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The Installation of Helium 5G Radio

Today’s video blog takes us to another exciting adventure in the cryptocurrency world as we install a helium 5G radio on the rooftop. This cutting-edge device is none other than the Freedom Fi by cells helium 5G radio.

What is Freedom Fi Helium Radio?

Simply put, it allows me to earn the Helium 5G Mobile Token, which, at present, has gained attention in the cryptocurrency market. Besides my Freedom F helium miner installed in my attic, venturing into mobile token is a strategic move, in light of its current popularity.

Installing The Helium 5G Radio

The installation process entails not just unboxing and setting the device in place. It calls for pre-installation steps that include registration and taking photos of the unit. All of these I must do to provide proper documentation and identification of the installed Helium 5G radio.

Harnessing the Power of Helium 5G Radio

With every technology that intertwines with cryptocurrency, the intent is not just about the thrill of having the latest gadgets, but more importantly, it’s the anticipated returns of the investment. While the IOT token I’ve been accumulating with the Freedom F helium miner installed in my attic is doing well, the real speculation now builds around the mobile token.

Considerations for Installing the Helium 5G Radio

Installing a helium 5G radio goes beyond taking it out of the box and placing it where it suits my aesthetics. To maximize its earning potentials, it has to be installed a good height above the ground, in my case, atop the peak of my house. Finding the right position will ensure the radio performs its tasks optimally, providing the desired results – earning more mobile tokens.

Challenges of Helium 5G Radio Installation

Upon installation, we’ve incorporated a J hook on the side of my house, specifically on the peak. This mount point sits quite high, necessitating the use of a 45ft boom lift to reach the altitude. Although the experience of operating at that height gave me the chills, it is an essential part of the installation.

Setting up the Radio and Its Cables

Inside the attic, we connected the radio using Poe ethernet through its Poe injector. We also used a 6ft long, exterior-rated cat 6 cable running to the device’s LAN port. From there, it connects to the Freedom Fire unit, again, located in the attic.

Aligning Helium 5G Radio on Peak Roof

Upon ascending to the peak of my roof, I began my efforts to install the helium 5G radio. One might question my decision to install it at such a height, but I have made the decision based on the device’s sound performance when placed at an elevated level.

Important Things Learned from What may have Seemed as Afterthoughts

The installation had me taking several trips up and down the lift, an activity that had me grappling with my fear of heights momentarily. What’s more, it started to rain midway through the process. It didn’t help that I realized we had to plug in the buy cell radio and check the link lights after raising myself on the lift.

Next Steps After Helium 5G Radio Installation

Having completed the physical installation, the next steps involve registering the buy cells radio within the helium platform where I have to wait for their confirmation. It might take a week or longer, but it’s a necessary process that speaks of the high quality and reliability of the helium 5G radio network.

The Helium 5G Network and Its Partnership with T-Mobile

While waiting for the registration confirmation, one might ask why Helium chooses to venture into the 5G. Well, it’s because Helium 5G is a major partner of T-Mobile. They are working on exploiting the 5G Network to augment the current network of T-Mobile, strengthening connectivity in densely populated areas, and eliminating dead spots in their coverage.

Endless Possibility with Helium 5G Radio

With the continuing advancement of technology intertwining with the cryptocurrency market, the installation of the Helium 5G radio does not just serve the purpose of acquiring the latest gadgets. More importantly, it triggers the exhilarating anticipation of valuable returns through mobile tokens as it advances in the market.


Endless possibilities await with Helium 5G Radio. Although it is still speculation at this point, the device’s performance coupled with strategic placement increases chances of earning more from this venture. So, join me as I embark on this journey, exploring the world of cryptocurrency and maximizing every opportunity to gain returns with Helium 5G Radio.

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Disclaimer: Helium is pivoting now to Wifi Offload via its new mobile hotspot. That means original 5G/LTE/CBRS technology like freedomfi may come to an end one day. If you want to get in into helium mobile your best bet is to purchase the new mobile hotspot not the freedomfi.

  2. I do mine 5G mobile token from Europe as of January 2023. Way before the halving of mobile token. Offcource I do own 5G antenna by Moken because in Europe we cannot place the hardware antenna. The rewards are very stable and daily whit weekly payouts to own wallet.

  3. Very cool. And I thought I was high putting my antenna up. I assume they give you a lesson on how to operate that boom. I think your thoughts are on the right track regarding the Mobile token and T Mobile partnership. I will be looking to potentially put up a 5g antenna, need to look into it in more detail.

  4. They done the same with IOT, made it look profitable, then they absolutely ruined the IOT when they decided to go Mobile. I wont be surprised if they will scam the 5G later when enough hardware sold… Personally never touching Helium again…

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