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The Challenge of Old Graphics Cards

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, it’s common to upgrade to more powerful, efficient graphics cards as they hit the market. But this raises an interesting question: what do we do with the old graphics cards that were used for mining during the last Bull Run?

The app you need to automate your mining rig operation is one like Mine which offers auto coin switching and power switching. This helps maximize profitability when operational. But what should we do with the older graphics cards when upgrading?

This is a question that’s been on many miners’ minds recently, given the significant quantity of excess graphics cards that are now just gathering dust.

Option 1: Sell the Old Graphics Cards

One obvious solution is to sell the old graphics cards. According to recent eBay prices, used RX 570 graphics cards can fetch around $50 each. If you have eight old graphics cards, that could result in around $400 in recovered costs.

Given the current price of RTX 3070s on eBay, you could potentially trade in eight RX 570 cards for one RTX 3070 card. One RTX 3070 could serve you well in the next Bull Run, effectively being a worthwhile upgrade.

However, this includes a few obvious caveats: The sale prices of old graphics cards could plummet due to the market influx, and the prices of higher-end graphics cards could surge due to increased demand.

Option 2: Repurpose the Old Graphics Cards

Another interesting course of action could be to repurpose the old graphics cards into a new mining rig focused on a different cryptocurrency. While they may be less efficient than the latest graphics cards for mining Bitcoin or Ethereum, they may be perfectly effective for lesser-known cryptocurrencies or alternative algorithms.

Mining different cryptocurrencies can expand the potential profitability, especially if the chosen cryptocurrency skyrockets in value during a future Bull Run. However, it also increases your overall risk exposure, as the value of altcoins can be highly volatile.

Option 3: Use Mining Apps With Profit Switching

A third option is to keep the old graphics cards operational and use apps like wentomine.io that feature automatic coin and power switching to always mine the most profitable cryptocurrency.

This way, the old graphics cards can still generate value, even if it’s not as much as they once did. And who knows, with the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrencies, they could end up uncovering a hidden gem.

Regardless of the choice you make, the main objective is to squeeze as much value from these old graphics cards as possible and minimize resource waste. While they may not be the latest and greatest, these old graphics cards still have potential and should not be dismissed lightly.

The Final Verdict

Whether you choose to sell, repurpose, or keep mining with these old graphics cards, remember that each decision has its specific potential benefits and risks. Take the time to assess your particular circumstances, and strategically choose the option that optimally aligns with your long-term cryptocurrency mining goals.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect these old cards. Just because they’re not the latest model doesn’t mean they’re not worth anything. They can still help you earn revenue, learn more about the world of cryptocurrency, and prepare for the next Bull Run.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. your best bet is to keep them idle mining the zilliqa windows and that's all or plus solo mining some kyla coin and zil.. low watts easy to find blocks

  2. Great video! I have a ton of 1080ti video cards, and I'm at that point, trying to figure out what to do next. I'm hopeful that an AI project, decentralized rendering, or data analysis (folding-at-home-like) project comes along and provides new opportunities for miners like me, but until then Unmineable or 2Miners might be my best bet.

  3. I sold my 8 5700xt Red Devil rig I was SOOOO proud of, to buy a single 4090. Reason?
    1) For many algos, it's got the same HR for the half the watts, and 1/8th the space.
    2) The 5700xt are so finicky, with tiny kids now, I don't have time to futz. The 4090 just works every time.

    It was TOUGH to do though! And I sold my other 5700xt x8 rig to fund my first attempt at ASIC mining BTC. I learned a lesson and got scammed on that purchase. Will try again after more research.

    So…used my old hardware to improve hardware efficiency where it made sense, and to fuel testing/education in non-GPU mining projects prior to next bull run.

    Leaving my 3070 rigs on bag-stacking duty :). Having an awful time deciding which side my 3060ti should fall!

  4. i'm sure you know not only Unmineable offers to mine one algo and be paid on another coin, i don't know why zergpool or zpool are not promoted also

  5. selling them and investing into newer cards makes more sense. 4 rx 580s for 1 3070…its better than losing value by just sitting there or costing you money mining negatively with them..

  6. I really don't think it's wise advice to tell someone trying to stack bitcoin to do so by running unprofitable cards in order to swap the results into bitcoin, as you mention in the 2miners section of this video. Such a person is UNIVERSALLY better off just buying bitcoin. "Passion" as you call it should not blind you to very simple/direct financial realities. Want to spec mine? great- do it, stack weird coins – I think this is where the passionate folks are, and maybe you missed the mark a tiny bit in this video in identifying this.

    IF, however, you're just swapping to bitcoin on Fridays, as you mention, then running unprofitable cards is just a through-and-through bad move.

  7. Hi hobbyist Om still here I'm a Newby buying all the low end card I can afford and building my first rig and dreaming big . Thanks for all your great videos great advise and thank you for good content 👌

  8. I had 3 1660S and 3 6600XT, I now have 2 3060 and 2 3070 and 2 3900X CPUs. I also manage a buddy's 4 3060 and 2 1660S. We have been stacking different coins from unmineable but hashrate no shows incredibly high watts for the algos on the pool that our only options really is autolykos, kheavyhash or zelhash. I've been bouncing from those that have the most revenue besides profit we pay through the .16775kwh electricity. But I personally can't wait to use POUW.

  9. I just built my first rig, I was looking at the vtretu case and you happened to do a video on. Sold! I have 4 1660 Supers mining and it’s breaking even at best, looking now for some deals on some 3070’s to fill it up. Enjoyed the video!

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