Crypto Mining: Exploring Its Evolution and Sustainability

crypto mining The Ultimate Crypto Mining Platform

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, it’s crucial to have a platform that supports multiple mining algorithms and a variety of cryptocurrencies. That’s where comes in. With, users can choose from ten different mining algorithms and get paid out in over 40 different crypto assets. This unique platform makes crypto mining easy, even in a bear market.

Easy Steps to Start Mining on is designed to work with CPU, GPU, and ASIC mining hardware, making it accessible to all types of miners. To get started, simply follow these steps:

1. Visit and select one of the ten mining algorithms available to you.
2. Choose your desired payout cryptocurrency from the list of over 40 crypto assets.
3. Start mining with your desired mining hardware. takes care of the rest, ensuring a seamless and efficient mining experience.

Testimonial: The Hobbyist Miner’s Experience with

After testing for a few weeks, The Hobbyist Miner shared his thoughts on the platform and its benefits. In his opinion, the E9 Pro, an ASIC miner optimized for mining Ethereum Classic, has become one of his favorite ASIC miners.

During his testing of the E9 Pro, The Hobbyist Miner tried two different mining methods. First, he solo mined for one week on Two Miners, an Ethereum Classic pool, earning a total of 7.5657 Ethereum Classic or $148.59 in seven days. After electricity costs, this amounted to a daily average profit of $17.52. If he had used a standard pool mining approach, the profit would have been only $7.98 per day.

In the second method, The Hobbyist Miner used to mine Ethereum Classic and convert the earnings into Casper (CSPR), a newer cryptocurrency. In this approach, he earned an average daily income of $11.30 in Casper, which translated to a daily profit of $7.60 after electricity costs.

Should You Invest in the E9 Pro?

With its impressive performance in both solo mining and using, the E9 Pro is an attractive investment option for many miners. The current price of the E9 Pro on Coin Mining Central, as of April 28th, is $3,600, which includes shipping and tax costs.

While the price is high, the versatility and potential profits offered by the E9 Pro, especially when used with, could justify the cost for some miners. It ultimately depends on individual preferences, electricity costs, and expectations for future market trends.

When considering whether to invest in the E9 Pro, it’s essential to take into account the current state of the Ethereum Classic network. While the network’s hash rate and network difficulty have decreased over the past year, there may still be potential for profits by mining Ethereum Classic with the E9 Pro.

Final Thoughts provides a unique opportunity for crypto miners to optimize their mining hardware, supporting multiple algorithms and payout options. With impressive results when using the E9 Pro for solo mining and converting earnings into other cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to see why The Hobbyist Miner is a fan of this platform.

However, as always, it’s important to do your research and consider your individual circumstances before making a decision to invest in any mining hardware. But for those looking for versatility and potentially lucrative mining opportunities, and the E9 Pro may be the perfect combination.

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  1. it's not burning up the humidity in fact it's not really changing at all the warmer the air the more moisture it can hold.
    RH is the a percentage of water in the air over Relative to the max it can hold warmer air can hold more so the Relative percentage is less. ex 60% RH at 50F is close to 40% RH at 60F this is all based on dew point / vapor pressure

  2. I have been mining bitcoins for 3 years, mostly demo because I am very risk averse and wanted to make sure I wasn’t throwing my money to the mining , until i found Solar Cloud Farms which i was referred to at that point i didnt want to risk anything so i decided to invest 0.0016 btc which is the minimum investment. i gained 0.00480 btc within 3days of mining on the instant plan. and ever since then i have making good profits with them. they are very good and reliable.

  3. oh so you use tech host farms ?? they are the best bitcoin mining platform right now to use. i have been mining with them for years now. i must say i am satisfied with there profits also

  4. I am talking to the supplier in Taiwan and they just told me they shipped 11,000 e9 pros. The difficulty will shoot up and profits will be gone very quickly

  5. Story time 🙂 Miners don't burn humidity, the measurement is always relative (unless specifically measuring absolute humidity) so the higher the temp the lower the humidity reading if the absolute humidity value remains the same, which in this case it does because there is nothing in the shed to create or consume humidity (as opposed to a grow room for example.) End of story time 🙂

  6. Heck ya man I’m using my j pros on unmineable to build some bags of altcoins then going back to btc. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one doing this haha

  7. IMO etc miner are awesome in the bear market for stacking coins. During the bull market they will not be a profitable as other ASICS or GPUs. If you think we are far from the bullrun then keep it!

  8. THM I got 2 E9 Pro for $1.9k each $2.4k each to my door when the E9 Pro first drop, and a few months later for no reason vendors jacked up the price and I was able to flip my E9 Pro for $4k each plus the $1,400 I earned with them before selling, so I made out good however I miss having them around and truly want one again, my issue is I got them for a very good price before and just don’t want to spend so much for them when they truly only worth $2.5k anything more I know the vendors are taking us for a ride! So if you can get it for $2.5k or less I would 100% get it!

  9. 450-600 day roi on a $3600 investment is very good for the current bear market, I’d do it. Just to mine ETC, no, but with unminable I think it’s pretty cool. Honestly, I’d buy it over the rig I’m about to make of 8 4070’s. Or 4 4090’s? Any opinions on using the 4070 or 4090?

  10. Noob here, but I am really leaning into unmineable. I have bought a bunch of Doge before I got into mining. But I was wanting to get some Kaspa, Avalanche and others. So I had been looking for a Goldshell LT Lite to run in low power mode, because my research show that for the price I could find one, it had the best efficiency. So I found one in great shape for $1400 and put it on low power mode with latest firmware. It's earning around 95-115 Kaspa per day. I'm just stacking for now. I'll build a bag, then move on to other coins, but I think the next will be Avax.

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