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A Bitmain L3 Plus Miner with Extra Oomph

In today’s video, we discussed how you could take your Bitmain L3 Plus miner from an ordinary piece of kit and ramp it up to a high-performance cryptocurrency drilling machine. With a few tweaks, a few mistakes, and a few configuration changes, we have taken this miner to the next level.

Why Upgrade the Bitmain L3 Plus?

The Bitmain Antminer L3 Plus is already an impressive piece of crypto-mining equipment, with a good hash rate right out of the box. But we wanted to make it even better. That’s where the fun began. Our goal was to replace the high RPM fans that come in the L3 Plus with lower RPM ones that are well known for being quieter.

The Problem with High RPM Fans

While high RPM fans do a terrific job in cooling the miner, they produce an incredible amount of noise, especially during the summer months. The stock fans can run up to 6000 RPM, and when they are in full swing, they can really ramp up the decibel count. This is where the next bit of our project came in.

The next step in our L3 plus upgrade was to replace the high RPM fans with Noctua fans. Known for their quiet operation, we believed that these could perform just as well, if not better, than the stock fans found in the Bitmain L3 Plus.

Modified Fan Setup for Optimal Performance

For optimal fan operation and efficiency, we ran the cables from the fans into the appropriate controller on the miner. This allowed us to better manage the fan’s speed, resulting in a more efficient cooling operation and quieter operation.

Testing the Upgraded Bitmain L3 Plus

With the new fans installed, we ran several tests to ascertain the performance, efficiency, and noise levels. We wanted to know, were the Noctua fans living up to their reputation? Could they provide the much-needed cooling while keeping the noise levels at a minimum?

By carefully measuring DB levels and fan speed, we able to verify the overall effectiveness of our fan replacement.

Bitmain L3 Plus: Upgraded, Tested, Approved.

At the end of the project and after rigorous testing, we can confidently say that upgrading the Bitmain L3 Plus with the Noctua fans is a resounding success. The machine runs smoother, is quieter, and has not sacrificed any performance.

A Word of Appreciation for Coin Ledger.IO

This amplified Bitmain L3 Plus miner project was proudly sponsored by coin ledger.IO. This platform has made the tax loss harvesting process super easy for U.S.-based crypto miners, giving them the ability to log wallet transactions and generate a tax loss report.

Plans for Bitmain L3 Plus Miner in the Future

Although the Bitmain L3 plus modification has proven to be effective, there are still lots of improvements to be made. We aim to increase efficiency further by switching to an HP 1200 watt service power supply, which we believe could provide better performance in terms of both efficiency and sound.

In conclusion, although the Bitmain L3 Plus is a formidable piece of mining hardware, a few tweaks here and there can certainly enhance its performance. Keep an eye out for further updates. We will be undertaking more modifications, testing, and will share with all crypto-mining enthusiasts.

Upgrade your Bitmain L3 Plus for Improved Performance

Upgrading your Bitmain L3 Plus is a surefire way to boost its operation and overall performance. The tricks and tips shared on this video could easily be implemented for better mining performance. With careful analysis and the correct equipment (like quieter fans), you could significantly enhance your mining rig’s functionality. Most importantly, always test your modifications thoroughly to ensure all parts are functioning effectively together.

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  1. Did you ever do a follow up video? just ordered my first asic and am concerned about sound. Looking into this if it can handle it during summer.

  2. In my humble opinion you should be fine even in summer, as long as you get enough cool air into your shed & yes just as medium since portable AC either with a condensation tank or a small plastic tube will blow the warm AC air to the outside of your shed. I will have to do the same thing in my mining room in northern Cali there it goes in August, through September and sometimes even October into the high 90s up to almost 110 F & yes i live in the Eastbay still relatively close to the Water but it gets really hot here in late Summer.
    Greetings & as always thank you for the awesome upload & the quality of your audio and Video on your Youtube Videos. Since i will have soon to decide which camera & Microphone to purchase i was wondering if you would be willing to share which Canera and Microphone you are using. Greetings 😊🎬☂️

  3. You Should Try The Arctic Cool, Water Cooler Fans, See if any are large enough, Those are the Best water cooling fans available IMO, They may not be large enough, But maybe The Company that produces them For Arctic Cool Has Larger Ones. Water Cooler Fans are Designed to Push or Pull higher and More air Than other PC Fans, Pretty Sure Noctua Does Not make PC High Volume air Flow PC, Water Cooler Fans.

  4. Awesome 👏 content as always THM .. it’s crazy to see the L3+’s still rocking since 2017 just goes to show you if the value of the coin remain high old asic miners can still be profitable!

  5. It's summer here in Australia…ironically I ordered some Noctua fans previously and they are on their way, so once I get them will let you know how they perform in higher ambient temps. I only have an L3+ but not much difference probably.

  6. You could have just taken off the back plate & reversed the stock screws & get the appropriate nuts that fit & reattach the back plate, also run it without the grills on it, some wind noise could be caused by the grills

  7. when cutting bolts, put a nut on the bolt and cut behind it, when you remove the nut it cleans up the end of the thread. also makes it easier to hold in a vice so the cut is better to start with.

  8. Great video. I appreciate the fact that you included your mistake. One thing I was wondering is what was your power consumption between the stock fans and the aftermarket fans? Was there a difference?

  9. Fun fact: if you are running the L3 at 504 MH just plug one pcie 6 pin into each board and use the other 6 you didn’t plug in to another L3 and run it at 504 MH. 2 L3’s one PSU

  10. My opinion, I don't think they will be enough for the summer months as airflow is king to keeping these cool. I have 4 of these running all year and I created 3d printed 5" exhaust flanges where I pipe the hot air out of the garage which also eliminates the need for the quieter Noctuas as it lowers the noise level enough for me. I appreciate the time and detail devoted to this video as you answered a lot of questions I had but for me personally those fans do not move enough air late spring, summer and early fall months.

  11. You can use the same bolts if you take the face plate off and screw them in from the Inside out, and some #8 sized nuts. And the noctuas work perfectly at 95F to keep em cool still, and the bitmain psu fan is why it's still loud

  12. I have used the NF-F12 fan, Phantech T30, and new Silverstone FHS 120X. I would use the Noctuas only in a dusty environment. The T30 are way better for nosie and airflow. The FHS would be needed for overclocking it, they go to 4k rpm and not loud at all tbh.

  13. This is the exact video I needed… ordered 3 of these and using them as camper heaters… I was really hoping the fans would work… 75 db with that whining is too much

  14. Sweet video just an FYI the milwalke automotive wire stripper has 2 holes in it for cutting small diameter screws. Then you don't have to try to file the threads. Although the threads are standard the metric threads should be thinner and still thread in, you just cant screw in a standard thread screw into a metric hole. Then you just thread in the screw to the length you want and cut, and the end threads should not get damaged.

  15. Forgot to take the protective paper off the back of my ek water block when i built my hard line loop on my 5950x/5700xt. Took me a few days to figure out why the computer kept shutting off

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