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Welcome to the World of Crypto Mining

Crypto mining has been growing in popularity over the past few years. With many miners navigating the murky waters of online currency, we want to give you all the details about our crypto mining operation. In this article, we’ll walk you through our recent progress on constructing a second crypto mining shed in collaboration with Mr. Electrician.

The Benefits of Mining

Before we delve into our shed project, let’s discuss why we’ve chosen to venture into crypto mining. Mining gives us the opportunity to earn income passively, all from solving complex mathematical problems that validate crypto transactions. Besides that, it provides the opportunity to contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and take part in the financial future’s innovation.

Efficiency is Key: Automation with When to Mine

In our quest to make our mining rig more profitable, we have integrated it with When to Mine. Supporting more than 250 coins, this app enables automatic coin switching and power switching, adjusting based on what earns the most at any given time. Not only does this improve profitability, but it reduces the need to manually monitor and adjust our rig constantly. With When to Mine, your rig could be up and running in 10 minutes.

Our Second Crypto Mining Shed

Let’s now delve into our mining shed. By converting this old storage shed into a dedicated mining facility, we aim to create an environment that maximizes our mining efficiency and effectiveness.

The Initial Cleanup

The first step in the transformation was clean up. We removed screws, bolts, and any other potentially harmful objects. After ensuring that the space was safe, we thoroughly vacuum cleaned, leaving the place primed for the next phase.

Adding a Touch of Preparation

As part of optimizing the space, we brought in some spare two-by-four timber and plywood from previous projects. These not only helped in modifying the space for mining but also significantly cut costs.

We also installed LED lights, providing adequate lighting for the shed. These are particularly efficient, producing up to 3000 lumens per light.

Breathing Life into the Shed: Intake Vents

For effective cooling of the mining equipment, we decided to install gable vents on one side of the shed. We removed the vinyl siding and replaced it with pre-treated wood and stainless-steel screws, providing a sturdy surface for the intake vents. Final positioning and installation will be done once we have treated and painted this wood.

Exhaling the Heat: The Exhaust System

Keeping the mining equipment cool is essential for efficient operation and longevity. On the opposite side of the intake vents, we will install AC Infinity T14 exhaust fans for this purpose. To prepare for the exhaust system, we again replaced the vinyl siding with pre-treated wood, further reinforced to handle the fans’ vibrations.

The Future of Our Mining Shed

While the progress is impressive, we still have a few significant steps to take.

Power and Electrical Work

With Mr. Electrician’s help, we’ll run conduit into the shed, connecting it to a separate panel. In anticipation of this, we’ll also install plywood on the walls that will house the panel and run our electrical wires through the two-by-fours.

Finishing Touches

Once the wiring is complete, we’ll seal and paint the walls. This will precede the installation of the intake and exhaust systems as well as other electrical fittings like lights, switches, and meters.

Our Aim

With our dedication and hard work, we aim to have an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) in the shed mining within the next four weeks.


We’ve come a long way in our journey of creating a crypto mining shed. We’re making significant strides towards our goal, and we’re both excited and confident about the way forward. As we continue to adapt and learn in this crypto mining adventure, we look forward to sharing more updates with our fellow miners.

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With the help of this information, we hope you can navigate your way around crypto mining or simply enjoy this update. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. I dig the project updates, that looks like a lot of fun! It really does help the phycology on the project having a great starting point.

  2. for you intake side, what about doing a lean-to similar to how i did my shed intake. If you make it big enough you wont have to buy expensive louver vents & wont need a gutter either. You can use wire to keep bugs out and staple intake filter directly to inside 2×4 studs

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