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Introducing the New Intake System for Mining Rigs

Welcome back to the Hobbyist Miner channel! In this article, we will provide a quick update on our newly installed intake system, specifically designed for our mining rigs. This intake system is equipped with intake filters, which serve to protect the mining operations from bugs, pollen, and dirt. If you live in an area like Pennsylvania, where pollen can be particularly problematic, this intake system can be especially beneficial for your mining operation.

Intake System Components

The intake system uses a vent usually seenin dryers, the plastic piece is designed to catch lint. To repurpose it for our mining setup, we used filters meant for register boxes. These filters were strategically folded and inserted into the vents, and airflow was tested to ensure that there would be no significant restrictions due to the inclusion of the filters.

When it comes to maintenance, the filters are disposable – simply remove and replace them as needed. This is a great way to prevent debris, dirt, and other unwanted particles from entering the mining rigs, thus keeping them inside the intake system. It’s a simple yet effective solution to an age-old problem for miners!

This intake system is currently not in use, but will be implemented soon. In the meantime, we have installed exhaust fans, as the mining rigs are located in the next room.

Mining Rig Room Insulation

After a quick demonstration of the intake system, we move on to the insulation of the room housing the mining rigs. Working with a dual-layer insulation system of half-inch green foam board and half-inch drywall, we manage to create a comfortable environment for our mining equipments – maintaining a temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moving on, we’ll discuss a few upcoming projects on the channel. Get ready for some exciting builds and improvements over the next few weeks!

Upcoming Projects on the Channel

1. Building the R9 380 Mining Rig: We will be adding several R9 380X’s to our existing HP motherboard-based mining rig, taking advantage of an upgrade detailed in a video by Brandon Coin. With a total of six R9s, expect a comprehensive build video of this rig!

2. Camera Upgrade: A community member has kindly sent us a GoPro, which will be used for improved video quality and autofocus during our upcoming build video.

3. GTX 1080 OC Addition: A new GTX 1080 OC (overclock) is set to be added to our Colossus rig, which currently houses six 1060s and a 3060. This new addition will surely boost our mining capacity.

4. Building a Platform for Mining Rigs: Following inspiration from YouTuber BitsBeTrippin, we plan to create a plywood platform with rubber-toolbox liner on top, offering a stable and secure base for mounting our mining hardware. To facilitate airflow, slats will be strategically cut into the plywood.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance: Finally, we will be using our electric duster to clean our mining rig components, ensuring their optimal performance, especially after drywall installation.

Wrapping Up

Stay tuned for these exciting developments and improvements in the next few weeks! We hope you enjoyed this update on our mining operation and the channel. If you did, please give the article a thumbs up and subscribe for more content like this. See you next time!

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  1. Those filters will NOT address pollen. You need HEPA for that. Good idea, poorly executed. Filtration systems are something so many people don't understand.. just look at idiots who think cloth masks keep them safe 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Yo love the plywood platform idea for the mobo. Wondering if it would be possible to suspended the wood or hang it off the side of the rack that way its no blocking off that top and bottom airflow and if you alternate sides as you go down you could potentially have cards hanging on every level of the rack cause no more mobo just psus. Just a thought but im sure if the slots you put in the plywood are large enough youll still get enough air flow thru the top and bottom of the rack. Then if you have blower style cards that vent thru the top youll have no issue. Routing the usb cables would be a small challenge but for flow and space hanging the mobo on the side would be sick!!! Glad ur able to test and mess with the gopro cant wait for that finished mining room its coming together beautifully!!

  3. When you're done with your basement, I'm going to need for you to come over and get started on mine!

    Your remodel is coming along nice. i can't let my wife see your videos she'll want to know why i'm taking soo long!

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