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Surviving the Cold: How Mining Sheds Handle Extreme Temperatures


As winter approaches and the temperatures continue to drop, many miners may be wondering how their mining sheds will fare in these frigid conditions. In this article, we will explore the challenges that cold weather poses to mining sheds and the steps that can be taken to ensure their effective operation during this period. We will also take a closer look at the AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro, an innovative tool that can help monitor and manage the temperatures within your shed.

Challenges Posed by Cold Weather

In areas where the weather is cold, especially during this time with the crazy cold front sweeping across North America, it is essential for miners to ensure that their mining sheds are well-prepared for the challenges that the winter months bring. The primary concern is keeping the equipment at optimal temperature ranges, as extreme cold can lead to condensation, frost, and other issues that may damage the equipment and negatively impact its performance.

During extreme cold temperatures, such as wind chills in the negatives, maintaining the ideal temperature within the shed can be a difficult task. With mining rigs producing a significant amount of heat, miners may be worried about how their sheds will handle the balance between the cold weather outside and the heat generated from the mining equipment inside.

How to Keep Your Mining Shed Warm

To help combat the cold temperatures outside, the first step is to seal off any vents or gaps that might be present in the mining shed. This can be done using hardboard wrapped in plastic or any other insulating material that will help to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

Next, consider turning off the exhaust fans. This will allow the natural heat generated by the mining equipment to accumulate within the shed, making it easier to maintain the desired temperature range. In some cases, this can result in significant increases in temperature within the shed, even when the outdoor temperature is quite low.

It is essential to monitor the temperature within the shed continuously, as conditions can change rapidly. Using temperature probes like the Vivosun and the Govi units mentioned earlier is a great way to keep track of the current conditions within the shed and make adjustments as needed.

The AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro

The AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro is an excellent tool for controlling the temperature within your mining shed during the winter months. This Wi-Fi-enabled controller allows you to manage up to four fans and also includes an integrated temperature probe, making it easy to monitor and control the conditions within your shed.

With the ability to control your mining shed’s exhaust fans directly from your phone, the Controller 69 Pro makes it easy to fine-tune the temperature within the shed to ensure optimal performance for your mining equipment.

Additionally, the Controller 69 Pro is compatible with both inline fans and shutter fans, making it a versatile tool no matter what type of cooling system you have set up in your mining shed.


Winterizing your mining shed is a crucial step in ensuring that your mining equipment can continue to operate effectively and efficiently throughout the cold months. By sealing off vents, managing your exhaust fans, and closely monitoring the temperature within your shed, you can help to maintain the optimal conditions for your mining rigs even when the temperatures outside are plummeting. The AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro is a valuable tool in achieving this goal, and with its Wi-Fi capabilities, you can keep an eye on your shed conditions no matter where you are.

Stay warm, miners – and happy belated Christmas! Enjoy this winter season, and keep your mining sheds running smoothly, even in the coldest of temperatures. Happy mining!

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  1. It was -20 with wind chill of -50. Pretty typical for winter in SD. Now that mining efficiency is so good, my rigs don't put out much heat. But I used to use the miners to assist with heating, lol.

  2. well i built a insulated Room in the corner of the none heated garage with a existing 20" exhaust fan already there and in the winter i keep it at between 10-15c and i think " i know" they're loving it. All 3090's and i don't care : ) gotta get those coins Somehow.
    Thx man

  3. Currently 10 deg F in Pittsburgh….Had a 6 GPU rig on my enclosed porch along with 3 KDA box pros, (to keep my wife's plants warm). The ASICs were/are fine out there. The GPU rig wouldn't stay on! Had to bring it in…

  4. simply regulate the temp by limiting how much cold enters the shack. i have a pair of compressors i maintain where i work, i made dampers to regulate how much outside air they draw in the winter, too much they wont run. some simple sliding dampers on your wall would work.

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