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Introduction: The Radeon RX 570 4 Gig Card

Hello, miners, and welcome back to the hobbyist miner channel. Today, I want to share with you my latest find – a Radeon RX 570 4 Gig Card from XFX. Now, I know some might question my enthusiasm for this several-year-old card, but I must admit, I have a soft spot for these 4-Gig models.

Why the RX 570?

So why exactly do I love these cards? There’s a certain charm to finding deals and picking up graphics cards in person, rather than just clicking that ‘buy’ button online and awaiting a brand-new 3060.

This particular card isn’t new but it was new to me. And the interesting part is, I have a mining rig that currently works with three units of the same card. I’m thinking of adding a fourth one to it and potentially, expanding to a full 570 rig.

Examining the RX 570 Profitability

Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the profitability of these RX 570s. Is there any? And what should we mine with it? To answer these questions, we’ll refer to “WhatToMine”, a handy site for miners.

WhatToMine as a Mining Guide

WhatToMine allows you to key in the GPU you’re working with, punch in some numbers, and get information on what you should be mining, how profitable it is, and your cost per day. This helps in making informed decisions when mining.

Let’s apply this to our RX 570. It’s a bare-bone 4 gig card that can’t mine Ethereum because the dag file size is larger than the four gigs. However, it does make just under a dollar per day mining Raven coin, Nice Hash KAPOW, Beam, Ethereum Classic, and Ergo.

Introducing Ergo Mining

My attention gravitates towards Ethereum Classic and Ergo. The immediate profitability might be low, but I believe it’s a long-term game. By post-Proof of Stake (PoS), all that hash rate is going to pivot to other algorithms. Granted, no definite date is locked in for PoS, but when it does happen, we’ll likely witness the age of altcoins.

While the current profitability is seemingly discouraging at 79 cents a day and $23.75 a month, it’s essential to look past the present and towards future prospects. It would be beneficial to accumulate some four-gig cards, mine a decent bag of Ergo, and add to my existing Ergo mining operations before PoS kicks in.

With this plan in place, let’s talk more about the XFX RX 574 Gig Card.

Exploring the XFX RX 574 Gig Card

The XFX RX 574 Gig Card, at a glance, seems pretty simple. It’s equipped with an eight-pin header and has a decent build quality overall. Regarding the model, this is the RX 570 P4D version 8.0, the Black Edition RX 574 Gig.

I suggest everyone who buys used cards, like I did from Facebook Marketplace, clean them thoroughly. Not just blow out the dust but strip them down entirely, replace thermal paste, and pads.

Cleaning the Graphics Card

Giving a graphics card a good “bath” goes a long way in ensuring its longevity. You might find detailed videos on the internet explaining how to clean a card and replace thermal paste or pads. Some of the materials you’d need include alcohol wipes, thermal pads, a digital caliper, and some amount of patience.

Maintaining the Graphics Card

Maintaining graphics cards is somewhat of a hobby for me. I enjoy cleaning graphics cards and keeping them in top working condition. Anytime I get a new card, I like to give it a thorough clean and replace its thermal paste and pads. This helps me stay ahead of potential heating issues that could cause problems down the line.

Evaluating RX 570 Performance

Now let’s examine the performance of the RX 570 4 Gig Card. On stock, without any overclocking settings, it delivers 54.65 MH/s, which is lower than the bios modded 570 performance. But with Polaris bios editor and some overclock settings, it’s possible to get around 69.30 mega hash – a notable improvement from 54 MHs.


So there you have it – a detailed overview of the XFX RX 570, a favorite of mine despite it being a few years old. You might be mining something different with your 570s, or have other long-term plans. Feel free to share your thoughts and strategies for getting the most out of these older graphics cards. As for me, I’m looking forward to expanding my 570-powered rig and mining more Ergo.

Remember, mining is not just about immediate profitability but also about strategising for the future. Eyes on the prize, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Happy mining!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Hey Hobbyist, I need some help man. I have recently gotten into mining with like a budget build which i won at auction and its got 5x 570 Saphire nitro Hynix 2x 480 Elpida and then 2x 470 Hynix
    I managed to get most of the cards to get about 60MH + but im worried i may be pushing them too hard.

    All cards are bios modded
    Current Settings Look like this
    RX570 69.71 MH – Core – 1300 DPM 1 VDD 970 MEM 2000
    RX570 69.71 MH – Core – 1300 DPM 1 VDD 950 MEM 2000
    RX570 65.34 MH – Core – 1220 DPM 1 VDD 960 MEM 2000
    RX570 64.34 MH – Core – 1200 DPM 1 VDD 950 MEM 2000
    RX570 66 MH – Core – 1250 DPM 1 VDD 960 MEM 2000
    RX480 64 MH – Core – 1200 DPM 1 VDD 900 MEM 2000
    RX480 64 MH – Core – 1200 DPM 1 VDD 925 MEM 2000
    RX470 59 MH – Core – 1100 DPM 1 VDD 910 MEM 1875
    RX470 59 MH – Core – 1100 DPM 1 VDD 925 MEM 1875

    I have been asking online, pretty much everywhere most people in the mining discords dont even respond to me so I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me if these settings are too high / what would you recommend?

  2. Hello, I am a beginner in this field and I have focused on this video card as a start and can anyone tell me if it makes sense to buy 3-4 pieces as the price for one piece on the Bulgarian market is about 310-315 dollars

  3. I need some help if you could I have a xfx rx 570 4gb blk ed with elpida memory and the memory went to unknown I have gathered every bios I can find and flashed them but still in unknown if you have any suggestions I would very much appriciate it or a data base of your xfx bios collection for me to try on this card so I can dave it thank-you

  4. Driving RX 570 Elpida with 1200 core, 880mv core, 800mv mc, 800mv memory, 1670mhz memory and reference value of 20. 64mhs on Ergo and shows 69 watts but most likely ~85-90 watts. Fanspeed 45% and ambient 27 celsius but its still only ~45 celsius so cant be pushing a lot more than 85-90 watts

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