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The KD Box 2: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to the Hobbyist Miners’ Channel. Today, we are examining the KD Box 2 from Gold Shell in-depth. This newly launched crypto mining unit is already creating a buzz in the miner community, but how does it fair against competitors such as Bitmain’s ka3? This is an essential question, especially as these two products are attractively priced at opposite ends of the spectrum.

In this review, we seek to demonstrate the potential profitability of the KD Box 2 and compare it with its competitors. This comparison is necessary as the introduction of the ka3 a few weeks after the launch of the KD Box 2 seems to have affected the profitability of the latter.

Initial Impressions and Setup

The KD Box 2 is an impressive piece of hardware. A quick overview of its setup procedure reveals custom-made 16 gauge power cables, designed specifically for mini ASIC miners, connecting a 400-watt unit to an HP 1200 watt server power supply.

These cables, available from parallel miners on Amazon, plug directly into the two six-pin slots on the KD Box 2. This power supply can support 900 watts on 120 volts, or 1200 watts on 240 volts.

Once it’s set up and the ethernet connection established, a quick check of the watt meter shows a consumption of around 418 watts, slightly higher than the listed 400 watts, which is an acceptable variance.

Finding the KD Box 2 and Profitability Analysis

The KD Box 2 can be purchased from coin mining central. The current price is around 482.50, minus the discount of 120 for using the code ‘hobbyist miner’, meaning the device is affordable at $360. The device delivers a respectable five terahash at 400 watts.

Our device, over a test period of 10 days, netted an average of $1.18 per day, which, when extrapolated to monthly and yearly earnings, are approximately $35.53 and $426.33 respectively. Thus, the KD Box 2 could pay for itself in about a year, a decent return on investment. However, we did notice the earnings seem to decrease over time, a possible impact from the ka3 ramping up the network difficulty.

Comparing with the ka3 and Future Projections

While the ka3 and KD Box 2 cannot be directly compared because of their different price points, it’s instructive to note that the entry of more capable and relatively cheaper devices like the ka3 could reduce the profitability of the KD Box 2 significantly. The exact degree of this impact over the long term is challenging to predict today.

On the other hand, should Cadena, the cryptocurrency the KD Box 2 mines, reach its all-time high value of 27.61 cents (attained in November 2021), the miner’s profitability could increase dramatically, to around $10,000 per year.


In conclusion, the KD Box 2 is a capable crypto miner that is not too harsh on the wallet. At $360, it provides reasonable performance for its price and could be an excellent addition to a crypto miner’s toolkit. Its main downside could be its vulnerability to the influx of more powerful and cheaper miners affecting its longer-term profitability.

Nevertheless, its profitability can be buoyed by fluctuating cryptocurrency prices or drastic increases in the cryptocurrency it mines – Cadena. Therefore, its future profitability remains relatively uncertain and depends on market dynamics. Should the price of Cadena increase significantly, and the influx of more powerful miners slow down, the KD box 2 would become an even more attractive proposition.

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We hope you’ve found our KD Box 2 review valuable and insightful. Please share your personal feedback, thoughts, and experiences in the comments section below!

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About the Author: Mike Izzo


  1. Please don’t buy this miner. Or any box miner that runs off 110v they are suckers miner. Built just to suck the money out of you. You’ll never ROI. Your better off buying the coin.

    He never mentioned how much electricity it cost him. So unless you have free or under .10kw just walk away from these home miners.

  2. About server Psu:s i bought a "refurbished" couple weeks ago and my first one ever..and my last.. used it to power 3 2060 gpu's on Kaspa after 3 days it was in Flames . My fire alarm works fine btw 😃

  3. Would be nice to see video of upcoming asics that could do the same to other algos. With Ipollos being able to do other algos on different platforms those seem decent

  4. This video is months behind. THE DAY the KA3 was announced, It was obvious that KDA mining was over for home miners. Yet you and other YouTubers were taking up KDA as a profitable mining option so you could make videos. You helped herd newbs into buying miners that were obviously soon to be obsolete. It’s disgusting, and I’m halfway about decided to make my own channel just to call you all out on it.

  5. This is a big problem with all POW asics. Joe schmo pays 5k for an asic then these companies come out with something twice as good 6 months later. Multiple companies one upping themselves and us regular people get left behind with miners that barely break even. I paid thousands for a ck5 years ago and no more than 1 year later there are about 3 or 4 much higher hashing machines and my investment into my ck5 was me going all out. I can't afford to do that probably ever again. These asic companies just keep coming out with too many machines

  6. I have the 400W 5 TH Box miner. I have low power costs so I am hoping that the price of KDA improves enough to keep it profitable.

    I guess too at some point the inefficient miners will start being powered off? Like if someone has a farm of ibelink they are just going to power down at some point. So that should start to blunt the rise in hash.

  7. I use the Goldshell power supply unit for my KDA box miners. It powers 4 box pros or 2 Box II's. Just got my Box II today. waited a while for it. Still excited for it even with the drop in profitability.

  8. hopefully i was only able to get 1 for the kids instead of 1 each … i was expecting hashrate spike but might have underestimate where it could end lol …. anyway dad will still pay theyr electricity bill 😛

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