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Spiritual Healing through Plant Sound Immersion

My name is Nicole, a founder and main facilitator of the spiritual healing program called “Plant Sound Immersion”. Along with Indigenous, African, and Christian traditions; I’ve been rooted in the path of sacred plant medicines and the lineage of the Santo diame for over 26 years.

The Santo diame: A Syncretic Mix of Heritage Traditions

The Santo diame blends ancient traditions from Indigenous, African, and Christian lineages, drawing its roots from the western Amazon rainforest. This spiritual entity amalgamates wider beliefs, forming the basis of a unique spiritual school, a church, and a healing center. Four years ago, I felt called upon to initiate a work that incorporates various healing modalities that strive in synergy to restore our nervous system’s equilibrium.

The Doctrine of Plant Sound Immersion

The underpinnings of plant sound immersion are derived from the teachings of our elders, mainly our divine madrinas, or godmothers. They’ve passed on the wisdom of working with these plants across generations, embodying much compassion, acceptance, non-judgment, healing, prayer, and respect. Our primary absorption of this knowledge involved just women initially, in honor of the women who pioneered and nurtured this lineage’s base teachings.

Guided by Spirituality, Music, and Healing

The essence of our work lies in the calling of our spiritual guides, ancestral healing, and music. As we amble along this path, the work has now free-flowed towards both genders, not without maintaining the foundational aspects of our tradition. We’ve also included other therapeutic practices like sound healing, breath work, movement, and nutrition. We delve into the realm of spiritism where we call for our spiritual guides, and work with varied spiritual lineages to enhance our clairvoyance and sensitivities.

Nutrition and Flower Essences

Additionally, we’ve incorporated working with other plants and techniques such as flower essences, flower baths, and adopting other modalities that help maintain our own Center alignment and prepare us for working with more potent plants of the Santo diame like Ayahuasca, Combo, and sonanga. These plants assist the healing process and help attune us better to our spiritual work.

Community and Collaboration

Our program is devised to be interactive and collaborative, making it easy for people from all walks of life to come, share their knowledge, and gain it. We’ve created a container that is holistic and multifaceted, providing people with different avenues to tap into when they attend our retreats.

Plants and Flower Essences

We use flower essences collected from the Amazon rainforest, crafted into various spiritual motifs. The herbs are classified by different spiritual Guides, African odishas, the elements and chakras. This aids in identifying blockages and triggering healing, bringing deeper insights and understanding about ourselves.

Harnessing the Power of Sacred Plants

Whether it’s the venom of the Frog – the “Combo” or the sananga – a root used as eye drops from the Amazon tributaries, these sacred plants serve as vehicles transporting us to an enlightened state, opening our spiritual eyes, flushing out the toxins in our system and having a cleansing effect on our overall being.

Transforming Lives through Healing

Our retreats have made remarkable transformations, helping individuals understand their abilities, enhance their strengths, evolve in their spiritual journey and develop a sense of kindness, humility and love towards themselves and others.

This journey requires courage, and if you feel the call, we offer this profound, transformative experience through our path, lineage, elders, and the dedicated facilitators of Plant Sound Immersion. The program, which is currently open to women, will soon welcome men to share in this healing process, and we aim to spread this remarkable method of spirituality, learning, and healing far and wide.

In Closing

As facilitators, founders, and believers in this method of spiritual healing, we thank those past and present for their involvement, contributions, and trust in Plant Sound Immersion. It is a privilege to help guide others to a place of inner peace, harmony, and profound understanding of one’s life purpose. And so, we conclude with the words “Don’t leave us alone.” In this journey with us, you’re never alone. You’re held, guided, and loved. As we conclude this journey, we remain grateful for your trust and shared spiritual path.

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