Exploring the Intricacies of a Bitcoin Mining Farm: An Exclusive Tour

bitcoin mining farm tour

Introduction – The Thrilling ReBtech Build

The world of mining is an intriguing, intricate and rewarding one. Today, we’re taking a journey into a fascinating ReBtech build we carried out recently. We’ve gone above and beyond, organizing and rearranging some cards for a more desirable setup.

Impressively, the card arrangement consists of five 1060s mining Ethereum six gig, three 1660 ti’s doing Ethereum, a single 1080 and another 1080 but with 3060 ti. And still, two slots are up for grabs. We’re eagerly awaiting two cards from repair; an EVGA 1060 six-gig and Zotac AMP 1080 to complete our rig.

The ReBtech Build

Beyond the juggernaut rig above, we took it a notch higher. We embarked on a build slightly similar to our main build. For this new intriguing and thrilling setup, we engaged a ReBtech board with five 1080s, five 580s, and one 590. We powered this project with a 1200 watt HP server power supply, happily running at 240 volts. Our build heralded a unique hanging rig with no less than a ReBtech motherboard.

The ReBtech Motherboard

Going a step further, we ran this new setup with an impressive ReBtech motherboard bought from a community member. The ReBtech motherboard, a renowned and highly sought-after piece, currently in shortage is known for its exceptional features like its eight USB slots, impressive memory, and a CPU heatsink and fan. Additionally, it comes with a PCI E which is powered directly off our power supply.

Multifarious Components

The addition of a Msata, HDDs and GPUs soon followed, all powered by several other elements. We threw in a voltage meter for good measure on top of extra length USB 3.08 A cables, 8 capacitor current version GPU risers, PCIe and GPU riser splitters coming from GPUrisers.com. The availability of a checkout code for 10% off anything in the GPU riser store made the purchase a bargain.

GPU Risers

We used these splitters not only to power the GPU riser but also our cards. Our GPU riser cables are a braided type, approximately a foot longer than the traditional cables that come with GPU risers.

The Card Setup

Finally, we set up our powerful card arrangement on this stage with an EVGA GeForce RTX 3060, an MSI 1660 ti, a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 founders edition, and an Auroras Gigabyte 1070 Ti all mining Ethereum.

Unexpected Challenges

However, we faced a few hitches along the way, primarily in connection to using the ReBtech board on Nvidia, not to mention a time-consuming task. Thankfully, smart manoeuvring and the essential disabling of two settings in the BIOS came in handy in solving these challenges. Notably, the use of a back layer first with Nvidia when booting proved works as well.


Aided by YouTube tutorial from Paul Pepe House, we were off to a running start in no time. We managed to run our rig, mining convincingly through our cards on different algorithms such as Ravencoin, Flux, Ecohash 125.4 and Eth hash, all at a smooth power rate on our voltage meter.

Finally, despite a challenging yet rewarding and insightful journey, ReBtech boards remains an unbeaten preference for all our builds. We hope this expedition into our mining adventures has been insightful and has possibly sparked your interest in this fascinating world.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. I really wish RevTec boards were readily available. Good luck on your quest to get more. They’re ideal for our needs. But the company actually said they won’t be making any more? (Or future versions)

  2. I use Rebtech aswell. Happy with those cards. One Rig with 8 x 3060 no problems. Other rig with 3060 ti`s only wanna do 6 cards, 8 cards and it wont detect. Any suggestions ?
    All cards new, all risers new etc etc. Tried with 6 3060 ti and 2 3060, works like a charm.

  3. stop publishing mining videos.. people like you are why we miners dont have new cards, you are inviting the rest of the world to mine. all miners must clamp down on their ego. earn money quietly and stop this boosting youtube thing. it doesnt bring any good to our industry. we have enough miners now. earn money quietly, stop inviting the whole world to mine!!! No good will come from this kind of mining videos!

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