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Jazz Miner X41U: Two-Week Profitability Review

Welcome back to the Hobbyist Miner channel where we explore the exciting world of crypto mining! Today, we will be delving into the profitability of the Jazz Miner X41U after operating it for two weeks straight.

Ethereum Classic and the Jazz Miner

Unlike most content creators who default their miners to Ethereum, we decided to take a detour by mining on Ethereum Classic with the Jazz Miner X41U. You may ask, “Why Ethereum Classic?” It’s more of a fun speculation to see the potential of the Jazz Miner after the Ethereum merge. With everyone talking about the expected Ethereum merge, we took this as an opportunity to gauge its impact on the Jazz Miner performance with Ethereum Classic.

Over the past 19 days, we analyzed the profitability per day, per month, and projected the yearly earnings while mining on Ethereum Classic. We’ve also compared these figures with Ethereum to determine the most profitable option at the moment.

Relocating the Jazz Miner

But there’s more to this story. Our Jazz Miner, unlike most, is no longer residing in our traditional mining room. The reason for this is quite fascinating. Mining units are notoriously noisy and the Jazz Miner is no exception. During operations, the noise level rises significantly *- so much so that it becomes almost unbearable when you’re trying to have a conversation or participate in a meeting nearby. As a result, we had to move the Jazz Miner to a more acceptable location – the garage.

Operational Stats of the Jazz Miner

Monitoring the Jazz Miner in operation, it consumes about 305 watts. Interestingly, the louder the ASIC miner, the warmer it becomes, and the Jazz Miner was, indeed, emulating significant heat. However, the garage provided enough ventilation that the heat didn’t pose any problems.

Mining Profitability of the Jazz Miner

Now, down to the critical question – the profitability of the Jazz Miner X41U. Based on our experiment, we’ve been mining at a hashrate of 672 mega hashes, consuming about 310 watts of electricity, over 19 days. The total earnings amounted to $244.28. This translates into an average earning of $12.86 per day or around $385.71 per month, without factoring in electricity costs.

However, these figures vary hugely when operating the miner on Ethereum. For Ethereum, the daily income escalates to around $20.41, which projects to a whopping $7449.65 per annum! This means you can recover your investment on the Jazz Miner within a year.

A Closer Look at Ethereum Vs Ethereum Classic

As of May 2nd, Ethereum has fluctuated significantly over the last few days, making its future unpredictable. However, assuming Ethereum can continue to be mined for the next year, you can expect to break even with the price of Jazz Miner. But in the realistic world of trading, Ethereum is likely to become more difficult to mine, reducing profitability.

But that’s not the end. In the likeliness of Ethereum transitioning to proof of stake, you still have Ethereum Classic as a stable and profitable option. Based on our metrics, you can earn about $12.86 per day or $4,600 annually by mining Ethereum Classic.

The Final Takeaway

Investing in a Jazz Miner, ultimately, is a personal choice based on individual financial situations and risk tolerance. The current metrics indicate a profitable scenario, especially with Ethereum. However, the rapidly changing landscape of Ethereum makes these figures susceptible to drastic changes in the coming months.

Regardless of these uncertainties, knowing that Ethereum Classic remains a constant back-up, mining with the Jazz Miner X41U could prove to be a fruitful venture. With proper planning, careful monitoring, and strategic execution, miners can uncover massive potentials within this dynamic domain.

Enjoy mining and stay tuned to the Hobbyist Miner Channel for more mining explorations and insights!

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  1. Ethereum is estimated to hit 5GB on 7 Aug 2022 per If nothing crazy happens by the ETH Devs. When this occurs I will be forced to move this Jasminer X4-1U to Ethereum Classic.
    Ethereum Classic hit 3GB on 18 Jun 2022. It will hit 4GB on 17 Aug 2025 and 5GB on 15 Oct 2028.

  2. My Jasminer X4 uC was working well with over 500 MH for months but now as of the end of June beginning of July it is only mining around 300MH of eth, I switched it to Eth classic and it went back to over 500 MH so im guessing it is the dag file or difficulty im not sure?

  3. i have been making losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market… can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

  4. The jasminers are super cool and I would love to get one but they are too expensive. The brick is more affordable but the ROI on it is over 550 days on ETH and over 1000 days on ETC

  5. Hey.want to ask something.. I have 6700xt 8gpu.. mining only eth.. if i mining 2coin.. does it not shorten my gpu life? Because most people say it will shorten the life of my gpu.. and will there be a lot of issue for dual coin mining? Thanks

  6. ETH will be mineable for up to a year post merge to allow people to learn & convert to the new contract, I assume you'll need a new wallet address. Will mining fees make V1 or old ETH worth mining or will too many make the difficulty not worth it? We can expect a declining market with V1 ETH but the gas fees are going to be high as transactions could take longer if people walk away and most will move to new coins like ETC.

    ETC price has nearly doubled twice during the past 2 merge dates and difficulty climbed so ETC could be the next big coin. But we have many ERC-20 coins and we have time to mine eth now. I've been mining ETC since 10/21 with 6 3060ti lhr cards to build a stack. I own one jasminer and it does well, similar to Hobbyist results. I put mine in a gun locker lined with sound deadening foam with intake exhaust holes. See the Jasminer Youtube video where I got the idea for a the cabinet, they modded a server cabinet and its as quiet as mine. The cabinet idea is good for any asic!

  7. Hi I hope you can help me with something about the jasminer power source
    It says 220v and in the states it’s a 110v, did you have a 220v connection or you run it of the 110v and also for the breaker how many amps is it if it’s a 220v?
    I purchased one two weeks ago and still haven’t heard a word or email from jingleminer yet. This will be my first mining rig and hope it does what you say on your video. Hope to hear from you soon

  8. For 7k I would’ve gotten the jasminer. Currently have 7k invested in my rig due to the inflation caused by gouging… and im at 251 MH/s 😭😭😭😭

  9. whats the point of showing yearly ETH revenue when this can't mine eth after 3 more months max? theres no chance of even coming close to 50% of break even before 5gb dag, and then when every 5gb ETH asic and its mom is moving to ETC at the same time, when ETC is already on a rapid decline even before then, there is literally no chance of break even for this jasminer

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