Jazz Miner X4Q, an ASIC miner with impressive power.

In today’s article, we will answer a burning question many of you have: should you buy a Jazz Miner X4Q? But before we delve into that, we want to acknowledge our sponsor,, who has made this article possible.

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Should You Invest In a Jazz Miner X4Q?

Let’s dive into the main issue at hand: should a crypto miner invest in a Jazz Miner X4Q? To approach this question objectively, we will share our experience with the miner, keeping our evaluation unbiased and honest.

Initial Impressions of the Jazz Miner X4Q

The Jazz Miner X4Q is one of our favorite ASIC miners for several reasons: it’s user-friendly, quiet, and doubles as a decent heater in the winter. However, this article isn’t sponsored by Jingle Mining or Jazz Miner. The miner was provided to us free of charge by Jingle Mining to create content around it, but they did not influence our opinion.

Determining the Value of a Jazz Miner X4Q

The Jazz Miner X4Q possesses an advertised hash power of one gigahash at a power consumption of 480 watts. As of October 25th, 2022, with Bitcoin valued at $20,100 and Ethereum at $1,400, the miner has been generating an impressive profit. We expect the profits to increase with rising crypto values.

Actual Earnings with the Jazz miner X4Q

After mining with the Jazz Miner X4Q for about one month, our earnings are substantial, making it a worthwhile investment for the time being. However, as industry veterans know, crypto mining’s profitability depends on the market rates for the currencies you’re mining.

Using Ethermine Dashboard for Statistics

Studying the statistics from the Ethermine dashboard, the X4Q’s earnings per day is 2.79, which is considerable given the current market situation. The average daily and monthly earnings, according to the ethermine dashboard, make the Jazz Miner X4Q a viable investment, with reasonable profits considering the Roi.

Return on Investment (Roi) for the Jazz Miner X4Q

As any seasoned miner will tell you, your returns are determined by your investment’s initial cost and the operating costs, predominantly electricity. If we benchmark the electricity rate at 15 cents, which is average for most regions, and assess the earnings from the Jazz Miner X4Q, we can reasonably estimate the profits.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Analyzing the income and expenditure over a year, we find that the Jazz Miner X4Q can generate around $912 in revenue against an electricity cost of $630. This leaves us with a neat profit of approximately $281. With these figures in mind, it would take approximately 17 years to pay off the initial cost of the miner and the additional yearly electricity cost.

However, these metrics can fluctuate in line with the value of Ethereum Classic, as observed in the ethermine dashboard’s statistics. The daily income can occasionally spike to $2.82, and the yearly profit can increase to approximately $397.

When is it Worth it to Buy the Jazz Miner X4Q?

Given the metrics we’ve observed, one might argue that buying the Jazz Miner X4Q might be a bit of a long-term investment, as the Roi is spread over a considerable number of years. However, if the crypto market takes off, and specifically if Ethereum Classic exceeds the $120 mark, the breakeven period could be reduced to just a year!

Final Thoughts

Despite its potential, the Jazz Miner X4Q isn’t necessarily for everyone. Current market conditions don’t make it an exciting investment, but during a bull-run, it could be quite profitable. Moreover, while it’s a steady miner, it has shown occasional performance drops, though these have been resolved with firmware updates.

In our analysis, we’ve tried to be as transparent and comprehensive as possible. We will continue to encourage informed investments in the crypto mining sector and assist our community with reliable, up-to-date information. Always remember to do your homework before diving into any investment.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Wow, I really appreciated this video ! I agree with the fact that 1 year ROI is a great deal. Do you think it could be possible to make your own jasminer ? I mean the power supply, the heatsink and the fans, the motherboard and every cables are easy to find online, but the only part that I doesn't know enough about yet is the processing unit (I think that there are 8 of them + a central unit). It could drag down the investement price from 4,229$ to two third or maybe half the price, depending on the way you assemble it and where you get it from. Anyway thank you for that video and let me know what you think of that !

  2. THM that’s right if you not already own a Jasminer (any model) I would not buy one right now, the Q is the most efficient and even with FREE electric it would take 4 years to ROI at today’s ETC coin price (as of this post). For me with Free electric anything I buy has to ROI in 6-12 months, 14 months max or I will not buy it, that’s just me tho!

  3. Good info, but the ROI would really only be 1 year if ETC hits 120 in a year. If it takes ETC 2 years to get to 120 than the actual ROI would be 2 years which is still better than 17 years

  4. There are some stats missing..
    – As you have only 5GB of memory, this means on ETC you would only be mining until 26 september 2028. So you can only hope on a bull market to earn some money..
    – Sure, we are on a bare market, but we don't know if ETC will rise ever on these values.
    – The difficulty may spike again, when the price of ETC rises, as we have seen… lowering the generated coin
    – I fear that electricity will get more and more expensive over the next few years….

  5. I feel like even if the market goes back to being amazing it will be the 30 series will be just make couple cents then when the new cards come (NOT THE 4090) the 50 series hopefully we will see good profits again

  6. One thing that needs to be mentioned for context… There's a lot of people just turned off currently as well. If the price goes up, all that hashrate comes back online. So you're likely not making anywhere close to 40 ETC per year anymore

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