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The Future of Home Heating: The Story of the Ampminer s9i

The world is changing rapidly with the advent of technology and digital currencies. The realm of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, shows immense potential to revolutionize the economic landscape. The process of acquiring these digital currencies, known as cryptocurrency mining, requires the effort of powerful machines such as the Ampminer s9i. But, what if there was a way to mine cryptocurrencies while also providing a useful utility for your home? We introduce to you the Heatbit, a space heater that also mines Bitcoin. Unfortunately, after operating for just under six weeks, the machine broke down. However, with a little ingenuity and elbow grease, we were able to resurrect this unique piece of technology.

Reviving The Heatbit: A Tale of Technological Resurrection

The Initial Breakdown

The Heatbit started life as a space heater that also functioned as an Asic Miner. Asic miners are designed specifically to mine Bitcoin, making them substantially more efficient than general-purpose computer systems at mining cryptocurrencies. They are the workhorses of the Bitcoin world, and they lie at the core of the Heatbit.

After just under six weeks of operational duration, our Heatbit ceased to function correctly, halting our operations – both heating and mining. With the sudden shutdown of our Asic Miner, we were left with a dual dilemma of cooling homes and halting Bitcoin mining.

The Asic Comeback

Determined to resurrect this vital piece of equipment, we decided to dismantle the device and diagnose the issues. Disassembly uncovered the problem – faulty components within the Asic Miner. This discovery led us to undertake a mission to rebuild it using the Ampminer s9i.

The Rebirth: Ampminer s9i

Restoring Power

The Ampminer s9i is a renowned device in the world of Bitcoin mining. It is renowned for its high-performing capabilities and robust operations, making it a perfect replacement for our faulty Asic Miner.

To restore our Heatbit to full functionality, certain parts were restored and introduced to the system. This included the addition of 6000 RPM fans, essential for cooling down the high-performing system.

Operating System and Power Supply

The rest of the build relied on other key bits of hardware. A Bitmain APW7 power supply was rigged up as the unit’s power source, known for its stability and high conversion efficiency, reducing the machine’s power consumption.

To carry out the operations efficiently, we installed the Braiins OS on an SD card. Braiins OS is an open-source, Linux-based system specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. It ensures robust performance and efficient Bitcoin mining.

Control Board and Hash Boards

The Ampminer s9i’s original control board was restored, along with ribbon cables, vital for connecting various components of the device. The unit contains three hash boards, a core component responsible for processing the cryptographic hashing functions in the mining process. One of these needed replacing due to damage.

Following these restorations, the Ampminer s9i started functioning again, capable of performing 14 Tera hashes.

The Bitcoin Lottery: Solo Mining with the Ampminer

What does it mean to have such a device doing 14 Tera hashes? It means it’s playing the Bitcoin Lottery. The Bitcoin Lottery is a term used to describe the process of solo mining for Bitcoins. Solo mining refers to a mining process where a miner performs the mining operations alone, reinforcing the decentralization of Bitcoin.

In essence, the mining process creates a global “lottery” where miners compete to add the next block to the blockchain. Every 10 minutes, the Bitcoin protocol randomly selects a miner, and that miner gets the right to produce a new block and receive the block reward.

With our Heatbit, now powered by the Ampminer s9i, we have a device that not only provides warmth to homes but also mines Bitcoin, playing the Bitcoin Lottery, bringing the world of technology, utility, and digital currency under one roof. With the world moving towards digital currencies, such devices represent the future, where every home can become a part of the global financial network.

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