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Reviving Your GPU Mining Rig for Dynex

If you’re like me and have gone through the process of setting up GPU mining rigs in the past and then having to shut them down as profitability dwindled, you may be feeling like it’s high time for a revival. Over the past few weeks, a few cryptocurrencies have emerged that make these rigs not just viable, but profitable, and notably lucrative, once again. Dynex in particular has caught my eye.

Mining with Dynex

Many of you might ask, “Is it worth mining Dynex? Am I too late?” To answer, absolutely not. Over the last few days, I’ve been using my GPU mining rigs to mine Dynex. If you want to know how I did it or how lucrative it can be, stick around. I’ll take you through the entire process from setting up a Dynex wallet, picking a pool, and then configuring two GPU mining rigs.

Why Dynex?

Dynex as a cryptocurrency has really excited me about powering up my GPU mining rigs again. Despite the trend nature of cryptocurrencies, with the prices often doing a roller-coaster, the Dynex picture over the month actually seems to be holding steady. Even with a bit of correction, it’s still sitting comfortably profitable on my GPU mining rigs. That being said, every GPU certainly has a different fine-tuned configuration.

Setting Up a Dynex Wallet

This is incredibly straightforward and can be completed in less than five minutes. Simply head on over to the official Dynex website and navigate to the ‘get’ are where you’ll find the option to strp up your own Dynex Wallet. It’s a web wallet, so the entire process is conducted within your browser.

Choosing a Mining Pool

In my case, I chose to go with Hero Miners. This is due to their fairly recent announcement introducing a $1,000 USD airdrop as well as zero percent pool fees – music to my ears as a miner keen to maximize profitability.

Setting Up GPU Mining Rigs

For this, you’re going to need Hive OS. Once you’ve created your wallet, added it to Hive OS, and are ready to mine Dynex, you’ll need to create a new flight sheet with Dynex as the coin and Hero Miners as the pool. Hive OS will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you with regards to configurations. If you’re like me and use 3070 or 6600 rigs, you’ll want to prefer a particular miner for each. You’ll need to set-up each miner’s configurations appropriately – CPU resources, set algorithms, and specific endpoints.

Mining With the 3070 Rig

If you plan on mining with your 3070 rig, I recommend setting up the miner configuration with one zero miner, which has proven to be the most efficient for NVIDIA cards. Remember to set the watchdog to reboot the rig if the hash rate falls below a certain number, this way you keep your hardware safe while maximizing your mining capacity.

Mining With the 6600 Rig

In the case of the 6600 rig, you’ll need to use the SRB miner, which is most suitable for AMD setups. Like with the 3070 setup, don’t forget to set the watchdog to reboot the rig if the hash rate falls below a pre-set number for maximum efficiency and to protect your hardware.

Last Words

Dynex is undoubtedly a cryptocurrency that has breathed new life into GPU mining rigs, and I’ve really enjoyed exploring the potential for profitability it holds. So, whether you’re planning on mining long-term or just looking to dip your toes into the mining pool, Dynex presents an exciting opportunity to really put your GPU mining rigs to work.

Remember, whilst mining can be profitable, it does come with its own set of risks and challenges. Therefore, make sure you’re mining responsibly and enjoy the process.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Dynex team and OZM devs can go to hell, they don't deserve to be called humain, I just cancel them and their project and wish them all the bad. Don't waste your time, your energy and any cents on Dynex. That's what i say, but it's up to you.

  2. Running a mining rig in Europe (UK where I am) is currently costing me $0.445kw/h (£0.35kw/h) for electric which is crazy when hearing you say $0.07kw/h I cannot profitably mine anything although I usually mine Conflux in the background when using My PC (3060ti @155watts)

  3. today my teacher in the enginerin university was talking about dynex and its wallpaper, explaining us, how powerfull this thing is
    i heard it was in 0.001 in the beggining, now, just look the price, same road as bitcoin, ethereum and kaspa

    but kaspa i have my doubts, optical bitcoin are behind kaspa, and optical bitcoin was a scam
    about dynex, all clean, many fake news were said, and was just because an exchange had to close then they use that as an opportunity to say fake news

  4. have you read dynex wallpaper? is not just about a change from SHA256 TO ETHASH and smartcontracts inside
    is not about solve the trilemma, is about " skynet " and the next step that intel and IBM are doing

  5. Got brand new into crypto last year starting with mining then getting into investing. Been so bullish to building bags i've been mining on .136 since the merge.

  6. 8 rig , 72 gpu's on dynex 347 kh/s all nvidia. i was on herominers but the yield is very low, so go back to other big pools. The air drop is always fishy for me i never believe they actually give money to anybody with airdrop. Its just a marketing tool.

  7. I will try out that watchdog feature. Good to know! I've been manually resetting mine.

    I have my 6600s at 1800 core, 775 vdd, 950 mem, getting about 2.69 kh at ~50 watts.

  8. Am I the only one getting 30-40% less reward than all the calculators show? I am almost sure that there is some kind of exploit or something that is tricking the pools to keep my reward or what?

  9. I had a bit of dynex earlier this year when it was still winter. I unfortunately sold it as I needed to pay some bills. A week ago I noticed it went above a dollar. Felt my heart sink… i sold it at 0.3.
    Ah well.. back at mining it now lol

  10. Started mining Dynex around mid-April if I remember right. With the increase in price, it has been profitable. However, do not depend on any calculator for Dynex. I have found most to be off as much as -40%. Check your profits yourself. Personally, I have moved on to other projects that are currently more profitable. You could always mine those and buy Dynex if you believe in the project. Maybe this will change once miners are paid for jobs. DYOR

  11. Yea … idk man .. ur recommending the web wallet??? And yea herominers give away cool … i guess with the pool cap i think that is put in place its fine to pump herominers i just remember when they did the giveaway on ironfish it was a mess with all of the hashrate on herominers

  12. Yes but I put one rig I suppose to earn 4.2 dynex per day but in real life i get half so not very profitable.
    Rxd I should get 0.11-0,12 per gpu and in real life 0.08698…..
    So in teory is good in real life sucks!
    Tryed 2 different pools!

  13. I turned on a couple of rigs to try out new coins. Dynex, was one, that I have a low card rig on. 8x30HX just to see if it will mine. Its cheap enough not to worry about the costs. Though I will not lie, I have mixed thoughts about Dynex, like some that question if its legit. 😂

  14. Getting out better profits on radiant, dynex miningsoftware is too unstable. Im not using hive since it messed up power and blew up one psu. before that it was 370 ish watts on 4 4070ti tried same miner in windows with same clocks bam over 500w then i tried to use hive again different clock settings same power limit..also then it almost blew another psu but i then could pull the plug out..before that i mined dynex for weeks without problems..to much drama for me. I love mining Radiant.

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