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Introducing a Revolutionary Game-Changer for Home Crypto Miners

Ever wondered what in the world this device is doing in so many homes? It’s a real game-changer for home crypto miners! This small device, gifted from the team over at first argentinemining dot Co, is an incredible solution for rampant growing electricity prices, offering a cost-effective and hassle-free way to mine Bitcoin.

Understanding the Pains of Home Crypto Mining

Mining Bitcoin nowadays has become quite a struggle for home crypto miners, owing to ever-rising electricity prices worldwide. Purchasing and hosting your own Bitcoin Asic has become an expensive ordeal. This is where the team at the First Argentine mining company comes into the picture.

Revolutionizing your Crypto Mining Experience

The company is offering a unique approach to home crypto mining that not just solves your electricity bill issues, but also removes several other associated hassles. It all starts with their electricity deal. Their team has managed to negotiate an electric rate of 2 cents per kilowatt hour. This means their operating cost is significantly lower than ours, which they then pass on to their customers by means of affordable and effortless mining opportunities.

Exploring the Dynamics of Mining Operations

But what’s even more exciting is their innovative approach to minimizing the engagement in the mining process. Instead of purchasing an Asic and dealing with the hosting challenges, they have taken over all costs and risks. This fantastic model allows home miners to purchase a mining NFT and simply watch their Bitcoin wallets grow each month.

Understanding Mining NFTs – An Effortless and Rewarding Opportunity

A mining NFT brings you all the rewards of home crypto mining without the related hassles. You get monthly deposits of Bitcoin directly into your account without having to worry about the rig, the set-up, the electricity costs, or the maintenance challenges. All you need to do is get your hands on a mining NFT from the First Argentine mining company!

A Closer Look at a Home Crypto Miner’s Setup

For a typical home miner’s set-up, an S19j Pro is used in combination with an AC Infinity inline fan, all meticulously controlled by a unit – the controller 67 from AC Infinity. An interesting part of the set-up includes an intake vent, which sucks in air to be filtered into the rig. However, the controllability of the entire system is limited with only two fan speed options.

The Game Changer: Pivotal Pleb’s Cloud Line Unit

The cloud line unit from Pivotal Pleb is the game-changer every home crypto miner needs. This clever unit can interface with your Asic Miner, controlling the inline exhaust fan’s speed to maintain optimal efficiency and extend the lifespan of an Asic miner. What’s more, it also ensures optimal chip temperature for better mining performance.

Understanding the Simplified Mining Operations with Pivotal Pleb’s Unit

The Pivotal Pleb’s unit boasts automated controls that maintain optimal speeds and temperatures for your Asic miner, reducing the need for manual adjustments. This is a crucial feature as accurate temperature regulation is instrumental in ensuring longevity and efficient cooling of the Asic.

Unboxing the Magic from Pivotal Pleb

The package from Pivotal Pleb – the Cloud Line Unit – is simple yet mysterious, consisting of parts designed for direct installation into the Asic control board. With an impressive 50 different settings that automatically adjust to work with the Asic for optimal speeds, this unit ensures that your Asic miner operates at its ideal state, dictated by the Asic and not manual controls, guaranteeing your investment’s extended lifespan.

Empowering a New Era of Home Crypto Mining

In summary, the Cloud Line Unit from Pivotal Pleb transforms the home crypto mining experience. By leveraging superior temperature regulation and automated control of ventilation fan speeds, this small but powerful unit is set to revolutionize how we mine Bitcoin from our homes – more efficiently, more profitability, with less hassle. Be part of this major shift in crypto mining, and check out Pivotal Pleb’s offerings today. The next era of home crypto mining starts with a cloud line unit in your pocket.

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  1. 11:45 95F is also about where my crunching farm of PCs in my vented garage start to get near throttling but can handle higher. I think most of mone would actually throttle at just under 105F. 120v power delivery temps r what matter 4 safety in my case I keep airflow around them

  2. Njord in english is pronounced like "Nee-oord" kind of like gourd but almost with a "ny" beginning, in the norse I believe the R at the end is slightly rolled but i don't think anyone will care in english. Great Video!

  3. good stuff. I just bought my first L7 and it is loud AF. I don't think the wife is happy lol. I've been debating on the same silencer kit, but but those dummy plugs really worried me. In the event the fan dies or turns off the asic is going to keep running and that would be bad. I went to the Fruits and Associates (or w/e the they are called now) webpage and was going to bite the bullet to quiet the thing down and i saw they had this device as an option. I immediately jumped at it. Still waiting for it to ship but can't wait to get everything.

  4. Great idea but this will actually cause you to waste energy. The most efficient way to run these ASICs is to keep your AC Infinity fan running at speed 9 all the time. They stay cool and you save a bunch of watts. Check the numbers, you're welcome.

  5. I have 2 of those AC infinity blowers and never understood why their “smart” controller could not automatically control fan speed based on air temp. it should be a basic function

  6. I have my ac infinity setup with an idle speed, and when it gets hotter, every 2 degree increase it’ll bump up the speed one level. That’s built into the Bluetooth app and the controller for AC Infinity.

  7. THM very nice, thanks for the awesome review, looks at the same miners since we can’t use two different miners your before exhaust temps was 59-60* and your after was 69-70* base on what stock firmware and setup would try todo, this means without this setup you where running much cooler than needed and using more electric for no reason! Truly awesome.

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