Understanding the Decline of Bitcoin ASIC Mining

bitcoin asic mining


In the world of cryptocurrency mining, it’s important for enthusiasts and miners to maximize their earning potential and utilize their hardware effectively. One intriguing option is mining Ethereum Classic (ETC). But what if you have no interest in earning ETC? What if you want to earn a different cryptocurrency? Is it possible?

The answer is yes, thanks to platforms like unminable.com and NiceHash. This article is sponsored by minerpool.pro, who are excited to announce their new weekly Flux reward campaign for GPU miners worldwide. They will be giving away 50 Flux to 20 active miners on their pool every Thursday. That’s a total of 1,000 Flux every week! For a chance to be one of the lucky winners, join flux.minerpool.pro and start mining.

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use two different platforms to mine Ethereum Classic with eye Polo and then get paid out in a different cryptocurrency.

Using Unminable to Mine Ethereum Classic and Get Paid in a Different Cryptocurrency

The Setup on Unminable

First, we will talk about unminable.com. It’s a platform that allows you to mine one cryptocurrency (like Ethereum Classic) and get paid out in a different one. This concept, known as speculative mining, is alluring because it lets you earn digital currencies that might not even be mineable. The possibilities are vast – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, etc.

Right on Unminable’s homepage, you can type in the coin that you want to get paid in. For example, if you’re interested in Dogecoin, you can type that in and then provide your Dogecoin wallet address when it asks for it.

Upgrading the Firmware on your Ipolo

It is essential to ensure that you’re on the latest firmware version on your eye Polo. The firmware version should be v178106. This can be verified by going to support on the ipolo website, then Firmware Download, then select your model, and download the executable to your downloads folder.

To confirm that the firmware has been updated correctly, log back into the eye Polo using username: root and password: root. The top of the dashboard should show version v178106. Do remember that a proper firmware update is crucial for this process to be successful.

Configuring the Miner

Now we are ready to configure the miner for Unminable. Make sure the coin is set to Etc hash (Ethereum Classic hash). Then, take the stratum URL and Port (for eg: stratum+tcp://etc.2miners.com:1010 if you have chosen 2miners) from the ones provided by Unminable and paste it in the URL then add the worker name and its password. The worker name will be your Dogecoin wallet address.

Save and apply these configurations. After about five minutes, you can verify your mining progress on Unminable by using your Dogecoin wallet address in the “check worker” section.

Using NiceHash to Mine Ethereum Classic and Get Paid in Bitcoin

Setting up NiceHash

Let’s now switch to NiceHash and see how we can use it with our eye Polo. First, we need to go to the NiceHash dashboard under the mining section.

Bearing in mind that we’re mining Ethereum Classic, select the ETC hash algorithm in the Stratum Generator. Copy the SSL URL and paste it into the URL field of your eye Polo miner. Do the same with the second URL.

For the worker, you will use your NiceHash Bitcoin wallet address, followed by a dot, and then your worker name (example: 1A2b3C4defG.Ipolo). The password will be x. Note that all of this mining will be directed towards the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet, as that’s how the platform operates.

More Options on NiceHash

There’s one final step to set up your mining on NiceHash with the eye Polo. At the bottom of your miner, there’s a section called More Options. Here, you need to input the text –nicehash.

After hitting Save and Apply and waiting for about five minutes, go back to NiceHash. You should be able to see that your miner is active and mining.


In the context of a bear market, the ability to mine ETC and convert it into any other crypto of your choice using platforms like Unminable and NiceHash can be an exciting strategy, whether it’s to build a significant holding or just to experiment with different coins. But always remember the need to stay updated and safe with firmware upgrades and accurate settings. Happy mining!

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  1. i'm still using my ipollo;s on ezil pool dual mining etc and zil just mining and stacking. at a loss the price UK electricity prices are high . great tutorial has always Hobbyist. peace out

  2. unminieble pool but for reason .the site does't open so. i'm going to try night hash one when miner arrives .keep up the great work.i'm just stacking them coins .lol ps hows the second shed coming on .

  3. I super appreciate this video. I splurged and bought 3 ipollos and then could not get them connected to unminable. It turns out like you said you can’t mine on ethash but can on etchash. I almost returned all 3 so thank you very much!

  4. Hi @TheHobbyistMiner, thank you so much for this video, it's exactly what I am planning to do! Very much appreciate that! Would you mind to also make a followup video to compare the amount of btc mined on nicehash and unmineable?

  5. I'm a big fan of Zergpool. You can essentially mine a specific algorithm and then be able to select specific coins to mine under that algorithm. They also have the option to payout in another coin as well.

  6. I expect this is only going to work as long as the DAG size for ETC does not exceed the IPollo memory? Any word from IPollo for direct support of other coins with appropriate DAG size?

  7. I love your T-shirt. Where can I get it? I need it. I have been mining Beamhash algo in unmineable to receive LTC using my GPUs and I think it's fun.

  8. I have 3 Ipollo's still mining ETC but I have been exchanging for Flux on Zelcore. I am very interested in utilizing them for other coins though and take away those extra steps.

  9. I've been mining using unminable ever since I first started even to this point I do flux now with a cpu and I have a r9 380 on the flux pool you told me about for the PAs everything else is on doge and at times I'll jump around to miningpoolstats to direct mine

  10. it's funny, I think it's way better to just directly buy the coins instead of using hardware to mine it.. u will lose more.. I personally think people shud stop mining if the profit is way less than what they paid in electricity.. it's a waste of energy.. better support the network by just buying the coins…

  11. Did you do a profit comparison between NH and Unmineable? If so which one seemed to be the most profitable?
    I have 8 v1 Mini classic plus and also have been moving them around to different pools. Just wondering what you results show.

  12. Great video. I need a small space heater and was thinking an ipollo would get the job done. Seems much quieter and less intrusive than a gpu rig.

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