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The IPOLO G1 Mini Crypto Miner: A Hidden Gem of the Mini ASIC Community

Introduction to the IPOLO G1 Mini

The IPOLO G1 Mini is a hidden gem in the world of mini ASIC crypto miners. Although not a new miner, it has recently gained traction within the mining community due to its high profitability and claim of being one of the best-kept secrets among mini ASIC miners.

In this article, we shall delve into the features and setup of this powerful miner known for its success in mining Grin cryptocurrency, explore its profitability, and see if it lives up to the hype.

Discovering the IPOLO G1 Mini

The IPOLO G1 Mini is a Grin Miner that looks significantly different from traditional ASICs. It boasts a sleek, high-quality design reminiscent of an Apple product, with textured casing, mesh backing, and a slim power adapter. The build quality is impressive, leaving us wondering why other ASICs are not as advanced as this one.

With a hash rate of 1.2 Giga hash and a power consumption of 120 + 10 watts, the G1 Mini has stirred significant interest among miners. However, until recently, its profitability as a solo mining unit was unknown.

Solo Mining Grin with the G1 Mini

The profitability of the G1 Mini when solo mining Grin can reach a staggering 39 cents per day, even with electricity costs considered. This level of return is impressive, but not accurate for everyone, as solo mining earnings depend on hitting a block to receive payments.

A traditional method to secure payout in Bitcoin (BTC) would involve using mining pools like TwoMiners; however, this technique does not support Grin conversion for solo mining. Instead, miners must set up a Grin Core Wallet, such as Grin++.

Once the Grin Core Wallet is set up, the G1 Mini miner configuration is straightforward, requiring minimal user input. With the wallet configured, solo mining Grin is effortless, and the miner will generate earnings, which can then be converted to BTC to maximize returns.

Power Consumption and Performance

The IPOLO G1 Mini’s power consumption fluctuates between 91 and 100 watts. This variability is lower than the initial projection of 120 watts, which makes the miner more energy-efficient than expected. A voltage meter is recommended to keep track of the miner’s power usage to ensure optimum performance.

Although the G1 Mini is not as loud as midsize ASICs, its fan noise is louder than expected, and we recommend using it in a dedicated mining space. Nonetheless, its robust design, impressive mining capabilities, and overall performance make it an attractive option for mining enthusiasts.


Is the IPOLO G1 Mini the hidden gem of the mini ASIC community? With its sleek design, energy efficiency, and high profitability when solo mining Grin, it certainly seems to live up to the hype. However, mining profitability varies depending on factors such as block hitting, and solo mining always carries a degree of risk.

For those willing to take on the challenge, the G1 Mini offers a potentially lucrative mining opportunity with a touch of exclusivity, thanks to its limited availability. The future looks bright for this powerful miner, and it will be exciting to see how it continues to impact the cryptocurrency mining landscape.

Check out more information on the IPOLO G1 Mini, mining pools, and other resources in the video description below. Happy mining!

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    I have 4 of them and LOVE them! https://geni.us/IPolloHOBBYIST
    ๐Ÿ’ Enter Code "BOX" at Checkout in the Special Instruction Field for a Secret Gift!

  2. I also thought it was louder than expected. I tried putting it into the living room but my dad said. Nope! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

    It's in my bedroom for now or hopefully in the future, it could go into the garage if we can make space for it. If I can somehow get more advance, I could have a shed or something. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  3. Great video Hobbyist! I have 4 Ipollo's now and saw that Grin miner when i was shopping for them. It always reminded of a neat little clock radio someone might have on their desk at work. lol Seems like an awesome miner though!

  4. GRIN has several exchanges available for trade but none of them allow deposits for selling. Their wallet was too complicated with the slate packet upgrade.

    Currently only Tradeogre will allow deposits. Someone said Kucoin but that doesnt allow deposits of mined GRIN. Simpleswap doesn't recognize GRIN cryptocurrency either. So any mined coin is not good if you cant sell it.

  5. Have you done any videos on submersion cooling rigs? Are there any easy submersion liquid cooling rigs that are basically plug and play?

  6. I have been solo mining grin with 5 G1 minis for the last 7 months. They used to mine 30 blocks per month consistently. They are now mining only 24 blocks per month, the blocks mined have been slowing going down over the last 3 months.

  7. $299 +SHIPPING + TAXES
    + CUSTOMS +DUTIES Which equals???
    I have NEVER seen an influencer talk about the reality of importing a miner from China.
    Coin Mining Central selks it for about $750. Sure, they need to make a healthy profit, but they also get a volume discount.
    Are the hidden costs of a $299 miner an additional $450?

  8. I was going to get one but my ipolo v1 mini se plus was running good at around 410mh then one day it dropped down to 350 -360 and it never came back up and ever once in awhile it will drop to 0 then recover after a couple of minutes. I want to buy more but I'm nervous.

  9. Wow THM thatโ€™s crazy this old thing is back I had a G1 I use to mine MWC31 with it on herominers, I sold the G1 early last year about when the bull run started to drop, yeah no one else ever came out with another miner, I never got the mini version I did not think that coin was going anywhere, good to see itโ€™s still going strong.

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