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Good morning, binders! Just a quick update and a snapshot into our mining shed setup since we incorporated our new batch of ASIC cryptocurrencies miners. For those who aren’t familiar, an ASIC, which stands for ‘Application Specific Integrated Circuit’, is a chip specifically created for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining. We’ve had some notable developments and want to share them with you all, including how we’ve wisely utilized our space, and the exciting arrival of a new GPU mining rig. So, let’s gear up and dive in!

Shed Update: The ASIC Arrangement

Setup Overview

Now, let’s take a walk down the setup lane. If you recall, we had filled our smaller middle shelf with ASICs the previous day. I am happy to report that it’s looking up to the mark, working smoothly since we last saw it.

Optimizing Space

Moving up, we aimed to take full advantage of our space. As such, we filled up the top shelf too. Yes, you heard it right! We filled it up perfectly, stacking a few Asics, while also making sure they’re all hooked up and buzzing away. Optimizing available space is crucial when tending to a mining shed, especially when you want to maintain and hasten productivity levels.

Introducing the Jazz Miner and the X12

The Jazz Miner

You might notice an unusual addition here – we’ve zip-tied a Jazz Miner to the X12. The Jazz Miner is a special breed, known for its compact, space-efficient design that begs for stacking. This attribute, coupled with durable construction, makes it a fantastic choice for miners dealing with space constraints or looking to ramp up their mining capacity.

The X12

The X12, on the other hand, is an exemplary powerhouse. Known for its top-grade performance, optimal speed and high-end processing, it’s an asset to any serious miner. Zip-tying the Jazz Miner on top of it was an innovation to create room for our new GPU mining rig.

Mining Rigs: The New GPU

GPU Mining Rig: The Exciting Addition

I am thrilled to announce that I am also working on setting up a new GPU mining rig currently. This week promises to be full of plenty of tinkering, and the GPU rig is set to be a significant highlight. For those not in the loop, a GPU, or Graphics Processing Unit, mining rig uses powerful graphics cards to solve complex mathematical equations, thus mining cryptocurrency.

General Shed Setup and Conditions

Our Current GPU Rigs

Sheer power, represented ideally by our present GPU rigs, is located towards the bottom of the shed. I’ve strategically placed these to maintain a balanced temperature throughout the shed.

Intake and Exhaust

Speaking of temperature, the intake wall currently reads a cool 72 degrees Fahrenheit, while the exhaust at the top stands at 84 degrees. We’ve achieved a less than 10-degree Delta, which, for those who don’t know, is excellent in maintaining the internal conditions of the shed.

Power Consumption

Computing power and maintaining the necessary machine-power balance are crucial. Our current setup runs off a stunning total of 24,600 watts. Power is a crucial factor in mining operations, and this figure represents productive output. It is about providing the right amount of wattage to sustain these mining rigs to ensure reliable returns.


We hope this journey through our well-organized mining shed was insightful. It’s all about the smart use of space, understanding temperature dynamics and using miner capacities in a balanced way. Keep mining, and most importantly, stay tuned for our upcoming GPU mining rig update! Happy mining!

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