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Introducing the Misfit Mining GPU Cooling Clips

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, so does the demand for efficient and effective GPU cooling solutions for mining rigs. One fantastic solution that has emerged from the Misfits Mining team is their GPU hangers and cooling clips. In this article, we will explore these innovative solutions and show you how they can benefit your mining setup.

A Look at the Misfits Mining GPU Hangers and Cooling Clips

The Misfit Mining GPU hangers and cooling clips offer an easy way to both mount your GPU and provide additional cooling. They are designed to be installed on a metal rack, allowing you to hang multiple graphics cards in a secure and organized fashion. Furthermore, these hangers can also hold fans that provide additional cooling to help improve overall mining efficiency.

The cooling clips have a unique and robust design, making them perfect for safely securing your fans and ensuring proper air circulation around your mining rig. Now, let’s discuss how to install these clips, the results you can expect, and where to find them online.

Installing the Misfits Mining Cooling Clips

Installation of the cooling clips is straightforward and requires minimal tools. Simply clip the fans onto the metal rack, ensuring that they face the correct direction for optimal airflow and cooling. To get the best cooling performance, it is recommended to use a row of fans, so you have a consistent flow of air across your GPUs.

Once installed, it is essential to monitor the temperatures of your mining rig to ensure that the additional cooling is effective. By comparing the temperature readings before and after installing the clips, you can evaluate their impact on your mining rig’s performance.

Benefits of Using the Cooling Clips

There are several benefits to implementing the Misfits Mining cooling clips in your mining setup:

  1. Improved cooling – By adding extra fans to your mining rig, you can help to lower the temperatures on your GPUs, allowing them to run more efficiently and potentially last longer.
  2. Organized GPU setup – The GPU hangers help to keep your mining rig organized and tidy, which can help with maintenance and troubleshooting.
  3. Easy installation – The cooling clips are simple to install, with minimal tools required. This makes it easy to upgrade your mining rig cooling without significant modifications.

Where to Buy Misfits Mining GPU Cooling Clips

The Misfit Mining GPU cooling clips can be purchased directly through the Misfits Mining Discord channel. In their Discord, they have a dedicated channel for these clips, which includes a PayPal link for a quick and easy purchase. To access their Discord channel, follow the link provided in the description of this article.


As mining becomes more popular, finding innovative ways to keep your mining rig cool and efficient is essential. The Misfits Mining GPU cooling clips offer a simple and effective solution for improving your mining rig’s cooling capabilities. With easy installation and the potential to improve your mining setup’s performance, these clips are an excellent investment for any cryptocurrency miner. Don’t forget to join the newly launched Hobbyist Miner Mining Community Discord to stay connected with fellow miners, share your experiences, and learn more about this exciting hobby.

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  1. Hello all of the felit of the villain's first villa said I am in the same that the cooling of mining devices is difficult but solution reached his Hua buy a refrigerator of its glass and used it and make it suitable for my own mystery my own questions The cold air affects the mining or no

  2. I quit the video. Specificly wanted to maximize screen to see details, but everytime your hand moves in front of camera at all, everything goes blurry. Turn off autofocus

  3. i Hang my GPU exactly like what you do but the card got high temp 70 – 80'C. but if u lay down like normal rig, the temp goes back into 50'c
    what wrong with that ? need advice

  4. hello why dont you change positions of ur GPU and do not make one behind the other -_ like that and try to add another ligne of fans under the 1st to cover all the surface of the GPU and try ?

  5. It could be cool to see side by side comparisons with fan speeds of the cards along with temps, while the cards are mounted in different orientations.. Like gpu fan on top blowing down, gpu fan on bottom blowing the gpu mounted flat on its back or upside down. also mounted like you have them in your rack hanging from the top and dangling down…or flipped upside down and with the montior end of the gpus on the bottom. And compare which orientation the cards actually run cooler. That would be great information to know for gpus that are running for months on end….

  6. I need a different method. My mining rig is in a fairly small room, but it would be too noisy in my living room. It heats up the small room quite a bit and now that we added 1 more GPU to it recently the overal performance per GPU has dropped quite a bit and the heat has risen quite a bit as well. I have a few fans blowing away the hot air into the hallway that leads to the living room, but they aren't doing a very good job. My house is also fairly small.

    Having a proper airco is not an option and a mobile airco would consume far too much electricity (the rig is still under construction). I don't need to squeeze every single MH out of every GPU, but a 10-20% loss is quite a big loss. Is there any kind of affordable fan that does a good job moving the hot air to a different room? I think that alone would already bring up the performance to an acceptable level. I tried looking into air coolers too, but supposedly they have a lot of humidity and don't really cool all that well.

    We may have better solutions available to us once we build up a bit more, but for now it would be good if the performance loss would be consistently less than 10%.

  7. What are you resting your psu and breakout boards on? Some kind of mat? How did you mount your motherboard to standoffs on that rack?

  8. Nice try dude! those cards are designed to be blowing the Air out from 8 pins connector and two fans on gpu sucking the air in, perhaps you wanna change cards direction, try that and thank me later, at the moment all your cards are blowing directly on the motherboard and some hot air is being pulled out by the fans ..

  9. I wanted to grab a few cards and do some test runs but everything's out of stock. My single strix 480 ive had is mining great. But adding more seems impossible right now.

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